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C’est la vie…. damn

Once in awhile, I question myself as to if I really am a Christian. I speak so little of God and give him such little thought. It’s all about grades, pianos, friends, and wonderful AIM. No room for God today. Too sleepy… No time for God tomorrow, I have a huge ass AP chemistry exam to think about. No time for God on Sunday. No ride to church and either way I have my lab writeup to finish. Many of my old friends say I’m more fit to be atheist. I disagree.

Sometimes, I think that just disagreeing is good enough. I’m not atheist. Therefore, I’m religious. Whenever I think about God, I’m taken back to my childhood… when I was buddhist.

YEAH, I was Buddhist once. My grandmother would take me to Chua Duc Vien. I did that whole kneeling and bowing business to Buddha. I participated in all their events. I was good friends with the monks.

Preschool started and I went to Milpitas Christian School (MCS). No emphasis on God or Jesus there. Preschool was such a hard time for me. Living with the monks and my grandmother, who immigrated from Vietnam and even lost her passport (consequently even forgetting her birthdate), I’ve never recalled even hearing spoken English. Needless to say, I wreaked havoc on their communications department. I was also really childish for a preschooler and didn’t give much care to learning. This was the oddest thing and the teachers didn’t put much in store for me. Odd because on one occasion, I completely aced my math test (count from 1 to 100) while everyone else simply failed.

Life went on and I advanced to the 1st grade. The teacher hated me. All the other kids had it in for me too. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, grades 1-3 and 5-6th were the worst times of my life. I constantly was being framed and I had no way to defend myself without someone to translate. I’ve had no true friends back then. However, I’ve learned what a true friend really is. I was tricked often too and was beat up badly from time to time. Around the 2nd grade, I joined the Cub Scouts from Troop 101, roughly also the same time I commited myself to Tae Kwon Do. Cub Scouts was even worse then MCS. Boy Scouts constantly made fun of me. (me alone too wtf) One day in the Boy Scouts (I’ve advanced already), after taking in an infinite amount of verbal abuses, I gave in and threw my best sidekick/back kick combo at my agressor. It knocked the wind out of him, but he recovered and came right at me and aimed at my throat. I elbowed his face as he came, threw a front kick which landed squarely into his crotch, and quickly shoved him away. A savage feeling of pride washed over me and I released my first swear words ever and from the top of my lungs too. >=O. FUCK YOU. FUCK BOY SCOUTS. I HOPE YOU FUCKING BURN IN HELL. I got in trouble with the troop leaders as the kid I hit suffered from a black eye and other minor bruises (not going to say where). I paid a heavy price for it, but finally I was free from a heavy burden. In conclusion….. it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. Jackasses…

Fourth grade came along and I transferred out of MCS and to Sinnott, my first experience in a public school ever. It was the time of my life. I made many friends. The classwork was EAASY. I had a kickass time making the model missions and I was narrator in the class play little red riding hood. I also had my first crush in the 4th grade. If only I could’ve stayed back one more year… But the best of all was I was one of them. I wasn’t a scapegoat or an omega. I was equal and I could never repay them enough.

That summer was also a big time of my life because I almost died. I was in Mazatlan Mexico and I was playing in the ocean by myself. My mom with, her overprotectiveness, made me wear a lifejacket. I didn’t mind because it was mine and I looked so cool with it. While I was playing, I was unknowingly dragged away by a rip current. I tried swimming my way back. But then, I can’t. Psh. Suddenly, this freakingly huge wave came and pounded squarely on me. In the commotion, the straps for my jacket broke. So I’m out there with saltwater in my eyes and a jacket that might slip off at the next wave. Well, I obviously made it back. My arms and legs were so damn sore they felt like lead weights. I didn’t even have the energy to take the jacket off. Despite this, Mexico was soo fun. The locals were very nice (unlike some of the Mexicans here). I’ve also met Yvonne and her sister Bonnie. Yvonne was that one girl I was talking about once. Didn’t know we were cousins until this awkward moment…

5th grade came and I transferred back to MCS. I had numerous missing assignments and spent at least twice a week in detention. However, I’ve reunited with the friends I’ve managed to make in the past. Either way, it was another crappy year. Then, I started to take God seriously. I sung hymns to escape. I prayed daily. He’s done a lot for me. He helped me survive another one of the worse years of my life.

