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Fucking Americans: Why the USA will soon fall into ruin.

This isn’t about that. It’s just an experiment I’m doing to see if the post will become popular. And if it does…

Why were you attracted to this post? Did you come to argue and call me an America-hater? Haha, that’s too bad because I’m really not one. Did you come here expecting to read a long-winded rant about how Americans are fat, greedy, ignorant, Christian fundamentalist, and self-involved? You’re in for a rough surprise.

What’s the deal with anti-American sentiments or Americanophobia anyways? Actually, anti-American sentiments are understandable because it seems more involved with the U.S. government and foreign policy rather than Americanophobia, which is aimed at everything that is American, especially its citizenry, like you (probably) and me. So scratch that. I’m not one to say that my country is absolutely perfect and godly. But we do some pretty good stuff, too.

What’s the deal with Americanophobia anyways? Are we all fat, greedy, ignorant, Christian fundamentalist, and self-involved? Because if so, than the rest of the world must have the perfect bodies, all educated and literate, are all exceedingly generous, are all NOT Christian fundamentalists,  and are all aware of everything that goes on in the world and probably with an unbiased view.

Furthermore, why is it culturally acceptable to dump on us Americans? Let’s play with this sentence.

American French people are fat, ignorant, Christian fundamentalist, and self involved. Oh wait, that won’t work because it’s probably racist. Why the double standards?

Don’t you just hate how American culture is spreading outside of its borders? Seriously, McDonald’s all over the world, Starbucks everywhere, and I even saw a KFC in a mall located in Saigon/HCM city, Vietnam. Those damn Americans are trying to force their culture upon us! And their fucking television is beyond retarded. But alright, do we do the same thing when we see a French restaurant open up in San Francisco? Those damn French people! But we don’t have to eat there.

Plus you know how Americans are greedy, yes? We wouldn’t be selling McDonald’s and Starbucks abroad if it wasn’t profitable. That means that you guys actually enjoy American hamburgers and our hideous excuse for coffee. This is using your logic. Although I might tend to agree with you guys about American television. But still!

Do you see the hypocrisy?

If you think about it, the United States has one of the least homogeneous populations in the world. People from all over the world from six continents have U.S. citizenship. I guarantee that if you’re dissing on Americans, you’re also dissing your fellow countrymen.

Have a good day.

…I think I just trolled hella people with this post. Hahaha.

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Item 18 on bucket list

Organize a flash mob!

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It’s finally summer!

Despite the fact that classes for me ended over two weeks ago, I’ve never felt more stress-free. No more planning for trips. It’s time for water balloon fights and getting dragged unwillingly through an interactive fountain at Fowler Park. It’s time for hanging out with close friends, driving, running, milk tea, and stuffing myself to death with ridiculously huge and delicious sandwiches and strawberry cake.

Wait. I did all those things!

Summer is definitely coming at me at full speed and it feels great. I hope I can keep this up. There’s still hella shit left to do.

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Utterly incredible…

Perhaps this is just a matter of perspective or it really is the result of a series of unlucky circumstances, but I always find very interesting things on the internet if, and only if, I have a shitload of work to do. The internet, for me, is a pretty stagnant, boring place when I have nothing useful to do like study for the upcoming math examination. Otherwise, I end up stumbling upon crazy articles, finding out that several of my webcomics have updated, noticing that I have like thirty updates on Facebook, and finding Wikipedia to be the next best thing since sliced bread.

Obviously because I’m on summer vacation, the internet is pretty dull. So I’m taking statistics next quarter and I ask my friend if I can use his textbook so I can study over the summer. I bring the book home, whip out my TI-84+, than decide “what the hell, let’s see what’s happening on the internet before I study.”

