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Episode 4 of friends miniseries

Scene 1.

Setting: Camera pans across the Cupertino landscape, past the freeways and trees. Benihana’s appears, with the camera viewing from the top. Teresa, Martin, Nam, and Saurav just arrived at Benihana’s and walk in the restaurant, where Nam walks up to an attractive hostess to grab their 9 o’clock reservation while the rest of the group chills outside.

Nam: Yeah, hi. We have a reservation for a 9:00 under the name of Teresa Le.

Waitress: (peruses guest list) I see your reservation. Your table will be ready in fifteen minutes.

Nam: Wait, what the hell? We reserved a table. When we reserve something, you’re supposed to save it…

Waitress: Fifteen minutes, sir.

Nam: (feebly) Oh… okay… (walks back to the rest, who were waiting outside) Yeah guys, we have to wait fifteen minutes.

Martin: (outraged) What?

Saurav: Dude, Nam, you have to be more forceful. Don’t take bullshit for an answer. Get the hell back in there and kick some ass!

Nam: Oh, okay. (walks back in) Excuse me, miss?

Waitress: (annoyed) Yes, sir?

Nam: We reserved a table at-

Waitress: Yes, sir, I know. Fifteen minutes.

(Outside the restaurant, Martin, Teresa, and Saurav look through the glass doors)

Teresa: Looks like it’s going well.

(Back inside)

Nam: No, that’s total crap!

Waitress: Sir, I’m really sorry. But you need to calm down. Step outside and grab some fresh air and it’ll be fifteen minutes before you know it.

Nam: …Fine. (Nam walks outside)

Saurav: See, I told you it’ll work.

Nam: No, it didn’t…

Saurav, Teresa: What!?

Teresa: Maybe you need to bribe her. Slip a twenty in there?

Saurav: No, that’s b.s. I’ll get in there and give her a piece of my mind.

Saurav walks into the restaurant just as Bao arrives with Vikki. Nobody recognizes it as the hobo girl, except for Teresa. Vikki is cleaned up and well dressed. She’s wearing a black outfit beneath a furcoat, a skirt with a flowerly pattern, and high heels.

Bao: Hi, guys. Sorry I was late. After I took the kid to the hospital, I had to make a detour at San Jose Airport. Umm, yeah, this is my cousin!

Vikki: Hi! I’m…

Bao: Samantha.

Vikki: Yep, that’s me. Nice to meet you guys. (extends hands to shake)

Martin: (lunges to grab hand) Hi, nice to meet you. (Whispers to Bao) Dude, is she single?

Bao: (laughs) Oh wait, you’re serious… (doesn’t have a chance to complete train of thought)

Teresa: (pulls Bao aside) What the hell do you think you’re pulling?

Bao: Relax.

Teresa: Don’t you tell me to relax!

(Saurav walks out)

Saurav: Hey guys, our table is ready. (puts a small white sheet of paper in his pocket)

Nam: What the hell did you do!? Did you bribe her?

Saurav: No. Persuasion.

Martin: What’d you put in your pocket? (grabs the paper before Saurav has a chance to react) …Seriously a phone number? You got her number?

Saurav: Yeah, and Nam, you’re an idiot.

Nam: What the hell, how?

Saurav: It’s only 8:45.

End scene.


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