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Papercraft FN P-90


“…it is the most sexiest and erotic feminine-themed gun to hold, rub up against your cheeks and hips, sling accross the chest, so smooth and tender to a lady’s hands and is easy on the painted nails of the trigger finger.”

– unknown female model/photographer. Quote found at this website.

So… this is kind of awkward. I finished the P-90. Like… 24 days ahead of schedule. I guess it made me sound kind of the complainer eh?

“Woow. What the hell? Soo freaking hard. OMG! K, I’m done.”

I swear, it was hard!

In my defense, it was hard. Wow. The printer paper was really flimsy, so it was difficult to glue the large parts together. After you correctly attach it, and just happened to apply glue this time (I practiced attaching it several times, glueless. And thank God for that,) you had to continue pressing it, because it would take several minutes for the glue to harden. Yes, I was using Elmer’s glue.

The bottom line is that I will never want to make one again. It took so much effort, precision, and patience on my part and it took a lot of preserverence not to just throw the gun out the window. But… lo and behold, my papercraft Fabrique Nationale P-90 is (finally) finished. And since it was only around 9 at night. I thought I’d find out what I might look like, come Halloween. So below, here are pictures of my P-90, in comparison to a real one. Then there will be me. Whoohoo!

Here’s the real one:

So once again. Really, really, really proud of myself. 😀 Oh, and here’s what I looked like. (Besides unhealthily obsessed and geeky.)

Rawr! Look out bin Laden! Here I come!

So basically, I own my personal paper version of the “most sexiest and erotic feminine-themed gun.” Yay me!



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I found out that one of my posts on this blog was used for a medical website! That’s so cool! So then I clicked the link I found on my dashboard to the website and it was comprised of the most random information, the strangest diseases, and personal experience that made me want to cry. And there were so many other things that it was hard to look for specific things. But. Wow. I’m flattered! =P

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It’s late in September and I’m already looking ahead one month. Yep you guessed it. College applications. I’m not too worried about it, unless I wanted to enter mine in with the rest of the early response papers. Which… I’m thinking about.

But that’s not all. Nearly a month away is Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. It’s not the candy, or the costumes, or the frights. For me, Halloween is the perfect excuse to walk around a dark neighborhood past family curfew with a group of friends. For the 3rd year in a row, if I keep this up, I’m… again… a Special Operations soldier! With cautious steps and gun always forward, I walk, look, and lurk. With me in existence, I could put the shadows to shame and put men to their deaths. And I could do all of that in such an unceremonious manner that it wouldn’t seem anymore special then a short drive to school. However, my true purpose, is secrecy.

Ha! Of course it wasn’t me who assassinated a high level terrorist. He caused the U.S. so much pain and sorrow and because of that, a supposedly loyal servant of his stabbed him in his house. Sure, I was in the country. But it so wasn’t me.

I don’t exist.

The first year, all I had was the uniform. Last year, I walked around with a dinky airsoft handgun. And this year? My final Halloween weapon?

Is brewing inside my bedroom as we speak! And what’s even more, it will be made of 95% computer paper, and 5% glue!



And it’s so damn complex it might as well take me the entire month to finish.


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Hey, thanks everyone for your support. I couldn’t think of something to follow up, so I decided to sketch a ministory. Hope you enjoy it. For best effect, and I highly recommend this, listen to the music while reading it. Try to follow the pace of the music. Having trouble imbedding. For now, just start a new tab and copy/paste the link. Thanks!

The four inch high origami ballerina was twirling when she slipped on dust and fell. She was practicing her masterpiece routine on the top of a white bookshelf on her own. Groaning and close to tears, she clambered onto her knees and took a long look at Andrea’s room, still breathing hard. She could see the newborn pigeon finding a warm spot on the windowsill and settling down for a warm nap. A white pony was grazing on dust. A small kid as high as the pony’s knees was trying to clamber up and ride it, as he did every day, but in vain. Near the door, an elephant was pacing back and forth as a smaller one followed it, while a white unicorn and a brilliant red Chinese dragon was lost in a garden of paper flowers that constantly open and close their petals.

How lucky they were she thought. The ballerina loved dancing and constantly practiced to keep herself occupied. But still, a little company would be lovely. Up here at fifteen feet, she continued to live and practice, unnoticed. Letting out a sigh, the ballerina sat and began stretching for another lonely day when a scrap of paper, half buried in dust, caught her eyes.

A small, hopeful smile etched on her face, and she started wondering. Is it really possible? She dragged the paper towards the center of the top of the shelf so she could have more room to work. It was already a neat square, so she started folding. A blue, flying whale groaned as it flew pass, a mere three feet beneath where she stayed. She kept folding and bending. At times, she would scrape her hands in the dust to try and visualize what she had to do next.  When the folds were too big, she would have to scrape the edges with her slippers and walk on it for good measure. She kept at it, not resting for a minute. A fold here, a small twist there. Easy as dancing.

At long last, she was down to her final crease. It must’ve been days, possibly weeks. Yet, as she looked out the window, the sun hadn’t moved an inch across the sky. It still had the same hue of yellow and orange as it had when she first fell at her twirl. She looked down at her would-be companion.

