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How about another slice of life?

I’ve never understood how mundane things such as watching someone’s life (or a group of people’s lives) unwind on TV could be as interesting as, say, NASA preparing a shuttle to avert a meteor that’s headed towards Paris. How do sitcoms do it? Perhaps it’s because we can relate to it? We can see ourselves in their shoes. (But to be fair, I could totally see myself as one of the astronauts =P) Or maybe it’s because the absurdity in one’s life is just hilarious. After all, bad things are funny if they aren’t happening to you right?

So maybe I should talk about my life. I haven’t done that in awhile I think. Hmm… something happened on Monday. Went to physics. Ah, but for the love of me, I don’t remember. Tuesday… went to physics, calculus, and solar astronomy. OH! MONDAY! I met a ton of amazing people and made some friends. We had a great time hanging out. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had that much fun with a group of strangers. The highlight of Wednesday were me and Teresa exploring a really windy and maze-like neighborhood. We searched for the house numbered 666, but we couldn’t find it in the end. Also, there was me sparring Nam in front of his dad. His dad wasn’t too happy with Nam’s performance. And Thursday was just another day of class.

Now’s where I put in something that’s meaningful to me. Can’t think of anything. I’ll finish this post by the end of the day.

…nope still can’t find anything. But I really feel like I’m losing touch with people. I should really go on AIM more…


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Sorry everyone. Well, sorry to myself as well. This is officially the longest I’ve ever went without updating. I finally broke my new years resolution from two years ago! Nine straight days without blogging. I could just kick myself right about now. Agh!

Not as much has been happening in my life at the moment. I currently don’t have any epiphanies or strong feelings that must force themselves onto my weblog. I’m not feeling particularly loquacious at the moment.

I’m at a family reunion at the moment. Pretty large one as well with relatives flying in anywhere from Virginia to Vietnam. I’ve recognized one person literally. I’m very out of touch with my extended family. Too much pre-ordered Asian food that taste the same whether it’s a spring roll or a plate of fried rice… not enough steak or chicken. I give thanks to God that I already had dim sum with some friends before I came over. Thank you God. Thank you for saving me from the wrath of boring Asian food.

I hope dinner will be more interesting. If my parents didn’t reserve a spot at Benihana’s, I can look forward to another fun night with my closest friends. I already can’t wait to see all of you as I sit here. I also think you guys are closer than my friends in Fremont and I can’t thank you guys enough, especially what happened today.

I honestly didn’t expect any of them to come along with me as I revisited my old childhood house. And as I entered Westridge Dr. in Milpitas (my street), I didn’t expect to feel a little scared. But with Teresa sitting next to me and Martin and Kevin sitting in the back exchanging really offensive jokes, it wasn’t too bad at all.

I’ll get back to the party. Sayonara.

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Found this picture while surfing

“The little girl didn’t want to let her daddy go, so she stood alongside him and the rest of the 733rd Army Reservist Division as her mother snapped a photo of her defiance.”


This picture almost made me cry. It’s such a sad thing, facing the prospect of your parent(s) dying. But everything’s fine now, because her father, Staff Sgt. Brett Bennethum, is permanently back home.

God bless our troops, God bless our U.S. of A.

(For complete article, you can click this.)

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Relate… yeah I can do that

Note: Holy shit, I think this post sounds really nice with the video playing in the background. Do me a favor and read this with the music in the video


I’ve always walked alone. When I turn around, everyone’s far behind. Even so, I kept walking. That was what strength was. “I’m not afraid of anything anymore,” I try to whisper to myself. Everyone becomes alone someday. They live on only in memories. So I can laugh with my heart, even in this loneliness, I will fight. I will show no tears…

-Brave Song, Angel Beats

But I honestly have no clue what to type after this, even though a thousand ideas float in my mind, screaming for manifestation onto my computer. But they shout so loud at the same time that it’s impossible to discern a single one. Ever had that before? Write something amazing, touching, meaningful. I can totally feel these flow from my mind and heart to my fingers, stopping themselves a nanometer from the tips of my fingers to the keyboard. It’s right there and I just can’t grasp it.

Well… I think the lyrics of this song is spectacular. At the very least, the analogy blows away my mind. Who hasn’t found themselves walking too fast and find themselves ahead of their friends? I certainly have. But, perhaps unlike others, I keep going. That was what strength was. Because everyone becomes alone someday. Therefore, I can laugh with my heart, even in this loneliness. And I will fight. No tears. Because I’m not afraid of anything anymore.


I can make it by myself. If my friends forsake me, so what? I look down on myself a little for preparing for something like this. I’m pretty sure the word “trust” is vital in friendships. That’s how it was in the past at least.

Well, my natural gait is faster than most everyone else’s anyways.

I must admit, the song sounds really sad… from my standpoint.

Note: This is the 250th post for this blog.

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So yeah, I’ve totally forgotten about blogging for essentially a month and a half. It’s so funny because blogging never even crossed my mind until now and, when I went back to check WordPress, I get a “friendly”-ahem, threatening-reminder from Bao to continue blogging.

HAHA. That completely made my night, err very early morning. It’s about 2:30 AM right now. Shit, I should sleep.

On that thought, I’ve realized that I started using curse words much more blatantly than I used to. It’s interesting to notice the little changes in yourself after high school. Ever since I’ve been in college, I have become a night owl. It’s so strange, I don’t sleep at night anymore and I regularly stay up until 3 or 4 at most. My lifestyle is terrible and I need somebody to saveee me.

Spring quarter has been amazing for me. I hang out with my new college buddies every day and we always have a blast (can’t say the same for a certain roommate, ahem). Tomorrow, I’ll be watching the movie, The Men I’ve Slept With, and it’s supposed to be a sex comedy with Asians in it. Sounds fun to me.

It’s late and I’ll update some more later, I promise 🙂


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So many pieces

There are just a huge number of fantastic piano arrangements that I would love to play. I find them, I download the sheet… and there they sit gathering… cyber-dust or something. So many pieces I haven’t touched and not enough time. Then I get a rare occasion where I have time and I’ll learn the first part of a piece before becoming bored after fifteen minutes. Consequently, I know the beginning to maybe seven of my favorite songs and not the difficult and epic middle portion or the touching, heart-wrenching end.

I’m nearly done, however, with my recital piece: a nocturne by Grieg, appropriately called Notturno, officially known as op54 no4… it’s strangely beautiful and I hope I won’t kill it when June comes and I’ll have to perform. Damn…

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