5th grade fell to 6th grade and then came another year of MCS. Same old deal… until I found out that I’d be transferring to Fremont after Christmas break. I was scared to say the least. But once again, God pulled through. First day of 6th grade in Fremont and I’ve met Vincent and Erik (mentioned in previous posts) and they’ve become my friends to this day.

7th grade came and ALL of us transferred to Hopkins Jr. High. That was one of the best years of my life. I met Xi and countless others.

I also had my first and only referral because I was such a daredevil. Felt horrible though.

8th grade… I moved again, this time to the Evergreen area. Friends threw a small party for me and we went to the movies. They also gave me a Lego submarine (built and on display in my room to this day). I moved and attended Chaboya. I was very surprised at Chaboya’s rough and crude students and their general behaviors. Fremont students are definitely better then Chaboyan students and are still better in some cases to EVHS students. (no offense guys =D)
Chaboya was a bittersweet year for me. I’ve earned the best grades I’ve ever received in my life (all A’s and a B in english). I’ve also felt down for an unknown reason. THat was the beginning of my depression.

9th-11th grade was when I switched schools yet again to EVHS. EVHS was the biggest disappointment in my life. Yet at the same time, this highschool era for me is also the best time of my life so far. (if you average it out) I’ve met tons of people. Some turned out to be really reliable friends. Some needed help. Some turned out to be annoyances.

I’ve made friends but I sometimes I find it hard to connect with you guys. You talk about the funniest things but for some damn reason, it’s hard for me

I’ve never been too social in my life with the exception of 7th thru 8th grade. After reading this (if you managed to without becoming bored), I hope you’ve figured out why.

I also hope you’ve figured out why I set so much in store for God. If you’ve looked in the 5th grade, you’d know that would’ve been horribly depressed without the Lord Jesus business and I probably wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for him delivering me from MCS to Fremont and saving my ass in Mexico.

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Don’t hold your breath…

I read this from a very nifty book. But before I explain it to you, I want you to hold your breath as you read the following paragraph. Ignore the title for now. Read it SLOOWW and savor the information.



GO!!!!! (*takes deep breath)

   The air you breathe in is currently safe right now. (I hope.) However, the air is millions of years old. Dinosaurs have breathed the air, along with prehistoric mammals and birds. It’s been bombarded by pollutants from factories and likely by military bombing tests. It’s also been through millions of human lungs dating back to prehistoric cavemen, as well as sabertooth tigers and wooly mammoths. Moving forward, the air that’s currently in your lungs have been through the impacts of the Industrial Revolution. It’s guaranteed to be breathed by dying men during bloody wars. It’s been breathed by plants and animals around the world, from huge, smelly elephants to leaping gazelles in Africa, to wild birds of paradise. And speaking of Africa, the air’s composition is guaranteed to have a piece of the world, including the sands of the Sahara and the gaseous remnants of camel farts. >.< But don’t worry, let the air has also been through fresh rains of rain forests and the clouds of the Himalayas. So just let it out and appreciate how much history and geography you’re breathing in =]

Alex Kwan, another friend of mine from Fremont, is Vincent’s cousin. He’s not as rough as most guys and he hangs out with a different group at Mission. Different from a group I’m more familiar with. During the ages of football (6th grade) I, as a wide receiver, found him slightly annoying…. which is a good indicator of a person with excellent defense. That’s saying a lot, as I was the star wide receiver in my class, catching numerous interceptions and making miraculous dives and catches. Though of course, all of that is rusty now and only a hint of skills remain…. for now. Ummm, what else to say about Alex. Hmm, not much, except he’s going to be the nicest guy you will ever meet (‘cept for me). He’s also threatening to take over my title as skinniest person of all the last time I saw him, which was half a year ago.

I have cousins in Australia, but in Vietnamese culture, they’re my aunt and uncle. I’d like to introduce Maria and Richard…. dunno their last names. They’re brother and sister with each other and they’re in college right about now. Maria is working with visual communication and I have no idea what Richard’s doing now. I haven’t talked to Richard in a while, but I periodically keep emails with Maria. The last time I saw them was before I’ve even reached the fourth grade. The last I remember of Richard was him in a cast after he broke his arm playing around on the treadmill. And Maria…. kind of bossy… kind of hated Richard. SHe had this nifty pinball game once, I wonder whether she still owns it.