She prayed with all her might and closed her eyes harder than she had ever done in her life. She felt around for the angle, and slowly creased the final fold, concentrating all of her willpower towards her fingers. She hoped. She longed. One day…

The brown puppy quivered, still lying on its side. Eyes still shut tight, the ballerina thought it was her hand trembling from exhaustion and apprehension. The puppy looked at his tail with a confused whine, where the ballerina’s hand was grasped firmly. He nudged at it with his curious nose and the ballerina slowly opened her eyes, realizing.

Finally realizing…

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Chapter 1

Andrea was an attractive sixteen year old French/Italian girl who lived in the town of Romorantin-Lanthenay. It was almost exactly fifty miles east of Tours itself. She knew this because when she was little, she had a worn World Atlas that had belonged to her older sister. She would take her ruler and draw a line to all of those places that she would like to travel when she grew up. Andrea would run to her father, who’d teach her how to measure the distance from their little city to the places of her dreams using just the length of the line she drew. Father always knew these kinds of things, him being a pilot in the Marine Nationale and all she thought.

Maps and distances aside, Andrea had a secret that she wouldn’t share with anyone to the outside world: origami. She was a natural. The Japanese art of paper folding became a source of magic, a source of inspiration, but most importantly, a source of friendship. Literally. A sheet of paper became a dog, a bird, anything she pleased.

As the early morning motor traffic rushed outside, a pigeon made from an article from the newspaper “Le Journal du Centre” materialized with her final crease in her room. It started walking.

“There must’ve been some form of magic within her fingertips,” her parents thought. The first time her family saw her earliest creation, a Chinese jumping frog, it leaped across the room towards a bowl of dog food and gave a deep croak that made her sister stomp on it in fright. Her precious newborn pigeon she finished gave her a little “coo” and fluttered around her room before perching itself next to a sleeping rooster and a grazing horse. She smiled at them fondly before grabbing her bag to go to class.

If this story is too retarded, YOU LET ME KNOW! so I can stop making a fool out of myself. This story will officially end when a 2/3rds vote is reach by the House of Friends. I won’t veto. (US Gov =D)

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Everyone seems to be writing stories

so I guess I will too.

It was a dark and stormy night. … No.


An explosion off the coast of FUCK!

Damn… let’s see.

Time seemed to distort as the teacher passed out

Strawberries. Such a small fruit, yet at the time, larger than life.


Yesterday morning, I had Frosted Flakes for breakfast. Any event before that, no matter how epic, how significant, how distinguished, remains dark. Who am I?

…too Jason Bourne. (Tu sais qui je suis? Je ne sais pas qui je suis.)

I’ll tackle this some other time.

Senior year. Sucks. Ass. But things are looking up. If I keep this up. At home, it’s a whole different story. Nonstop yelling. Fights. I’d just lock myself up in my room and play some alternative while the storms rage downstairs. I used to be scared of that kind of stuff. Now I’m so tuned to it, so used to it, that it just becomes a major annoyance. How the hell do they expect me to DO any work? This is why I’m so damn tired! This is a major reason why my grades aren’t as good as they could be. And I’d bet this is why I almost killed myself. Maybe it isn’t depression. Just fucking annoyance. Or it caused my depression. Which fucking pulled down my grade. Chaboya. Damn! 4.0! NOW? When it really counts? Not good enough.

…off the coast of fuck? What was I thinking?


The main body was meant to be just a venting kind of thing and a roughdraft. I guess I’m insane for posting it.

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What I Like About You! (Mondays at 8?)

In no particular order…

Martin Nguyen – the face you make when you get owned

Vincent Leong – your personality towards new people (for the most part =P)

Sammi Pham – your experience

Saurav Agrawal – the sarcastic jokes you make… worthy of Chandler Bing!

Melanie Jee – your kindness

Kat Pham – your voice!!

Van Kieu – your high laughter

Esther Eng – your sensitivity

Eddie Troung – your helpfulness

Alex Nguyen – the night time convos

Eric Choi – your evil laughter, an odd mix with your kind personality

Vikki Nguyen – your sense of humor towards everything

Erik Feldmeier – your blunt pervertedness

Kevin Hseih – the way your head moves when you talk

Thomas Feldmeier – your interesting, drama-packed high school life

Ben Du – your crazy mix of your Australian/Chinese accents!

Audrey Trinh- your reserved personality towards me

Christine Dinh – whenever I’m with you, you remind me of a girl anime character

Edwin Truong – your attitude towards a good game of SSBM

Xi Chen – your leadership in our conversations, always making it interesting and unique

Teresa Le – your choice of words… stingy, whippy, expressiveness with your pen and voice.

Chris Marzono – your blunt sense of humor… cracks me up for some reason.

James Ta – your DJ-ness fills the pauses inbetween

Cassi Van – your laughter-filled conversations

Thanh Nguyen – cruel attitude makes you special in some way that words can’t describe…??

Marcus Tu – your special blend of sense of humor

Sammi Lee – your brisky attitude when I ask you for French hwk

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Right back at chya!

