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An ode to Eddie…

THink of the tune of this one song… L is for the the way you LOOK at me… O is for…

Ode to Eddie (Modeled after L-O-V-E)

E is for the eccentriiiiiicity

Dees are for dramatics and decencyyy

Iiiiiiii is infinitely quite quite quite uncanny

E is for major egoooo



Ed! He’s the one and only heart to heart
Ed! He’s willing to always play a part!
Ed! He’s daring, caring,
And always up for sharing

Ed! He’s the only one for me!
Ed! He’s the only one for me!

Ed! He’s the only one for me!


Happy belated birthday.



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I was at Stanford Hospital for the second day in a row. Sitting outside, in the shelter of the umbrella on a chair, listening to this young couple playing cards kinda inspired me. The couple was playing cards in such a carefree manner and the wife kept saying that it’s supposed to be an hour and a half surgery and they were coming up on two hours and a half. They take death so… halfheartedly, as if they won’t let something as small and unimportant as death get in the way of such a beautiful day. And then I thought about friends, and how lucky I was that they’ve never died as of now. And then I thought about how I missed Eddie’s birthday by an hour and bashed myself on how I take many of my friends… “unseriously” enough. So then I wondered if death, by ignoring me, is a friend.

Inspired by my time in Stanford Hospital.


Death never seems to reach me
It’s a concept I’ve never had to face.
My friends have known death,
My parents have known death
Death seems to live all over the place.

If I knew death of a personal level,
I probably would’ve named him Kevin
Or if death was a girl, then maybe perhaps Karen
Giving death a name

…makes it sound much much friendlier.

Who whould want for death…

To become any deadlier??

Karen would be an old time friend
That I’d’ve parted at age none
Goodbye Karen, I’ll see you soon
Haha, goodbye Bao, have a good life, she crooned.
We cheerfully parted.

Under a soft grey moon.

I came to school one day
to learn that Karen dropped by
Two kids that were speeding hard had instantly died
Karen had taken them to seemingly better places
And their mothers’ cursed her,

They’ll never again see their sons’ faces.

So many people fear death,
It’s a concept meant to be outsmarted
Doctors and medicine



to keep us from being parted.

When I look through my window
And see death staring at me in the eye
I’ll say, “Hey Karen,”

and she’ll say “Hi.”

I’ll finish writing, then maybe play a favorite tune
Karen and I will leave together

Under the soft grey moon.


Karen in my poem is actually a childhood friend and I just thought she’d make death much less scarier if she’s personified as death.

Another person, famously known as Phoebe Buffay, also makes death seem hilarious! Hard day at work eh?

It only takes two heart attacks
to finally make you see
one of them won’t do it
but the other will set you free.

Tell all your hate and anger
it’s time to say goodbye
And that’s just what I’ll do
as soon as those bastards I work for die.

I love you guys all very much =]

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Double Penetration!!!!

screamed Vikki!!!

So on one particular day, armageddon walked into my house personified as Martin and Vikki so they could support my traumatized self through a harrowing maze of notes in my recital. Martin came first, like an hour before Vikki, and that hour was burned on playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl matches on my Wii. This, while distracting, did little to quench my nervousness on the upcoming recital.

 Offically known as “Sonata in C Sharp Minor op. 27 #2,” or more famously, as the “Moonlight Sonata,” it was as painful to play as it was to read the actual official title. Seriously, doesn’t a piece named Sonata in C Sharp Minor op. 27 #2 sound even a little intimidating to play?

Before the final trial however, there was still a golden moment to spend with Martin and Vikki. We talked about fantasy trips to Canada, Europe, and envied Martin’s extreme luck of being able to go to New York… not for the first time I might add.

A few minutes later, I excused myself from the conversation.

“Okay, I’m going upstairs to my room now. I’m going to change.” So naturally, my two friends tailed me.

I’m going to change… was that the verbal magnet that so effectively lured Martin and Vikki into my room? I barely took off my pants when I heard a stampede of footsteps at 3 o’clock low, closing in faster than you can say I need some privacy. I barely managed to don on my pants again before Vikki’s body slammed into a hastily shut door, quickly followed by Martin.

As strongly built and muscular I am, I was slowly losing ground to the two invaders. Pretty soon, the door was swinging uselessly to the side as I played goalie against Vikki and Martin. Sandwiched betwen two guys apparently seemed very appealing to Vikki and her voice, louder than lion sex, yelled, Eww guys. Haha, DOUBLE PENETRATION!!

Martin was all, “What the–?” But while Martin was awe-inspired by the monster he and Teresa created, I didn’t think much of it that time because I was still the lone defense against the invaders. So Martin and Vikki invited themselves into my room and I was too exhausted to do anything. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my airsoft handgun that Martin gave to me. So I picked it up, unsafed the gun, and cocked it. All in the span of two seconds I proudly might add. I shot Martin twice in the back before he broke my gun.