Speaking of Vietnamese aunts and uncles, I have two others that I haven’t talked to in a veery long time: Jacklyn and Jenny. Jacklyn is 18, goes to Milpitas High, and is my aunt. Jenny, also my aunt, is in the 6th grade at some school. We go camping and such and we had a really fun time talking about the end of the world.

Holy fuck, Cloverfield was such a gay/kickass movie. It was gay because the characters were so freaking stupid.

For example: the damsel in distress, the one that cheated on one of the main characters, was found with a puncture wound in her apartment. There was a serrated stick at least 12 inches long, protruding from her chest. Okay, what would a serrated stick be doing in her apartment. The huge squishing sound of when they took the stick out indicates that the stick punctured her lung as well. First of all, when a victim has a puncture wound, you do NOT take it out. That’s the most retarded fucking thing you can do. Taking out the imbedded object will increase bleeding and damage tissue and muscle, increasing the odds for internal bleeding. You’re supposed to leave it in there to help stop bleeding and wrap cloth around it. They did not even consider treating for shock. (as they should’ve when they were safely far enough from the monster)

ANyways, they take it out, and she suffers from a punctured lung. And YET, she is able to run full out, scream as loud as the others, and even has the energy to perform PDA in front of countless Marines and two helicopter pilots.

Also retarded: While they’re in the electronic store watching the news while the desperate character is looking for phone batteries, we see the United States Military, losing the battle with their soldiers raped left and right by the spiders. Okay let’s think about that. Numerous, well trained men, armed to the TEETH with armor piercing bullets and M4A1 rifles, equipped with bullet resistant vests, and supported by TANKS is unable to kill one single monster, at least at first. Mean while, while cornered in a subway tunnel, 5 cornered teenagers fend off at least 3 spiders with a freaking crowbar and an axe, successfully fend off the spiders with only ONE casualty, and the one casualty only EVENTUALLY died.     W      T      F

However, it was a good movie. It had good effects, scared the crap out of countless audience members (you SO know who you are……. and we do too >]), had comical relief.. however unintentional they may be, and a kickass monster. Forget about Godzilla. America now has her own monster and she should be proud of it.

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EVerybody Has a Song

Have any of you ever heard a song where you’re like, “How the hell does the singer know my situation? Is he f*&king stalking me!?” The truth is, everybody has a song [most likely more than one ] that most relates to them. Sooo, I’m going to continue those retarded games of tag, where I tag them, and they have to do the thing. Since I’ve chosen to tag Eddie and Van, they must post music that most relates to them. Well, okay, I’m starting the tagging game, but it’s just a really subtle attempt to get to know people better.

So, my song is “Dear Jamie… Sincerely Me.” I couldn’t upload it, so

 If you wanted to be tagged, please feel free to tag yourself =]

Xi Chen is the scariest person I know, and also one of my best friends. Scary because I feel that sometimes we’re closely connected… but not in the way that Martin always thinks. Sometimes, we literally think the exact same thing simultaneously.

V5Rocket (10:32:09 AM): so
baowahrangers (10:32:14 AM): was it in europe?
V5Rocket (10:32:18 AM): OMG
V5Rocket (10:32:19 AM): HOW U KNOW
baowahrangers (10:32:23 AM): CRAZY
V5Rocket (10:32:24 AM): i was just about to say that
baowahrangers (10:32:27 AM): LOL
V5Rocket (10:32:27 AM): OMG
V5Rocket (10:32:29 AM): WOW

V5Rocket (7:23:18 PM): like u know u wake up in the future
V5Rocket (7:23:19 PM): ya
baowahrangers (7:23:21 PM): and everyone else is like
baowahrangers (7:23:24 PM): what r u talking about?!
V5Rocket (7:23:28 PM): ya
V5Rocket (7:23:30 PM): EXACTLY

Okay, I know it doesnt sound significant on blog. It’s those “You had to have been there” moments.
We discuss EVERYTHING!! Religion, why we’re always so thirsty, get-rich-quick schemes. You name it.

