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Updating friends mini-series. 3 scenes.

Setting: Nam, Teresa, and Martin are talking inside the Starbucks. They’re seated facing away from the entrace. There are few customers and a large high definition TV is showing a heated tennis match. Two Starbucks employees are also quietly talking behind the counter.

Nam: So Teresa. You got hella tall!

Teresa: Thank you. For stating the obvious. (Nam laughs)

Martin: Haha, no she’s just messing with you. Her heels you see add like… only three inches what the F*** (voice gets progressively higher) happened to you!? (Hugs exchanged)

Nam: Wait, you guys haven’t seen each other?

Teresa: Yeah well… we met again haven’t we? I wonder where Saurav and Bao are…

End scene.

Scene 2.

Meanwhile, Saurav and Bao walks from parked car to Starbucks. Though there are plenty of cars, there are few people. Bao parked three rows away, so it’s a short walk to the cafe. A short woman is approaching them. She’s shabbily dressed and pushes a shopping cart full of belongings.

Vikki: Can you two spare some change please?

Bao: What the… (stares blankly)

Saurav: No sorry ma’am. C’mon, Bao. (pushes Bao)

Bao: DUDE! Don’t you recognize–

Saurav: Yes! Caramel!!! (speed walks to the entrance)


Saurav: CARAMEL!

(Bao gives up and seems to temporarily push matters away from his mind. Jogs to catch up to Saurav)

End scene 2.

Scene 3.

TV is showing a music video while Martin, Nam, and Teresa continue to talk.

Martin: Well, after college, I pretty muched stayed in L.A. for awhile. There’s so many businesses there. I helped design the building for the new ride at Universal Studios. (Bao and Saurav quietly enter) They liked it, so yeah. Hoping to do something for Disneyland next.

Nam: Dude, that’s hella cool.

Bao: SO ya never became Pope…

Teresa, Nam, Martin: GUYS! (hugs and handshakes all over)

Teresa: Alright! So everyone’s here and now we can go and eat. There’s this place in Cupertino–

Saurav: (interrupts) What the hell. Give me my caramel frap and we’ll talk. (Goes to counter and orders)

Martin: (To Bao) Man, you’re still as skinny as ever.

Bao: Yeah man. I’ve given up trying to gain weight. Too much work and in the end, the scale just goes back to where it’s always been. But look at you! You should be in a freaking Subway commercial.

(Martin laughs)

Bao: So Teresa, what’s up with you?

Teresa: I got taller!

Saurav: (walks over and looks at Teresa’s heels) Psh, whatever. Those heels really add like… (confused look)

(brief pause)

Nam: No one wants to know about me?

Saurav: Of course not. I’m kidding! (Hastily. Nam looked crestfallen)

Nam: Okay guess what? I finally–

(cellular phone rings)

Bao: Oh that’s me. Sorry Nam. (walks out the door while reaching for phone)

Nam: It’s okay! Anyways, I finally–

Man behind counter: (interrupts) Venti caramel frap is ready!

Saurav: Sorry Nam, tell me later.

Nam: Oh, okay… (turns to Martin and Teresa to find them conversing. Has a look to suggest that he feels left out)

Martin: Teresa. When you drove here, did someone ask you for money?

Teresa: No, why?

Martin: I don’t know. I have this feeling–

(Door opens and Bao rushes in breathless. He runs to the counter)

Bao: (half yells) CNN. Change it to CNN!

Man behind counter: (eyes wide open) Y-y-yes, sir. (Changes channel. The entire cafe quiets and watches. Television footage shows film captured by a cellphone)

Newswoman: Again, we have eyewitness reports that a plane has just crashed briefly after take off from Narita International Airport located in Tokyo. Experts confirm that the plane is the latest Boeing aircraft to have rolled off the line and eyewitnesses say that the wings disintegrated and the plane fell in flames. More on this story as it develops…

End scene 3.

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Feeling uncharacteristically sentimental… Starbucks

On Monday, my friends made a surprise visit to my house during the late afternoon. They rang the doorbell and I graciously left them there standing on the doorstep of my home. While they stood there chatting away, ignorant at any problems going on in the world, I went scrambling around the house looking for my wallet, keys, and GPS all the while telling my sister to go dress for martial arts practice. Martin, meanwhile, took my toy gun and began shooting plastic BBs into the street. Then all of us went to Choi’s to drop off my sister at TKD then drove to Starbucks.

