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3 days old…

Someone activated the fire alarm and the mall degraded into chaos. While that happened, I was seperated from my friend and the two of us were lost in the crowd. Shit they’re coming… and I’m standing there, feet glued to the bench I was standing on, watching the mall slowly empty. The venders were closing their shops at a leisurely pace. Idiots…

then the lights gave out, shrouding me into semi-darkness. Screw it, give me the exit. I went outside and the parking lot was crowded. Then it hit me. They’re coming and I effing forgot where I parked!!? I looked back at the entrance. It was pure darkness inside those doors. But I could barely make out moving shadows. They all limped, making a queue for the door, coming closer, and closer. I was trapped! I hesitated, then pulled out my Swiss Army knife. Pathetic. But it’ll have to do.

Something grabbed me from behind!! I turned around.

“Bao! Bao! Where’d you park!?” it was my friend. Well, most of you know Esther right? Anyways.

“I don’t know!! And where’ve you been!?”

“I remembered we parked somewhere close to the entrance.”

“Damn and I was so proud of finding that spot! Okay, do you remember which neighborhood?” (This was the Great Mall)


“I’m not laughing…”

“I don’t remember the neighborhood.”

We speed walked along the perimeter of the mall. I could hear faint moans inside as the ghouls tracked us. We ran into a SWAT team setting up metal red X’s along the perimeter.

“Watch it,” said one of them. Suddenly, a wall of flame about three feet high barely touched us. It extinguished as quickly as it shot out out of the X’s. Esther shot ahead of me a few feet to escape the flames. What’s the point of the flames? Get rid of human scent? No… Sterilize? No. Maybe to test it then use as a shield for later on. Well, the cops don’t seem worried, so why should I?

We crossed yet another dark entrance when a hand shot out and grabbed my torso. This one was different. The fingers somehow felt lifeless. But it was so strong my shirt tore. I turned around and saw a ghoul, it’s teeth an inch away from my nose.

“Bao, I found the car!” Esther turned around. Her eyes widened as she stared in horror. “Bao, use the knife.”

Well why didn’t I think of that? The knife is still in my hand… so I stabbed it in the eye. I must’ve hit the brain, because it fell back. Zombies can’t feel pain after all, so it wouldn’t have hesitated unless u hit the brain, permanently taking it out. I was way too disgusted and scared to take the knife out.

We got to the Mercedes and I jammed the keys into the ignition. The engine roared to life and the radio turned on, blaring loud music. Kind of like an action movie… I backed out, hitting another zombie. Shifted to drive, than slammed on the gas…

Appropriately enough, it was Nickelback on the radio.

“‘Cause nobody wants to be the last one left. Everyone wants to be what someone gets…”

And that’s what I woke up to… Nickelback. It was so vivid, plus the song was still going, I believed for a split second that I was waking up into a world infested with zombies.

Strong stuff.

And I think it’s pretty cool, because dreams seem so realistic that they accurately reflect what you’d do in the same situation. And I had the guts to stab the zombie… I didn’t run with the crowd, but instead looked for my friend while standing on the bench. That shows more guts and loyalty. I didn’t panic and run around in circles like I saw some people doing. I didn’t sit on the concrete and cry. Like some people. That shows a strong will to survive. So all in all, I’m pretty satisfied with how I handled myself. And thanks Esther for saving my life!


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Feeling resolute, stubborn, and pissed… (rant)

Dammit Bao, okaay. Organize your thoughts….

The feelings in my mind are a jumble of emotion ranging from stubborn patriotism to righteously pissed… never mind I think I know where to start now.

You guys don’t know this about me, but whenever I accomplish something miraculous and spectacular, or just something satisfying and worthwhile… and some prick says something like, “Nice job! You got hella lucky today, huh?” or, “I knew you could do it. I told you karma exists…” (that was after I got back at someone)

You may think you’re being nice, but you’re actually degrading all of the hardwork that I put into it. Those compliments are for regular people, not me. When you tell me that “luck” helped me win, or “luck” helped me pass the test, I mentally slap you. Luck never had anything to do with me. Luck is stealing the credit. I don’t want to go onto a seperate rant telling people my history of bad luck. Some people are downright exasperated with me. However, being devoid of luck means that anything I accomplish is the result of dedication, suffering, training, and pushing. Maybe a little bit of badass. No luck. God, I’m going to hate Vegas…

On a completely different subject…

ever since Martin returned from Europe, he’s been constantly comparing everything to it. Europe is all of this. America sucks. bleajf dajf;dsjfagdal gs…. and I say shut the fuck up. Thank you for the European chocolate and everything man, but it’s probably a testament to our friendship that I haven’t duct taped your mouth yet. Because the States is my home. I really do always feel like crying during the national anthem because it’s so beautiful. I don’t think McDonald’s is pure crap. Sure it’s unhealthy to the point of death. Doesn’t stop me from enjoying it every two to three weeks. 