Erik Feldmeier, another best friend of mine, was the first person I’ve ever conversed with in Fremont. It started with a casual game of football and then other stuff. He has a Wii, an X-Box, a mansion… (Andrew, he sounds like the epitome of a filthy rich snotty arrogant bastard) Well, yeah, but he’s a nice arrogant bastard. A friendly bastard. You don’t see too many of those around do ya?

Thomas Feldmeier, the younger brother of Erik. Thomas probably has the most interesting love life out of all of us. He likes so many people, and he can’t figure out who he likes more at times. But due to privacy issues, I can’t really give you all the juicy details. =]

Melanie Jee was an extremely influential person in my life and still is now. Man, I can hardly remember what she’s like anymore. We keep a semi-constant stream of emails going, but it’s just not the same. The first time I met her was when I went to fourth period math and saw her fighting with my best friend Vincent. Ironically enough, Melanie and I became awesome friends!

Last but not least is Vincent Leong. In the sixth grade he was considered just above retarded. He was immature too… as was I =D HOWEVER, 7th grade and up, something changed. I don’t know what changed, or maybe it was just me. Vincent became cool, and that’s that. I’m pretty sure most of the school wouldn’t’ve agreed with me at the time, but he’s still a best friend from 6th grade and up. My first day in 6th grade at MSJE and I already had to spell antidisestablishmentarianism. As you could’ve guessed, I was more than intimidated, but Vincent helped pull me through.

Many of you would be thinking who these people are.

In a previous life, a more carefree one, I was actually popular… [no freaking way Andrew, you pathetic liar] Well, my definition of popular is extremely different from the general world’s. My definition of popular was knowing a lot of people on a personal basis.

It’s not about the groups of people you hang out with.

It’s not about the cliches.

That’s retarded, who thought of that? It’s about how many friends you make, how many enemies you make. It’s how you spend your time getting to know people better and solving problems. People didn’t have to think you were the coolest shit in the world.

They just had to like you for who you are and the things you do.

In middle school, I thought I knew over half the 7th graders. When 8th grade came, I was casted down, moved to Chaboya, and I became the loneliest person I knew. I guess I’ve left all my sense of friendship in Fremont with my friends. Many of you can see that I’m not as social and probably most of you never thought I was ever “popular.”

Well, finals week is “final”ly over. Yesss yes, laugh at my feeble attempt at humor. But seriously, I always have one unspoken rule about finals week: NEVER ASK ME HOW IT WENT!!! Seriously, isn’t it bad enough living finals week once? Is it seriously worth it to relive those horrible moments with only you, a scantron, and a packet? Next time anybody asks me how finals were, I’ll set my phone on vibrate, shove it down his/her throat, and call it every 10 seconds.

Well, hope you’ve enjoyed the song and my out-of-format post =]

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“Life is like a rubberband.”

-Dr. Becker

Life is a rubberband. [Jesus Andrew, not the rubberband theory.]So check this out. My view of life is like a weird variation of karma. Everything that happens will stretch the rubber band. And everyone with a braincell knows what happens when you overstretch one. Imagine yourself holding a rubberband. Rubberband = your life, so imagine yourself holding your life. (What a pathetic scenario. You, looking down at your life, a dirty brown circle lying lifelessly on your palm) So every time something good happens, the rubberband will stretch. I ace an exam… (stretching) I found twenty dollars on the floor… (stretching) I kicked someone between the legs and got away with it…(…)  then kicked them again… (…..0_0) FWACK! I get hit by a meteor while in my math class. Now everybody’s rubberband is different. Eddie’s is extremely flexible it hardly snaps, only reclines. But some, such as mine, are too flexible and will break at certain times. My life is like a 2:1 ratio of good:bad. Others are hard to stretch because they’re so damn thick (like the ones people use to handcuff crabs) and so nothing good ever happens to them since it’s so hard to stretch… but nothing bad ever happens either, …like Audrey’s… if I know her at all (and I don’t). But yeah, her life seems balanced enough from my point of view. (0:0, 1:1, whatever ya know.) Everyone should find their breaking point for their rubberbands. Otherwise, bad things will happen.