It. Never. Fucking. Fails. I get a new Super Effective, new VG Cats, and the realization that I haven’t checked xkcd for several days. Facebook starts updating like crazy as ten to twenty comments are posted onto status updates and pictures. My friends start sending me links over AIM with Youtube videos of Vietnamese music. Yet another friend is giving me links from her recent venture into reddit. Then, holy crap a new Freddie Wong video!! With behind the scenes also! And people started becoming talkative. Whoa, kylelandry has a new song!? Hmm… the Sicilian defense… interesting. *click* Queen’s gambit? Dragon variation? Whoa! Jenna, Michelle, and Teresa all updated their blogs? But they never update! Must read.

“Heyy man, what’s up!?”

“lol, I’m good, and you?”

– **** has IMed you.

-*****has IMed you.

-#$*&@ has IMed you.

-&&# has signed on.

-&&# says hiii!

-^^^ signed off.

Thank God…

-^^^ signed on.

-^^^ says sry got dced.

-lol, it’s okay. (I’ll study later…)

Facebook (6)

Then finally when it’s nearly over…

“Haha, well I guess I’ll see you tmw!”

“xD It is tomorrow dork.”

Ah crap… 

And I’ll burn ten more precious minutes because I thought of a good topic to blog about.

What’s pretty amazing is that Fall quarter begins a month from now, and I have that long to study. Nevertheless, the internet continues to be relentless. Well, we’ll see.


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Class Four Anyone???

Overall, I’d say the second annual rafting trip was a success. Only next year, we plan on moving to more difficult courses.

The trip is $144 per person, and $170 on weekends. Let’s do this guys! Only this time, no more hassle.

Lessons learned this year:

People are unsure when they can go or not.

Money must be put down in advance.

Slots fill up quickly.

When telling people when the trip begins, lie and say it starts 3o minutes before it really does.

People back out. People come in. People invite other people without warning.


So anyways, next year’s trip will hopefully be more challenging and entertaining. I also hope everyone will have enough money for this.


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I couldn’t sleep

Maybe it’s because I’m worrying about transferring. Maybe it’s because of the enormous amount of coffee I had earlier in the day. Nevertheless, I’ve spent my entire time from 12:30 until now… 5:35, trying my damn hardest to fall asleep. Let’s see… I tried sleeping without a blanket. I’ve tried sleeping with everything on until it got too hot. I tried sleeping upside down with my feet lying where my head normally would. I read everything  I could get my hands on, including a book on how to be an asshole, a fantasy novel, my old physics textbook, and an old philosophy manual. NOTHING WORKS!

In exactly 55 minutes from now, I’m going to be driving the 125 mile trip to some place near Stockton for an annual water rafting trip with my close-knit group of friends. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was a trip that I slaved over, planning day after day after fucking day. But man, it was a bitch to plan. And now I probably won’t even be awake for it.

Now it’s 5:45 and I have fifteen minutes to burn while I wait until six to get gasoline for the long trip ahead. Just so you know, my vocabulary isn’t usually this limited.

And I realize that I haven’t talked about my life for an insanely long amount of time, but that’s mainly because I’ve ran out of ways to blog about nothing. Being loquacious only gets you so far. Now with ten minutes of sleep remaining before I have to officially “wake up” and start doing shit, I realize that the perfect remedy to insomnia is the glow of the lcd monitor. Or blogging.

Eight minutes.

I thought it’d be fun to make internet memes for everyone in the group.

And this took me all of 5 minutes to make. I’ll definitely get better with experience, but in the meantime…


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Dr. Michio Kaku’s mother of all time travel stories

The year is 1945. A stranger emerges from the darkness carrying a baby girl that he leaves at an orphanage. Well, the nuns find this baby girl, they don’t know where this baby girl came from, so the nuns call her… Jane. So Jane grows up at the orphanage wondering, “Who is my mother? Who is my father?”

When Jane is seventeen years old, she’s a beautiful young woman and finally has her first boyfriend. A drifter comes drifting into her life, but it just wasn’t meant to be. They quarrel. She argues with her boyfriend. It’s a very sad story. First, she finds out that she’s pregnant. Her boyfriend has left her. She’s abandoned and pregnant. She’s rushed to the hospital 9 months later and she delivers a beautiful baby girl. But somehow, somebody breaks into the hospital that night, kidnaps Jane’s baby girl, and vanishes into the darkness.