I never realized this, but my friends are surprisingly critical of me being like this. 0_0

Of course with you guys, the symbols of America are always the injust wars, the golden arches, the invasion of Starbucks, people who don’t know shit about anything, the crappy dollar, racism, crappy education, oil, fat people, invasion of privacy, the  and so much more I don’t care to even think about right now. But you’ll be hardpressed to find any other country that doesn’t have some of this.

Whatever happened to the other symbols? Thanksgiving, Statue of Liberty, Disney… what about the right to say, “Down with America,” and not having a bullet drill into your brain? How about the right to assemble and not have tanks swarm in, crush you under their treads, and have your family pay the government for every bullet they shot at you? We can go out and vote without fear of people running around in explosive vests. We put on our t-shirts, make our signs, and go protest against our own soldiers, the ones who are sleeping in the heat, in armor, under the loud drones of helicopters, while getting shot at by bullets, rockets, and curses…… so we can put on those t-shirts, make our signs, and protest.

The Captain America, ignorant patriot thing you guys have been doing with me. It’s been fun yesterday. It’ll be fun tomorrow. But for tonight, I’m fucking SICK of you guys. (But I won’t be mad for long =P)

Oh and I had another zombie dream. It was SO crazy. It’s the best one yet. When I woke up to the alarm on my phone, I actually hoped that what I had went through was actually a dream. And thank God it was. I might blog about it later…

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Ever have those moments…

where you try to talk to your friends, but they won’t pick up the phone or answer your instant messages? Maybe you’re those fortunate ones who’re either very popular or have exceptionally good timing, but with me, I get those all the time. Trying to talk to five people at once, but with none responding to you… damn I must sound like those emotionally needy people. But I’m not. Because this is the one time I actYually complain about it out of countless hundreds of other times. Yeah, hundreds. You add that with an empty, quiet house, in an empty, quiet neighborhood, and you could easily feel like you’re alone in a confident and uncaring world.

I suppose it’s best to be acquainted with these feelings now. I can imagine living by myself with no one to talk to in the future. But not even that should be as painful. You’ve got work the next day and co-workers you could spill your heart and feelings to. You probably have a loving wife or husband. I don’t know, maybe it’s just an empty and endless summer I’ve got my foot stuck in…a  seemingly infinite quagmire…

With modern technology, it’s difficult to imagine that all of your friends just happen to have dead cellphones and idle computers. It’s not hard to picture your friend picking up his or her cell, seeing your number, and forward you to voicemail. It’s amazingly easy to see them in front of the computer punctuating each of their IMs with “lols” as they close your message window without a second thought.

But despite this modern technology, it’s easy to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. Cut the phone lines, turn off your cell, leave your computer in sleep mode, add an empty house and you’ve effectively isolated yourself from every person that you know. Isn’t it sad? People say that with technology, you can never escape from this world of advertising and neon lights. But it’s so easy. And they also neglect the fact that…

… sometimes, no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you want it…

…the world just refuses to see you.

refuses to let you in…

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Modern journalism at its finest (or worst, depending on how you look at it…)

lolz at the Twitter comments.


Suck it, China.

Those space suits look gay

off to yoga, can’t believe this is happening 0_0

Neil = hott

Dudes must be freezing!


I spent late afternoon talking to Eddie about California’s budget problem and to Xi about the future of American aviation and aerospace ventures. How very intereesting since many of my AIM conversations this summer have too many LOLs and boooooored.


I miss you Martin and Teresa! Come back to the U.S.!

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You can fly

People find sunsets inspiring. They find pictures of athletes pointing their fingers at the starry heavens or a newspaper article about a crippled kid that walks for the first time.