I’d like to introduce one of my penpals… Kim!! Yeah, she’s from Michigan, one of those states you never hear about. Bay City Michigan to be exact. You never hear about Michigan because California and New York gets all the attention, because us Californians are actually interesting people. ^^  Despite her usual carefree nature, she’s actually the most religious person I know. Seriously, who else enjoys going to church or finds the bible the most interesting book ever? I barely read the bible. Don’t tell me how it ends… So everyone say hii Kim! [……… chirping] Wow you guys are cold… *pulls out Eddie’s “automatic” machine gun. [Hiiiii, KIM!!!! We all love you!]

Okay, so how to build a fire. So yeah, you basically start out with three types of wood. The kindling, basically small twigs and such are used to start the fire. You’d want dry ones. You can tell because when you snap the good ones, it’s LOUD, and sometimes the vibration will actually hurt your fingers. You always start the fire on the kindling because they’re  the most easy to light. The second type of wood you want is the tinder. Those are also twigs, but bigger. These are less flammable, but have longevity. The final pieces of wood you’d want is the woodfuel. These are small logs, normally as big as when you make an “O” with your two hands. These are the least flammable, but when it actually does catch, it will last forever. Now, I can spend a long time discussing types of ways you can “stack” your wood, but that’ll be just a waste of time on my part. It’s basically just improvising, as long as you’re sure everything will catch fire. Normally, I put some kindling on top, then beneath it about 8 tons of tinder, and stack loads of woodfuel on the bottom. Here are the basic steps for you… in a nutshell.

1. Clear the freaking area!!! You do NOT want to start a forest fire. Make sure your fire will be in the opening, so sparks will not catch on branches. And you’d want to be able to be seen from up high right? And if available, have a bucket of water handy.

2. Make sure anything that’s flammable should be moved at least 15 feet away from ground zero.

3. Set up the fire.

4. Starting the fire.

This is what you’re all wondering about: Starting the fire. There are many things you can do. You can use a 9 volt battery with steel wool [preferrably not scrunched up into balls, make them thin]. When attached together, they will produce sparks. You can use matches. [To waterproof them, put wax on the head and scrape off right before use] Use a magnifying glass. Buy flint from any survival store, then scrape them, producing sparks. [This is the most user friendly technique, because unlike matches, you can’t run out of the flint, unless you were retarded twit enough to lose it.]

5. After you see a bit of flame [usually they start out no bigger than a candleflame] you must keep it alive. Gently and only gently blow on the flame. Fire needs oxygen, but you do not want to lose it like birthday candles.

Alternatively, if the kindling starts smoking, blow as hard as you can. Be careful not to hyperventilate as you’ll get dizzy. You’ll see the stack reacting to your blowing because every puff of air results in a brief glow from the stack.

6. Rearrange the stack as needed. Perhaps some part of the stack isn’t catching fire.

7. Sit back and enjoy. Besides a fire being a good rescue tool, it will also boost your morale and provide protection from wild animals most of the time.

Note: if you want this fire to last through the night, gather as much firewood as you think you need, then gather five times more.

Okay, that’s enough survival for now. Bye!

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The cold hard bar of reality

Romance is like the cheese in a mousetrap. It baits you into position so the hard, cold bar of reality can come down and snap your neck.

-Dr. Becker

Life is generally dull for me. Other times, it seems like a nightmare from a cheap horror movie. And there are just THOSE days where it seems like you’re surrounded by sex and talks about sex. Those days are becoming more and more common for me. Sometimes when I wake up at 3 in the morning, I find out that my shirt is off and my boxers… gone… and my pants still on! Suspiciously, I also find the bedroom window open whenever this phenomenon occurs. I wonder if the neighbor’s daughter is having fun with me. Disturbing thought, as she’s 22. 0_0

If I ever get another girlfriend, [omfg, GIRLfriend EDDIE] the one thing I’d want from her is for her to be able to break through my mask at times of pain. I’d want her to be funny, but not the type of people who just cracks up jokes to break up awkward moments. I’d want someone who’d know the importance of silence, and enjoy just being near each other. I’d want her to work hard, but knows when it’s ok to have fun, and vice versa. I’d want her to be pretty. Just pretty. Whenever I try to picture waking up with someone like that, a body appears, but she doesn’t have a face… yet.