Starbucks… a seemingly ordinary cafe on the side of the road will forever be a sentimental landmark for me. It was literally a second hang out, a place where our gales of laughter rang throughout the room. It’d be wonderful if we could still go there every once in awhile, maybe even years from now.

*Eight years from now…

Setting: A silver sedan is driving along Aborn road. It’s eight o’clock at night. Bao and Saurav are on their way to meet some old friends, who’ve arrived five minutes ago at the Starbucks. It’s August 9, 2017.

Saurav: Shiit, man. Thanks for picking me up from SFO. I’m soo tired. Did you know that in Moscow, there’s NO caramel frap. I came over there and I’m like ‘what the fuck.’ Man, I’ll eat beef for a caramel frap. And that plane trip made me want to hurl.

Bao: (a bit offended) Dude, shut the hell up. I helped MAKE that plane.

Saurav: Oh, right. (Smiles) What’d you make? That tiny little flap on the wing that does nothing, right?

Bao: Burn in hell! And no, I actually had a hand in designing the entire wing. NASA will rue the day they turned me down…

(Saurav and Bao pull onto the Starbucks parking lot)

Saurav: (squints) Dude, is that Martin?

Bao: (laughs) Ohh yeah man. You were in Moscow for forever, so I never really called you. Martin lost like 400 pounds while you were gone.

Saurav: And I guess it transferred to Teresa. (points to other person)

Bao: (leans on the wheel and squints) No man, that’s Nam. Looks like he grew a ponytail. (points to 3rd person) THAT is Teresa.

Saurav: (stares, then smiles) No way man. HAHA there’s no chance in hell that’s Teresa.

Bao: Why not?

Saurav: She’s hella tall. She’s taller than you!

Bao: Yeahh, the days are gone since you can pick up her pencil and lift it over her head. Let’s go in…

Saurav: Hey, you think Vikki is still short?

End scene.


Saurav was on a two month business trip to Moscow working on a joint project with NASA and the Russians. After earning a Ph.D in computer science and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, he worked several years on virtual reality systems before getting picked up by NASA where he began making human interface systems for the cockpit of a new spacecraft. He’s returned to the States, but will have to return to Moscow in a week.

Bao, however, was rejected by NASA. He found work with Microsoft where (wtf am I doing) where “I” usually spent the day helping to develop the latest flight simulator program. I thought that was kinda dull though because of my coworkers and their jokes… so I found an opening with Boeing. With my largest project finished (wing design), I’ve had some free time on my hands before they assign me on another project.

…aaand that’s like… well it was really fun. So much fun that I want to write more whether you guys like it or not. 😀 I’m going to try and put every one of my friends into this thing. Haha, it’s gonna be like a new mini-series! Who knows what’ll happen? Does Saurav and Vikki have kids? Does Eddie actually join the Olympics? This and so many other questions that are killing me slowly as I type… only time shall tell…

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I’m not moving…

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Remember this date… highly illustrative =D

August 15, 2009! San Francisco! This must’ve been one of the best times I’ve ever had in my entire life.

…because it was so exciting, so long yet so short, and that it was filled with friendship and laughter. Anyways, I figured that I’d stop documenting trips and events because it’s so freaking long (for me and whoever reads this), but I suppose this small adventure is too epic for me to leave out and ignore. So hold your breath, this could take awhile. Plus, I can only hope that these words will do this trip justice, as there are few words that can properly underline the fact that this trip was too cool.

My journey began around 8:40 in the morning when I was dropped off at the Cal Train station across from the HP Pavilion on Cahill Street. It’s there that I’ve met Eddie, James, and Marcus already at the station. I’ve got to admit, the trip started out as a small bore, because everyone was just quietly talking or listening to music. A few minutes later, Audrey came along, but she didn’t stay because she had parking issues, and afterwards went down to the platforms for photographs. We were getting anxious, because the train was leaving in a few minutes and Jenna, the person with all of our tickets, hasn’t arrived yet. She came at 8:58 and the six of us ran like hell to the ticket stamp to validate our tickets. Then we watched in disbelief as our train slowly pulled out of the station!