Wait, it gets worse. Jane is bleeding very rapidly and death becomes a real possibility. The doctors must perform an experimental emergency operation. They have to change Jane into Jim.

Well, Jim wakes up the next day with a huge headache and he’s told the bad news. First, the boyfriend left her pregnant, somebody stole her baby, and now she’s not even Jane anymore! She’s… Jim??

So Jim grows up to become a bar room drunk. Every time someone asks, “Who are you, Jim? Where’d you come from? Who’s your mother or father?” He just didn’t know.

Finally Jim one day is once again stone drunk at the floor of the bar right after a bar fight. The bartender comes up to him and says, “Jim! Jim! Wake up! Hey, guess what? You see, I’m not really a bartender. I’m actually a time traveler. Let’s step into my machine and see who is this Jim/Jane.”

So they go back into the past. Poor Jim, he doesn’t know where he is in the past. However, he meets this beautiful seventeen year old girl and it’s love at first sight. But it just wasn’t meant to be. They quarrel. Then Jim finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant. Jim says to himself, “Holy crap. History is repeating itself! This happened to be me! Well I’m going to make sure that my baby gets the best education possible.”

That night, nine months later, Jim goes to the hospital, breaks open the window, and kidnaps his own precious baby girl. Then Jim, holding his baby girl, goes back into the time machine back, waay back into the past until it’s 1945. It’s a dark and stormy night. Jim comes in from the darkness carrying his precious baby daughter and drops her off at an orphanage.

Well, the nuns don’t know what to do with this baby girl the next day so they just decide to call her Jane. And Jane grows up wondering, “Who is my mother? Who is my father?”

Anyways, Jim finally gets it together. Well, I don’t want to be a drunk for the rest of my life. So Jim decides to join the TTC, or Time Travelers’ Corps. So Jim has many wondrous exploits in the annals of time.

Now Jim is an old man. He thinks to himself, “I’ve had a good long life. But I want to give myself one final mission. For my last mission, I’m going to go back in time, put on a wig, and impersonate a bartender. To meet a certain bar room drunk who just got into a fistfight because someone said, “Who are you Jim? Who’s your mother? Who’s your father?”

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My update

“You say you love rain, but you open your umbrella when it rains. You say that you love the sun, but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines. You say that you love the wind, but you close the window when the wind blows. This is why I’m afraid, you say that you love me too.”

-William Shakespeare

Summer for me has been packed. That’s pretty much my only excuse for not being able to keep up with this blog and, once again, being unable to update at least once every seven days. But there hasn’t been a day since Monday that I haven’t come home, jumped into bed, and not get back up until ten hours later!

I’m still taking constant photographs from my smartphone of my local and out of town excursions to “keep up” with my project. I’m definitely leaning towards making a new blog. I haven’t been taking daily pictures though. I guess I’ll start tomorrow.

The long awaited annual water rafting trip is on Saturday, quickly following a long awaited annual beach trip that occurred last Friday and a random sleepover on Saturday. Meh. Summer is actually beginning to stress me out. I hope next year I won’t have to plan everything. Business somehow took over my initial excitement.


And as for the Shakespeare quote, I don’t know but I found it nice. A friend of mine told me that I idealized love too much and that I’d be crushed if I brought that naivete into the real world. True love sucks a hairy dick. Casual dating is the motherfucking answer!

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This was originally going to be an UP post, but I think the more people who reads this, the better I’ll feel

I’m currently surrounded by an obscene amount of newspaper clippings, my laptop, an idle printer, and weeks and weeks worth of newspapers… all in honor of my last day of class tomorrow. That probably begs the question: why the hell am I blogging at this time? Fucked up priorities aside, I guess I just wanted to… talk (if I can even call it that). Not only that, but I want someone (or something) to just listen (uh, read) and not interrupt. How convenient is blogging!?