truong1236 (10:19:18 PM): i yearn for the steamy hot night we perceived together yesterday
truong1236 (10:19:28 PM): and the night before and every touch we shared together
truong1236 (10:19:43 PM): my undying passion for you has yet to have ceased

baowahrangers (10:23:30 PM): i can’t explain the sensations during
baowahrangers (10:23:34 PM): but i remembered after
baowahrangers (10:23:44 PM): exhaustion
baowahrangers (10:23:46 PM): and a huge ass migraine
baowahrangers (10:24:26 PM): oh eddie

baowahrangers (10:18:04 PM): regarding ur offline IMs
baowahrangers (10:18:09 PM): eddie, the feeling is mutual
baowahrangers (10:18:16 PM): but im afraid the relationship may continue no longer
baowahrangers (10:18:23 PM): i long for your touch
baowahrangers (10:18:31 PM): oh god

That puts my quote into context. However, what Eddie did NOT post was:

truong1236 (10:19:43 PM): my undying passion for you has yet to have ceased
baowahrangers (10:19:47 PM): go to hell u dickhead
truong1236 (10:19:55 PM): LOL
baowahrangers (10:20:12 PM): omg, grossing me out

If you’re ever alone in a survival situation, the shock of realizing that you are lost can be mentally crippling, but you still must hope for the best and plan for the worst. Stay put if you’re not sure of the way out and you know that people are looking for you. Remain calm. Usually it is best to stay where you are and build a shelter. This is especially true if you’re injured or lacking food. Carefully study your surroundings. Find water, a possible open area for a signal fire [how to light a fire, coming up next post]. Build a safe, SIMPLE, comfy shelter and fire ASAP.
Once all of that is achieved, form a plan. A survival plan will alleviate your fears and your confidence and morale will increase. Any shiny object may be used to attract the attention of passing aircraft. Do NOT attempt to find your way out unless you have the basic necessities of food, water, and shelter.

I personally think this post was shit. But strangely enough, I found the survival section to be the most practical of all my posts ever. However, I shall not be continuing survival posts [after teaching you ppl how to make a fire of course], as playing poor, stranded bastard doesn’t appeal to me anymore than weather man. soo,

signing off..

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Grandfathers and murder

Stepping backwards into a portal of time will present many interesting, and often times lethal, situations. What if the Confederates were given aircraft factories? What if John F. Kennedy was saved from the crack of a rifle? What if Chinese Junkers had discovered the New World before Spanish Galleons? How different may the world be?

Let’s take a look at one of the most famous problems involving time travel, the Grandfather Paradox.

Let’s say, for whatever reason, you step back several decades, and accidently kill [yep you guess it] your dear old grand dad. (0_0, you WOULDN’T) Yeah yeah, I know! [actual reactions from people like Vikki and others] But just take it hypothetically. Killing your grand-daddy creates a paradox, because if your grandfather is dead, then one of your parents would never have been born, so how could you have been brought into the world? You’d be nonexistant. But wait! If you were nonexistant, how is it possible for you to kill your grandfather in the first place? And the cycle [if you see it] continues on and on and on.

This shouldn’t be possible right? Maybe it won’t be able to happen. A theory states that no matter how hard you try, you will never create a paradox. The gun you bring with you will jam. You will find that you’ve forgotten to pack bullets. You’ll find out that your grandfather moved to an unknown address. No matter how hard you try, a series of unfortunate events [wtf?] will prevent you to.

Yet another theory states that there exists an infinite amount of universes, with many different possibilities. Such as if Hitler had won the war, or the United States never did beat the Soviets to the moon. The instant you kill your grandfather, you are transfered into that alternate universe, where paradoxes are tolerated, or one where you live as a freak of logic.

Kali, Jacob, and Brett. These seniors are my lab partners for the hellish class of AP Chemistry and AP Lab. It’s difficult for me to describe them, as I’m only a lab partner at best. But from what I can figure out, Kali is an extremely open minded person, eager to try out new things. [new comedians definitely] She’s also a diligent lab partner and works constantly to improve her grade. Brett enjoys first person shooting games. In fact, he takes it up another notch. He goes aerosofting. 0_0 Jacob…. the icebreaker in our group. Labs are always more enjoyable with him cracking up creative humor. [though I must admit, it contributes to a lesser academical atmosphere] I’m lucky to be in such a group with diverse personalities. Imagine if everyone in the group was a serious, frowning super-nerd.

