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Hey guys, sorry for my inactivity. It’s just that the first few days of college are so hectic and I haven’t settled down yet to fit blogging into my schedule. Don’t worry! I’ll be back around this weekend or next week. I was supposed to blog on Saturday but I got held back because I packed up my computer a bit early. I moved in on Sunday and amist the retarded dances from James, I’m getting along pretty well in college.

I’ll definitely blog about my experiences. Chris and Saurav were right. College is AWESOME.

See you later,


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Episode 4 of friends miniseries

Scene 1.

Setting: Camera pans across the Cupertino landscape, past the freeways and trees. Benihana’s appears, with the camera viewing from the top. Teresa, Martin, Nam, and Saurav just arrived at Benihana’s and walk in the restaurant, where Nam walks up to an attractive hostess to grab their 9 o’clock reservation while the rest of the group chills outside.

Nam: Yeah, hi. We have a reservation for a 9:00 under the name of Teresa Le.

Waitress: (peruses guest list) I see your reservation. Your table will be ready in fifteen minutes.

Nam: Wait, what the hell? We reserved a table. When we reserve something, you’re supposed to save it…

Waitress: Fifteen minutes, sir.

Nam: (feebly) Oh… okay… (walks back to the rest, who were waiting outside) Yeah guys, we have to wait fifteen minutes.

Martin: (outraged) What?

Saurav: Dude, Nam, you have to be more forceful. Don’t take bullshit for an answer. Get the hell back in there and kick some ass!

Nam: Oh, okay. (walks back in) Excuse me, miss?

Waitress: (annoyed) Yes, sir?

Nam: We reserved a table at-

Waitress: Yes, sir, I know. Fifteen minutes.

(Outside the restaurant, Martin, Teresa, and Saurav look through the glass doors)

Teresa: Looks like it’s going well.

(Back inside)

Nam: No, that’s total crap!

Waitress: Sir, I’m really sorry. But you need to calm down. Step outside and grab some fresh air and it’ll be fifteen minutes before you know it.

Nam: …Fine. (Nam walks outside)

Saurav: See, I told you it’ll work.

Nam: No, it didn’t…

Saurav, Teresa: What!?

Teresa: Maybe you need to bribe her. Slip a twenty in there?

Saurav: No, that’s b.s. I’ll get in there and give her a piece of my mind.

Saurav walks into the restaurant just as Bao arrives with Vikki. Nobody recognizes it as the hobo girl, except for Teresa. Vikki is cleaned up and well dressed. She’s wearing a black outfit beneath a furcoat, a skirt with a flowerly pattern, and high heels.

Bao: Hi, guys. Sorry I was late. After I took the kid to the hospital, I had to make a detour at San Jose Airport. Umm, yeah, this is my cousin!

Vikki: Hi! I’m…

Bao: Samantha.

Vikki: Yep, that’s me. Nice to meet you guys. (extends hands to shake)

Martin: (lunges to grab hand) Hi, nice to meet you. (Whispers to Bao) Dude, is she single?

Bao: (laughs) Oh wait, you’re serious… (doesn’t have a chance to complete train of thought)

Teresa: (pulls Bao aside) What the hell do you think you’re pulling?

Bao: Relax.

Teresa: Don’t you tell me to relax!

(Saurav walks out)

Saurav: Hey guys, our table is ready. (puts a small white sheet of paper in his pocket)

Nam: What the hell did you do!? Did you bribe her?

Saurav: No. Persuasion.

Martin: What’d you put in your pocket? (grabs the paper before Saurav has a chance to react) …Seriously a phone number? You got her number?

Saurav: Yeah, and Nam, you’re an idiot.

Nam: What the hell, how?

Saurav: It’s only 8:45.

End scene.