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus one day, so I never have to live without you.”
~Winnie the Pooh

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Tagged again…

1. I have a credit card =D

2. I like history

3. School was starting to suck, now it’s ok, but going back to the first…

4. I get bursts of depression at times

5. I enjoy writing.

6. I like FPS games

7. I’m Christian and proud

8. I have a scar on my eyebrow that most people tend not to notice. That was because I fell. I wasn’t shot by a cop dealing drugs in an alleyway. I didn’t get sniped while clearing a building in Iraq.

9. The closest thing to porn I’ve ever seen was at the park with Teresa, Martin, Thanh, and Eddie. Otherwise, I’m pure.

10. My parents change things in my life with little notice.

11. I joined French 4 because of the cooking and speaking skits.

12. I’m aiming for straight A’s this year. As I always am but now it seems a little more serious.

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Starbucks discussion

Playing Golf
Moses and Jesus were in a threesome playing golf one day. Moses pulled up to the tee and drove a long one. The ball landed in the fairway, but rolled directly toward a water hazard. Quickly Moses raised his club, the water parted and it rolled to the other side, safe and sound.

Next, Jesus strolled up to the tee and hit a nice long one directly toward the same water hazard. It landed right in the centre of the pond and kind of hovered over the water. Jesus casually walked out on the pond and chipped the ball onto the green.

The third guy got up and randomly whacked the ball. It headed out over the fence and into oncoming traffic on a nearby street. It bounced off a truck and hit a nearby tree. From there, it bounced onto the roof of a shack close by and rolled down into the gutter, down the drain spout, out onto the fairway and straight toward the aforementioned pond. On the way to the pond, the ball hit a stone and bounced out over the water onto a lily pad, where it rested quietly. Suddenly a very large bullfrog jumped up on a lily pad and snatched the ball into his mouth. Just then, an eagle swooped down and grabbed the frog and flew away. As they passed over the green, the frog squealed with fright and dropped the ball, which bounced right into the cup for a hole in one.

Moses turned to Jesus and said, “I hate playing with your Dad.”

Call me religious, call me a prick, call me ignorant. Christianity is real!

The entire religion of Christianity revolves around the fact that Jesus rose from the dead three days after death. I will support this theory, something I was never given the chance to do over the constant interruptions of Martin, Saurav, and colored punch buggies.

Argument 1: Jesus wasn’t REALLY dead. Dead back then isn’t dead today. He could’ve been unconscious, in a coma.

Counterargument: Okay, okay. But read this. After hanging limp on the cross for God knows how long (I don’t), a Roman soldier actually pierced Jesus’s side with his sword… just to make sure he was dead. If he wasn’t dead already, the autopsy would then read death from loss of blood. Remember, Jesus was sent to Earth as a human being.

After, Jesus’s body (I won’t say corpse for various reasons) was transported inside a chamber. Then, it was sealed off by a boulder that took several Roman guards to move. Three days after, Mary returned to take care of the body, only to find it gone.

But… suppose… Jesus really was in a coma. And he awoke after three days, after losing a lot of blood and deprived of nutrients. If he did do this, however, how would he have the strength or energy required to remove the extremely heavy stone boulder as well as fend off the Roman guards guarding the tomb? Three days! No food or water! No self defense experience! Not even someone at the peak of their fitness performance can survive.

Argument 2: His body was stolen by grave robbers.

Counterargument: Roman soldiers were extremely well trained. Any rag-tag grave robbing team would have a hard time defeating those soldiers in any form of combat. (NINJA!!)

But, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that these highly trained soldiers were cast aside as easily as one would wipe dust from an old desk. After stealing the body… how would it then be possible to explain the eyewitnesses who saw Jesus walking around after his death? Are the super ninjas wearing camouflage and controlling Jesus like a puppet? Do they have strings? Can they make him talk through weaving a strand into his vocal chords? Can they hole punch his eyelids and weave the strands into it to make him blink?? I THINK NOT!! =P Conclusion? Grave robbers theory is out the window.

Argument 3: Jesus walking around was a hallucination.

Counterargument: Remember, not only did Jesus’s disciples see him (and there were like 12 of them I think, or 11) but numerous other people did, too. Now, what are the odds of so many people hallucinating simultaneously… let alone hallucinating the exact same scenario! No poison or nerve agent, even as modern as today’s, can allow a number of people to experience the same hallucination simultaneously. Conclusion? They actually saw Jesus waltzing around, back from the dead.

Argument 4: The validity of documents recording this event are questionable.

Counterargument: I’ll admit this counter is shaky. I’m pretty openminded for a Christian and I’m proud of it. While the validity of these documents is arguable, let’s not forget that there are other documents proving that Christianity is real. Or, at the very least, that Jesus did exist, walk, eat, talk, and breathe like the rest of us. Academic scholars today do believe that Jesus was a real person.

Therefore, since some of these documents are more accepted by scholars, ones that prove other events in Christianity to be real, then it proves that Christianity is real. If Christianity is real, then Jesus rising from the dead is real. Why is that? Second paragraph after the joke. The existence of Christianity revolves around the fact that Jesus died on the cross and rose three days after from his death in an attempt to purge mankind of sin.

Cheers! And to those of you just to eager to fight back, bring it.

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