We’ve lived through two out of three storms already. Yes, there’s still one out there, and it should hit by tomorrow. Just a reminder. I’m going to keep this section short because playing weather man is just waay too dull. Plus I’m still looking for another interesting topic. So…

signing off…

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Perfection is relative

They say that God is perfect. God is perfection itself. However, logic dictates that it is impossible to be perfect. Take a look at the following argument: If God was perfect, could he create a stone that’s so heavy, he himself won’t be able to lift? The spiritual Christian portion of me says “Yes, he can do it… somehow. He’s God, he’ll manage.” The rest of me admits defeat. Perhaps God is perfect in some mysterious way, but not perfect in a logical sense. Or perhaps logic as we know it is flawed? Perfection is relative.

Christine Dinh can be described as ambivalent. She has a dark, rainy side [dun dun dun] and a bright, happy side. She can be angry to the extreme and sad to the extreme. [hence dark side] She can also be cheerful to the extreme, more sympathetic than others normally are, and be the epitome of “nice-ness”. But always, she’s academically strong to the end.

Van Kieu. 17 years old on the outside, 5 years old in the inside. This is a good the perfect way to describe him. Who else can do super complex chemistry equations and methods and still can’t catch a ball? Who else is in an advanced math class and has trouble riding a two-wheel bicycle? Who else sports a Texas Instruments Ti-series calculator and yet jumps up and down and flaps his hands [like little wings lmao!!] whenever fustrated. Need I say more?

Cassandra Van. I must say that I’ve had the most interesting relationship with her then any of my other friends. *Flashback to sophomore year, after seventh period, where Bao proposed to her on one knee… with a straight face and onlookers staring, rooted to the spot. Haha, Cassandra is really hard to describe [either that or too easy that it becomes hard]. Basically, she’s kind, hard working, smart, and loves to have fun. [and who doesn’t?]

Victoria Nguyen She's also particularly hard to describe. What sticks out about her is that she comes up with the most special insults. Special because it's so damn hard to think of a good come back on the spot. And when she leaves, comebacks break through like a horde of ants. She's also an overachiever. Give her an art assignment and she'll make a 30ft. statue out of marble and copper. I admire her in some ways, and envy her in others. Yet at times, I'm GLAD I'm not Victoria when she portrays short-comings. Plus she's just great fun to make fun of and a kickass friend during lonely times.


The human mind is exceedingly metaphorical. Even if you think English is your worst language and you just SUCK at symbolism, you still have it in you. As a matter of fact, most of us utilize this inert skill around the early A.M.'s while we dream. Yep, dreams all carry a message in the form of objects. For example, seeing a bag in your dream symbolizes the responsibilities you may carry. A bag that is torn or worn symbolizes burden. In my particular dream, a wedding ring fell out of the bag. A wedding ring symbolizes eternal love. I was walking with a hooded person. A hood represents concealment. It was overcast, but there were colorful flowers all around. Colorful flowers symbolize happiness, love, and joy. Alternatively, white flowers symbolizes sadness. Once I manage to piece together all the information, I will find the message my mind is so desperate to give me.

So as you can see, everyone has a poet in them and the poet reigns free oh so often. If you're having trouble in an English class or just trying to become a writer, HA! In your dreams! [Seriously]

 signing off...

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god had fun

I’m gonna go Russell Peters on you guys here.

I think God had fun when he created Asian people. It’s the only explanation for why Asians are so freaking smart, but have absolutely NO common sense. *Oh oh I know! How about I make the people in this continent gooood with computers, gooood with math, and goooood with kungfu. But juuuuuuuuuust to screw them over, I’ll take away their brains. Yeah, that sounds funny* (Andrew, where are you going with this?)

A few weeks ago, I had the flu. Horrible flu. I must’ve puked around half a bag. I could see strands of spaghetti in it =P And then there are the chills. It was so cold with a two layers of blankets and I had one helluva time going to sleep. Took me around a few hours? I finally went to bed… only to be awakened in three minutes. There was my mom saying, “Bao, here’s a sleeping pill.” My mum…woke me up… to give me sleeping pills. Ladies and gentlemen, perfect example of what I’ve been saying. =P Holy shit.

I thnk in the last post, I’d say I’d introduce my friends to you.
I’m so freaking popular, it’d be so hard to list every single friend. I guess I’ll start by killing two birds with one stone first and start on Martin Nguyen and Teresa Le, who hang out with us and are each other’s cousins.