Myself, I find a particular song that strikes me most. And now every day before I go to class, I will watch this video at least once until I know the lyrics like the back of my hand. (If you’re going to watch this, you may want to turn down your volume a bit)

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too cool…

I know I hate people who show off but…


but it’s not every day my blog hits close to 370 viewers 😀 This surpassed the previous record when I blogged about the EVHS swastika. But there that’s it. No more showing off. Damn I feel like a filthy hypocrite. Fine, just this once.

Today, I was took drugs. I breathed it and I injected it into my body! 0_0 I even took some orally. But of course, I’m the good boy. No one would believe me… unless I told them in this manner…

7:10 A.M., took 4 antibiotic pills orally.

8:10 A.M. arrived at appt.

8:20 A.M. (I THINK), the nurse put a nose mask on me which provided me with a steady supply of… laughing gas!

I dunno anymore. I felt a faraway sensation of pain, which was when they injected the IV into me.

Fell back to sleep.

Operation finished and I woke up at 2ish…


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Farewell seasons one through ten. Thank you for all of the times you’ve brought me up when I was down. Thank you for being essential to my survival and my sanity in this house where yelling and tempers roam. It’s a shame that my mom is going to put you away because of my sister. I really don’t know what I’d do without you guys. I won’t forget your sexual innuendos, your hilarity, and your life lessons. Because no matter what my mom says, I did learn tons from you guys. I’ve learned about the vitality of friendship, how and when to stand up for yourself, and that condoms aren’t 100% effective. Haha! I’ve learned how to make a good and bad impression on your in-laws. I’ve learned that pregnant women have crazy hormones (ex. sexual desires on the 4th month of pregnancy) and that everything will turn out alright even if it wasn’t your day, your week, your month, or even your year.

I’ve learned that true friends will always have your back. They might not approve of what you do, but they’ll be supportive.

So thanks David Crane, Marta Kaufmann, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and everyone else for stopping me from stabbing my heart with a screwdriver. =P You might not know it, but there’s at least one life you’ve saved. Right here!

And even though I can no longer watch your DVDs, I’ll see you around on Channel 2. Hell yeah!

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Best friends will help you wherever, whenever…

I ran and panted hard as I went towards my destination, swearing under my breath, threatening the world population with damnation.  I reached a very well kept park. It wasn’t my destination, just someplace I have to run through. I didn’t know where, though. Eddie and Saurav sat on an old park bench. Vincent and Xi played football in the back.

“You’re late, took you long enough,” said Saurav.

“Wait, what?” I replied, no longer breathless.

“Wake up, Bao!” yelled Eddie. I looked over at him just in time to see a football about to hit me between my eyes.

…And then I woke up, three minutes behind schedule.

Thanks guys! Saved my ass there.

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Inconsiderate drivers

Why must you be like this?

Is there a goal you’re trying to achieve by tail-gating me? I’m already going as fast as I’m going to go and all you’re really doing is pissing me off and presenting a temptation for me to slow down even more. The street says the speed limit is 40. I’m going at 40, maybe even 45 or a bit more…(oh god) Do you really expect me to abide by your speed limit of 65? I’m not going to go any faster and risk a ticket and/or my life because you’re in a hurry and are too lazy or unable to switch lanes… or if you just want to go fast. They have a fast lane for a reason! 

Plus have your elementary school teachers ever taught you that it’s impolite to cut in line? It was inconsiderate in the lunch line, it’s inconsiderate at the supermarket, and it’s just as inconsiderate at an exit or at a gas station. Wait your damn turn like the rest of the people who’ve been waiting for five minutes. It’s only fair.

And you space snatchers. If you’re twenty-five or thirty feet behind me and see me signaling and then race like mad to be in front of me… why? If you’re, say, five or fifteen feet behind me and want to move ahead, I’m cool with that. Those of you who just need to be ahead because maybe you’re afraid I’m slow… well. You’re making me wait forever while you take your precious five seconds to be ahead of me. By then, you’ve probably made me take an exit I don’t want to go into. Then I’m going to think you’re slow, not to mention a jackass.

And then there are the chatterboxes. I’m not as angry at you guys because it’s a force of habit and not intentional. (But still really really annoying, let alone unsafe) But when you have a passenger onboard sitting next to you, must you take your eyes off the road? I see you doing it all the time and your driving really sucks. When you’re talking and looking at them, you brake, speed up, brake. You drift into my lane, you drift out, you drift into someone else’s lane… and worst of all, I don’t think you even care… else you’ll keep your eyes where they belong: looking at where you’re going. An occasional glance at your company is fine. Anything longer than three seconds isn’t. Some would argue even two or one second. It’s so scary it makes me not want to stay behind you. But it’s just as scary trying to pass you.