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I’ve reached an all-time low…

I cried after reading a tragedy, watching a sad movie, seeing someone die, watching a video game trailer. Well, maybe you’ll cry on the inside as well, or shiver as the chills run down your spine. Give it a chance. Watch the entire four minutes. I dare you. High quality, full screen, surround sound earphones. You’d be heartless if you didn’t have at least have chills run down that spine of your’s.

Link for facebook people:

I’m at a loss for words. This was art. It was emotion in pixels. It was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. Add a professional church choir and you’ve got yourself quite a handful to deal with. It makes me want to be a part of something huge. What I’d give to be up there with them…

Let’s go dance with an angel!

Yep, looks like I have reached an all time low….

but at least now you guys know why I adore planes so much and why I want to make them. They’re so graceful! So powerful! So compelling. That’s not enough. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but no picture can describe it correctly.

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I think I will talk about yesterday, about the moments that Bao failed to mention.

We were preparing our meager forces against the forces of evil. The lord of Mordor had taken the Northern realms, the Shire and Mirkwood were on the verge of being dominated. The only option left was to combat the forces of darkness in one final struggle through the combined strength of the legendary elves and the remaining humans. Failure was not an option.

So yeah. Bao, Kevin, and I were being nerds and playing Risk, an interactive board game where we fight for territories using armies. I controlled Gondor and Mirkwood, Bao got the Southern lands and parts of Rohan, and Kevin got the Northern part of the map.

We were fairly equal in the beginning, until Kevin got really strong. So Bao and I teamed up to push him back, and once that was done, he backstabbed me and the conflict kept going on and on.

What a wonderful 7 hour game that was never completed. We spent about 3 hours setting up the game and close to 4 hours trying to play it. Towards the end of the game, Bao was gasping like he was having a giant orgasm or a heart attack. Apparently, the game was “intense”. Way to go, Bao!

Once 6 rolled on by, my mom called Bao’s cellphone and I got a screaming cacophony of threats and curses from my mom.


Turns out, my phone battery died on me and my mom suspected me of doing drugs or something to that effect.

I love you too, Mom.

Today was just as eventful as yesterday. I spent a good chunk of my morning going to the DMV, mostly just waiting to get the paperwork through for my dad’s salvaged car.

I spent the rest of the day watching the store and getting none of my stuff packed for Sunday. I’m going to be rushing like nuts when Saturday rolls around.

I’m sure that there were more things that happened today, but I don’t think they were noteworthy enough for me to remember them. Oh yeah, I’m leaving San Jose on Sunday. I would be one of the last people to leave for college.

We’ll see what happens until then.


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I limped home from Tae kwon do, injured in the right knee, left leg, and right nut. In spite of it, I’m quite proud of myself. I received these injuries during sparring and I kept going. My legs could barely support me. A bead of sweat stung my eye. I could hear myself thinking, “It’s only pain, it’s only pain, it’s only pain…”

…it’s only pain…

For me, taekwondo is a chance to put myself at the edge. Every form, every two minute sparring match, is a test. It’s as mental as it’s physical. Can you push yourself? Can you be graceful? It’s all in your head. You can trip and you can fall, or you can land point after point, break board after board… but if it was effortless and your mind has wandered, then you might as well have failed. Some may argue that if you can accomplish your goals without effort, than you’re incredible, worthy of going down in history. I disagree. Focus is key. Effort is essential. A lesson without effort is a lesson without gain.

And so at the end, people will watch you and they may whisper amongst themselves, “Wow, he made that look almost effortless.” And when they bombard you with questions later, you can say

I’m glad it looked effortless. It’s a shame it’s anything but.

There’s a promotion ceremony on Friday. During the test, I fell twice. Once during sparring and once during one step sparring. It also took me two tries to land a flying back kick through a board. And so I passed the test with a B. I don’t know if the judges are crazy or they see something in me. Or maybe they were just being nice. I think it’s the first one… I hope it’s the second.



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Someone Get me a Steamroller

Because I might as well be run over by one. Today was so very hectic; yet fun at the same time. It’s a love-hate relationship, I feel very accomplished yet exhausted after such a venture.