Oy, the two together could be handfuls at certain times. If you live pure and sheltered lives, run…cower…make yourself as small as possible. These are the most perverted people I know. Between Martin’s tentacle rape fantasies and Teresa’s sponge monster.. (collective shudders) These teenagers are EVHS’s Scylla and Charybdis. Choose your poison.

Saurav Agrawal. Just from glancing at the name, you can tell the guy’s Indian… or as how Eddie denouncingly puts it: “Sub”asian. He’s a major league suck up, gives the bird to his teachers [behind the back of course], and loves watching “Legally Blonde.”=]

Eddie Truong is a very accomplished, ambivalent, semi-serious kind of guy with a myriad of personalities. I don’t really know what to say about him without boring my audience. [if I even have one] In a nutshell, he’s president of the Martial Arts Club and a major player in some Vietnamese women’s organization. Damn, that sounds kinda wrong.

I’ll cover more people as I go along, I’m waay to lazy at this point.

The art of numerology is taken seriously in some cultures, and even in modern society. We have lucky 7, and unlucky 13 for example. In China, their unlucky number is 11. It might be more jinxed and therefore more credible than 13. Seriously, the last time 13 was unlucky was during the 1970’s. [Apollo 13]

Let’s take a look at the epitome of an American tragedy: 9/11. Analyzing… analyzing… analyzing…

9/11- 11th day of September.
9/11- 9+1+1=11.
9/11- after 9/11, there will be exactly 111 days left in the year.
From afar, the Twin Towers look like a ginormous 11.
The first plane to hit was American Airline Flight 11.
New York was the 11th state to join the union.
“New York City” has 11 letters in it.
“The Pentagon” has 11 letters in it.
“Afghanistan” has 11 letters in it.
“George W. Bush” has 11 letters in it.

Numerology may seem credible after all…

Signing off…

Oh OH! Forgot! BTW, Happy 2008 everybody! Be careful though, 2009 is coming up, adds up to 11, and is the year when we graduate o.0

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how fitting…

okay! i started my blog on the last day of the year. very appropriate, tho i think it should’ve been started tomorrow. for those of u who don’t know me, i’m bao (hiiiiii bao =P) its pronounced bow, like when u bend over to an audience, but it’s been pronounced boa, bale, bob, bo-ah, oh so many ways. for those of you who thinks the name is too weird, u may call me andrew. (hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii andrew :P) hi guyz! i’m andrew/bao, 17, hottest guy u’ll ever see, one of the tallest azn ppl you’ll ever see (*stiffled laughs and longing sighs from the ladies =D), and (matter still under discussion from the greatest minds of the world) the most perverted person u may ever meet. (and also the most fascinating) (eddie and friends: BOOOOOOOOOO) yar.. i’ll give em an intro second post =P this post is just an attempt to make me fascinating… how successful it is i may never know

today, i did some research on one of the oldest societies in the world: I.F.E.R.S.
IFERS is short for the International Flat Earth Research Society. YAR, believe it or not, tehre are still ppl out there who DO believe the earth is FLAT.
Despite what its name may suggest, not EVERYONE in the society thinks the earth is flat. 0_0 some r there just to argue against the most random things, such as scientific endeavors, government reforms, w/eee. u can basically call them the “anti-everythings.”

then… there are those OTHER ppl, who do actually think that the aussies do not hang upside down every waking moment like bats. to them, the earth is like a CD or DVD, with da north pole in the middle, and countries surrounding it, top closest to the center (like the symbol for the UN) however, there’s also antarctica, on the edge. we’ve never been to antarctica, b/c there’s a huge wall surrounding it. several hundred feet high i’d imagine. the space shuttles and satellites are fake. ppl have never space walked or landed on the moon for that matter.

but seriously, the notion that the earth is round is LUDICROUS. reasonable, sane, intelligent ppl kno that the earth is flat – condensed quote of Keller or something, prez. of IFERS.

well, if u’ve found that fascinating, than im the (hot beyond reason) guy for you. do tune in tomorrow =P i shall blog about my life and oh so random things. did u kno that american airlines once saved $400000 by eliminating ONE olive from all of their salads in 1st class?

ttyl =p

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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