Bikers. I bike, too. I love you guys. But not when you’re going two feet out of your lane. By doing that, you drift into motor traffic and you make us slow down, which will cause delays and safety issues. And please don’t give me dirty looks when I give you a little honk to remind you of what you’re doing. I honk because I don’t want to hit you and kill you. The handbook says that in order to safely pass you, I must drift into the other lane. Biking out of your lane makes me drift further into the other person’s lane. How inconvenient. How unsafe. And often times, drifting is not a viable option when the other lane is congested and plugged. Then I’ll have to slow down and go at your speed, which will make me very uncomfortable because the people behind me will start honking me.


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Independence Day

For America’s birthday, I traipsed the streets of San Francisco while waiting for the medicine that will relieve me of my boredom: the fireworks show at 9:30. It’s been fun and I had a good time testing out the camera on my new Samsung. At around 2:30, a boat left for its daily tour around the Bay. Starting from Pier 39, it undocked, went past Alcatraz Island, where it went under the Golden Gate Bridge.


I’ve learned a lot on this tour. People from out of California have always asked, “How come this bridge isn’t gold? Isn’t it the Golden Gate Bridge?”

 The official color of the bridge is International Orange, and thousands of gallons of it are used every year to keep the towering suspension bridge that color. The architect picked that color because it went beautifully with the landscape. Was he right? Well… you decide.



Cropped sf bridgeUnderneath

And yes, the camera on my new phone was quite satisfactory, thanks! And thank the architect of that bridge for picking that international orange. If the Navy had its way, the bridge would’ve been painted with black stripes, or as the host said, a bumblebee. Plus, the explorer named the bay the Golden Gate after a port in Turkey… which was long before there was even a concept of a suspension bridge connecting San Francisco to the Marina.

Well, enough boring you guys. After the little boat tour, we visited the farmers market which closed two hours before our arrival. A few hours before the fireworks, there were still fireworks!


And then came the brave men and women of SFPD.


Now that I think about it. The past two years, I went to San Francisco twice. And saw cops twice, the first time resulting in an exciting yet shortlived foot chase. The guy in the grey t-shirt and khaki shorts got everything he had confiscated… his black backpack and everything in it. I never saw him get it back =P (for those of you who are confused, fireworks are illegal in California with very few exceptions)

Fireworks!!! I have a two minute video on it… the first two minutes actually. I’ll post it later on facebook perhaps.

Fireworks ended promptly at 9:20. Then everyone tried to get out at the same time. My dad fruitlessly looked for shortcuts to bypass the congested Embarcadero St. Then my sister had to pee so she went in a plastic bag which my dad held. I got to drive. My dad and I switched places during a red light as he had to attend to my sister. The bag was unceremoniously thrown out the window and I’ve always pictured some homeless guy picking it up for whatever reason he has, haha.

By the time the GPS got me on the highway, it was one in the morning and everyone was asleep. The freeway at San Francisco were so narrow and winding. The speed limit was actually lowered to 5o mph, but I could see people swerving at 60. Plus it took all of my willpower not to take my eyes off the freeway to look at the glistening airplanes and the starry lights that was San Francisco International airport. Qantas and Cathay Pacific shouldn’t flaunt their shiny Boeing 747-400s where motorists can gawk at them. They looked too cool!!! And was I insane enough to whip out my phone and use the camera option!? 0_0

Oh God no. I wish though…

We were home at 2:30ish a.m. In my bedroom, I held a little birthday party for this country that I love too much.

U.S. Flag folded

Flag unfolded

Happy birthday, land of the free, home of the brave! You have such a rich, tragic, and euphoric history. And thank you Martin, Teresa, and Saurav for giving me that authentic U.S. flag on my birthday! Still the best gift ever! That was a nice touch, getting me that flag along with the Nazi WWII plane. FW-190s are my favorite Nazi fighters. 😀

P.S. I’ve given up on the NaBloPoMo thing. I figure blogging once a week is sufficient. And is my life really that interesting? It took quite awhile to turn a simple trip to SF and a regular fourth of July into… this. Whatever it is. Hope it’s good!

Cheers, and happy belated birthday America.

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