I suppose that was pretty lucky, because Christine showed up a few minutes later. Wouldn’t’ve been nice to have ditched her… but still, we had to wait another hour for the next train.


Panoramic picture of everyone on the train (except me of course)

 The train ride was an hour and a half long with numerous stops at different stations en route. During that time, we managed to find many distractions…

Eddie and Marcus arm wrestles to the death (of their arms)

Eddie and Marcus arm wrestles to the death (of their arms)

The train finally reached San Francisco and we got out. Almost immediately, we got lost. It was already eleven. We wandered the streets of San Francisco (Audrey got her wish of getting lost in SF) and stumbled upon fearless pigeons, helpful people, several Starbucks cafes, and at&t park!

Where the Giants play

Where the Giants play

We stopped at Union Square for lunch where I  ate one of the most delicious burgers ever. Lettuce, tomatoes, avocado… oh God. We also ended up in one of the largest malls I’ve ever seen, with escalators in the shape of a double helix, gracefully ascending towards the highest reaches of the mall, which is about six or seven floors. We all planned to go to the very top, just for the hell of it. Then I saw Brookstone and I got distracted. Brookstone is one of the most fascinating stores you’ll ever see because they sell the most interesting items. Blankets that feel like clouds, clocks that’ll never tip over no matter how hard you try to, the weirdest metal massage tools that sent chills down my spine, and reading lights that’ll last up to 100,000 hours supposedly… just to name a few. Eddie and I went wild in there.

When we left, there wasn’t really sufficient time left to go to the top, so we walked. Then walked some more. We stopped by a Starbucks because San Francisco was uncharacteristically hot that day. We walked through sidewalks…

Walking through SF

Walking through SF

…through a really dark tunnel… (fun =P)

and we ended up in Chinatown! Chinatown was anything but boring. So many things for so cheap a price! We brought a ton of those exploding snaps and I also purchased an airsoft pistol for an ultra low price of $7. They usually sell for $20! We continued walking… and walking… I bet half of our trip involved walking and talking. Audrey and I were the ones looking for buses, but Marcus apparently is used to all the walking.

Our pattering shoes and aching feet led us to the world famous Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39… all that good stuff. There, I led everyone to one of the things San Francisco is famous for: Sea lions! They stink, but they’re hilarious and always a welcome distraction (at least for me). After that we went a little more shopping. There are many stores in there that we looked in. A knife store that sold everything from a USB cable/knife to sabers and butterfly knives. There was a store that sold bath salts. One of them sold items only suitable for left handers. One of them was a fudge store that made me full and nauseous just smelling the rich fudge.

We named one of them Martin

We named one of them martin

Afterwards, Audrey (I think) led us to an antique museum full of these really old arcade games that took a quarter a game. That was hilarious. There were tons of interesting things in there.

The only working steam powered motorcycle in existence

The only working steam powered motorcycle in existence

After spending eternity in there, we went back out and took a bus (finally) to Chinatown again, because Jenna knew a good restaurant there and it was along the way to the train station. It was my first time on a bus and we took tons of pictures there. Here’s one:


Jenna (left), James (right) Jenna is the awesome one with free tickets

At Chinatown, everyone did a little bit more shopping. Marcus and Audrey bought their own airsoft guns because they thought it was cheap and fun. Audrey still thinks I influenced her to buy it because I was guilty of my own purchase. But the two of them walked out with their own boxes. We met the nicest storeowner in there and Marcus failed at being Chinese. Audrey flaunted her language skills to the storeowner, blowing Marcus and Jenna away.

We split for dinner because some of us were hungry and some of us just weren’t. Jenna led Christine, Marcus, and James into a Chinese restaurant while Eddie, Audrey, and I wandered the darkening streets of Chinatown. We took a little break and looked over our photographs. It felt like a million years ago since we missed our train, but it seemed like only an hour ago that we got off. The day went by so fast, but my feet ached from all of that walking and standing. We browsed through a few more stores, than went into a smaller restaurant to order more food.