You’re thinking I’m showing very little appreciation towards the friends that are going to support me through my recital? Maybe that’s true. But in my defense, I was in the middle of stripping off my pants and you can get more than a little defensive when your privacy becomes threatened like that.

Then I met Van at the recital house, Le Petit Trianon. Recital came and passed. Hugs were exchanged. Then we went to the Starbucks in Silvercreek. I bought a cold Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino and Martin bought an iced venti caramel macchiatto. Vikki drank fruit juice and I totally forgot what Van bought. So what is there to do in the Starbucks near the Ranch you might ask? Not much. But that didn’t stop us from having some fun. We walked to the bridge and through some rich neighborhoods talking about random events and wishes.

Such an interesting day…

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Androgynous head

As some of you know, I’ve recently embarked on my journey of learning how to draw manga. I’ve never been inspired to draw manga before until my eyes happened to gaze upon that picture featured in my post, “Three dreams worth mentioning.”

Marked by a brief but intense punch of inspiration, I shall make a page dedicated to my future works of art (I say this loosely because I won’t know if they’ll be good enough to be actually considered as art). So, I’ve requested art lessons from my three amazing cousins… so stay tuned.

And I found out my cousins bought a book to help teach me with, “Manga for Dummies.” Appropriate eh?

This page is mainly for me though… so I can view my progress without losing all of my drawings. And if you happen to see them, please be nice to me. =[


Lessons started on the 8th and I was started off by drawing the basic shape of the head of a person. I’ve never noticed that there were two types of faces, a femine and a masculine face. The femine face is the most versatile because besides taking the form of a woman, it will also suffice as a shape for teens/young adults, and little kids. Maybe this is why it’s also called the androgynous head.

That’s my first head! Haha, not bad if I do say so myself. 😀 

So then I was started on more views with the female head: front view, side view, and 3/4 view.

The more heads I drew, the more distorted and deformed my heads became. As you can see, I’ve had four attempts after my initial try above.

I would’ve thought the 3/4 view would be the most difficult, as it incorporates both the front and side views into one sketch. Actually now that I think about it, 3/4 view WAS difficult. Look at the first one. The ear is all… deformed? ut I think it got better. The front view is what fustrates me the most because the face always looks uneven. Doncha think?

On the upside, they’d make wonderful acorns once you chopped off the necks and sliced the ears.

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Three dreams worth mentioning…

Yesterday morning in the hours between one and eight occurred three dreams floundering in my mind, each filling me with a strong dose of adrenaline, fear, and extreme ecstasy. They were so amazing that I must tell people about it.

Watching Independence Day until one in the morning filled my mind with wild images of F-18s fighting it out with a lone, slab of curved metal hovering over what used to be L.A. Since then, it’s been me driving as far away with my Fremont friends as possible from the mothership hovering over the serene city of Milpitas in the later minutes of 9 pm. When will it move? When will it fire hell through it’s ass and incinerate the entire buildings in mere seconds? Thankfully, the aliens either just lost the will to fight, or they politely waited for our sedan to leave before destroying yet another tribute to mankind’s supremacy on Earth.

First dream subtely dissolved into a second one and I found myself in a desert base wearing a dark blue SWATuniform, black vest, and lethally clutching a P90… a gun. Umm.. yeah. More specifically…

that’s the gun. Haha, that kind of picture would be for guys with no life who’d unceasingly and loyaly sit in front of his monitor longing to get some. A nerd’s fantasy… I know what you’re all thinking (bastards). I’m SO not one of them. Gosh, I wish I was as strong as her though. I’ll get to that later, but in my dream, it required both of my arms to keep the submachine gun in check. Anyways, aiming and shooting at men wearing tuxedos and shades who are shooting back at you can give you quite a rush, real life or mental. Thankfully, I managed to stay alive until

my third dream entered. Now remember when I wish I was as strong as her? In my dream, I can say three words in one sentence while never being able to utter them in reality without attracting snickers and sarcastic remarks: I am buff! Now I’m talking lumps on the arms without even having to flex. And god, they felt firm. Ohh, soooo firm. Like seriously! When I saw Nam in my dreams jealously eyeing my arms and sporting a look that clearly broadcasted a loud WTF into the general vicinity, I could only think about keeping them this buff until the end of summer when I see the surprised looks on all of your faces (especially Eddie’s). Needless to say, I failed dismally and I woke up, closed my eyes, anxiously squeezing my sorry excuse for arms and thinking NO! They’re gone!

Ah well, at least I’m up to eleven pushups now.


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