Today, after watching my dad’s store for a while, I drove myself to Kevin’s house to play a good game of “Age of Empires” through a local area network. I met Bao right as I arrived at Kevin’s house (eerily perfect timing) and we proceeded to play the game. We played for a good 2 hours before I drove Kevin and Bao to my mom’s restaurant for some food. Then, all of a sudden, my mom calls me and demands that I pick up my brother when I was already at Capitol. So I drive all the way back to my house and to the store. Then, Bao’s sister calls and needed to be picked up by Bao, so I drove them back to Kevin’s house and back to the store again (so tiring).

Then, at 4:30, I left for McDonalds and to the Evergreen Library afterwards to meet up with Kevin and Bao again. We played some strange game and Mao until 7. I drove myself to my dad’s store and realized that my dad went home without me. So, I wasted time at the store until nine and drove back home, only to be interrogated by my mom about where I was >_>.

So here I am, talking to Martin about drugs and harassed by Kevin about some strange anime. I’ll watch the anime and, if it’s good enough, I’ll blog about it.

In other news, college is creeping close to me. I feel ready for it and nervous as well. I hope I can get a camera so I can document my wonderful experiences for you all.

See you all on Thursday!


It’s like this blog has a bipolar disorder with me and Bao blogging on different days.

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Well, I’m back. And I will be the day after tomorrow and every other day hopefully. Eddie had a “brilliant” (more like obvious) plan to keep this blog updated is to have each person alternating days to post. I’m pretty excited about this plan, but I’m only worried about two things…

Worried that my posts will start to seem more mass produced than original.

And that I won’t have time to do another episode because I usually take several days to make them.

I don’t know if people will begin to be bored from these, but either way I’m making them purely for my own enjoyment. But still, I figure that something CRAZY has to happen, something TOTALLY unexpected will have to occur in order to maintain your interest if you’re still reading these (and mine’s as well =D). Because right now, there aren’t too many things happening. We’re going to dinner, Vikki is homeless, Teresa doesn’t recognize her (ironic =P), and a plane that crashed in Japan, jeopardizing my job at Boeing. Well, the only main issue is Vikki, and while that seems pressing, it isn’t really “0_0” material. Martin getting kicked in the crotch by Vikki was mildly amusing. I’m most proud of my first episode, especially Saurav’s last line, “Ya think Vikki is still fat?” I think that was total genius on my part 😀 But yeah, things seem to be getting old. The hard part is brainstorming, so it’ll take me some time for inspiration.

On a completely different subject, it rained yesterday. Holy crap it was magnificent. I walked into a restaurant and it was cloudy. Walked back out and it poured. For me, the best part about rain is the sound it makes on pavement. It’s also really nice listening to the sound that tires on a car makes as it glides on wet pavement. The best part after a rainy night is the fresh smell in the morning. The ground is still mostly wet, but there are already dry areas. The cars outside are still drenched as beads of water collect and form their own colonies, kind of like the groups of people scattered across the EVHS campus.

I don’t have much else to say. But it feels awesome to be back. I didn’t notice how much I’ve missed blogging.


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It’s about 7:30 PM right now and I can’t see anything outside of my window. It’s too dark.

Strange, just yesterday at this time, it would be so bright that the sun would smile and its radiance would wash over my face. I suppose that it’s already time for Fall to come around, but it still feels so sudden.

I got distracted and it’s 7:50 right now, I can no longer see outside of my window and I can smell rain.

How ’bout that?

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A day late, but better late than never…


Umm… united we stand, so united we’ll fall? It was pretty epic and comforting when the entire country stopped and mourned on September 11. But where are we now? Squabbling over bills, criticizing the president whom we were so enthusiastic about less than a year ago… The dollar is down and people are losing their homes. The economy is in shambles.

And yet somehow, I’m still proud to be an American.

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