Dinner was over and we met up. Then we ran like hell towards the bus stop, not eager to miss the train home. We made it five minutes before the crowded buses came, then shoved our way into bus 30. We arrived at the train station about a half hour before the train would leave. Then we just stood around and talked. It’s amazing how a group of us can be left with nothing to do, but we’ll never bore because we’ll never run out of anything to converse about. The entire time we walked and walked, people were just talking. The times we just sat on the bus or on the train ride to SF, it was just never quiet.

The last half of the train ride home, however, ended up to be a silent ordeal. I don’t think it was because we were tired of each other’s company. It was just so damn exhausting. Sure, we sang and talked during the first half. James ended up to be the life of the party. We sang all of the big songs. Apologize, Fall for You, Wake Me Up When September Ends… tiring indeed. But near the end, it was odd. I wanted more than ever for the train to stop so we could go home and rest. But I wanted the ride to last forever, because after the day I had, I didn’t want for it to end so abruptly. Nevertheless, the end of the trip was marked with the small jerk that was the stop of the train and we all walked out, cheerful maybe, but tired.

It’s a day I’ll remember.


I couldn’t post the pictures on Facebook for some reason. I made a music video instead… hope you all enjoy…

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A really long time ago

I had a vivid and intensedream involving me clutching an FN P-90 and fighting for my life, bullet after bullet. Most of my readers didn’t know what a P-90 was, so i gave you this picture.


Indeed it showed the Belgium submachine gun I was so into, but more importantly, the woman holding it inspired me to begin drawing manga.

“Marked by a brief but intense punch of inspiration…” I had my cousin help me. But aside from some heads, we’ve never taken it very seriously. Tonight, another cousin showed me, and I drew my first manga girl ever!


And even though she is sinfully hideous compared to the angels Jenna draws, she’s still my first. And for that, I’ll love her.

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Scattered thoughts and dreams as I’m cleaning up the house

This Sunday will be spent cleaning the entire lower floor of the house. I’ll return to my laptop every so often with whatever I think about. Haha, sounds fun…

The squirrels along Yerba Buena Rd. leading to Evergreen Valley College must have a death wish. Every single day I drive along that road, I’m certain to see at least two or three squirrels that’ve had it underneath a tire. And every day I drive along that road, I’m certain to have at least one close call. The squirrels see you… they only go faster. All you can do is slow down and pray…

I can’t wait until I get my own house. It’s going to be so much cleaner than the one I’m living in now. It’ll have two floors, be bought brand-new, and it’s going to be in the suburbs. It’s going to be in a brand new neighborhood… where ALL of my high school friends will live. Every several weeks we’ll have a block party. We can kind of seal off our neighborhood. Everyone’s garage is open and anyone can visit anyone’s place. The street will be crammed with tables of food and drinks. It’s going to last the entire day. No one can complain about the loud music because literally everyone in the nieghborhood will be in it.

We should all chip in for a vacation house in Florida or in Europe. Every summer or every winter, all of us should fly there and relax.

In the future, I plan on having a driver’s license (done), a pilot’s license, and a gun license. I would just like to have the option of flying to Vegas for dinner and be home before midnight. And to be able to have a concealed firearm in the house will be very comforting once I live by myself or with a wife. It’ll probably always be locked up in a safe so the robbers can’t get to it. And if we have kids, it’ll be even better that the gun is in a safe. I’ll probably be most comfortable with a pistol.

I think there are certain things everybody needs to be able to do. A brief list includes: everyone needs to know how to swim, perform first aid and CPR, speak a second language, drive stick shift, know some form of self-defense, and know the signs of a stroke and heart attack.

Even though I’ve been voted “most likely to marry a white, blonde chick” amongst my friends, I can see myself most likely making my vows to another Vietnamese girl. Very nice face, long dark hair, smoking body. I’m one of those retards who’s both a guy and at the same time thinks about his wedding. I don’t know any guy that does that 0_0! It shall be one of those white weddings. I don’t really like the Asian weddings where they always do the reception in some Chinese restaurant. It’s going to be outdoors overlooking the beach. Dumplings won’t be on the menu. Instead, how about sea bass or some other “white” dish?

I’ll also build my own airplane in the future. They have those kits that you can take to your garage and assemble it yourself.

Anymore and this won’t be an interesting read for me anymore.


0_0 Whoa… what does that say about me if even I think too much of me is too boring?

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