Nearly 24 hours ago, I had one of the most painful, happy nightmares that left me in tears when I came to. I never knew such a literal oxymoron could ever exist.

Well, in the dream, I met a deceased friend who was very, very dear to me when she was alive. We were sitting across from each other at a round, wooden table. It was a wooden room surrounded by wilderness, so I want to say that we were in a cabin. Then we were in an apartment. It seemed like every time I paid attention to the room, we were in some other environment. But none of that would matter, because Melanie told me that she was going to die tomorrow. Probably the logical reaction would be disbelief or to laugh it off as some kind of bad joke. Maybe the fact that I kind of knew in the back of my head that she was already dead made it easier to accept it. But that didn’t make it any less painful.

“Tomorrow?” I whispered.

She nodded. I started shivering and tried to hold back a stream of tears.

“Are you cold?” she asked me. I nodded, and the two of us went to the car. Ignition. Engine set in idle. The heater didn’t make me feel any better. She asked me something else.

“Can we drive?”

I looked at her, then wordlessly backed the car away from the cabin. And we drove.

I recognized Half Moon Bay as we drove along the foggy two lane road. I could hear the water crashing against rock above the rev of the engine. We saw spectacles of light as we drove past Las Vegas, Dallas, and Chicago, all at a constant 65 mph. The car could go on forever. Gasoline was never in my mind. It was dawn when we reached Manhattan in less than a day. We kept driving, neither of us talking. Not a single fiber in me wanted to talk. I really wanted to savor her presence.

We grabbed a quick breakfast in Paris, a croissant for each of us. We had lunch in Switzerland. We kept driving and driving. The stuffed tofu I have hanging in my car kept bouncing and swinging with the car. I was so scared. The day was going way too fast. I wanted to turn back, as if somehow that would reverse time and bring us back to the cabin twelve hours ago. It seemed like the more time passed, the weaker she got. The both of us somehow knew when she was going to die.

She passed away at sunset next to some lake in Russia. We stepped out of the car onto the meadow. The meadow was very soft and the individual blades of grass flowed in the wind, like water itself. For the first time since Half Moon Bay, I looked at her.

“I’m so sorry,” I told her. Damn, it was really hard to talk. “The entire time, I never knew what to say or do.” Nothing seemed to be adequate enough. So we sat down on a slope near the lake and started talking. About our lives. About the trip. About the most random crap.

She leaned on me. Her head rested on my shoulder. She felt so warm. She told me thanks for the trip and that she had a good time. It felt like she was smiling. I couldn’t look, because her head never stopped resting on my shoulder. I could only look forward, onto the lake and the sunset. For what felt like several hours I could only look forward as her head rested on my shoulder.

… I have no fucking clue why I would do this to myself, reliving this when I have an all nighter ahead of me. I guess it’s time to put on some music and start cracking. Tomorrow’s the final day of class. About time…

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Okay, how is this even going to work?

I suppose spontaneity has given way for more practical concerns. How the hell am I even going to make this interesting, even for me? My phone camera is laughably inferior. And let’s admit it, my life isn’t even a little fascinating enough to warrant having a picture every single day of the year. Basically, I could not make this special and take some random picture every day, then use some colorful vocabulary to somehow make the picture all beautiful and ultra-meaningful. But that’s not really the goal of my project. I really wish my pictures can stand on their own. Pictures are worth a thousand words right? As such, they shouldn’t need words to justify themselves.

Not only that, but how am I going to post the pictures? Should I start a new blog? Should I make a new page on my current blog? Should I just make a new post every time? I’m leaning towards starting a new blog dedicated to the project, at least once this project gets off the ground. Simply making a new post on this blog makes everything unorganized, and updating a page every day will make it really hard on my computer. Imagine loading, say, 163 pictures on a single page!

But perhaps the pictures don’t need to stand on their own. I can probably narrate some “crazy” or meaningful thing that happened that day and use a picture to illustrate. Yeah… I think that’s what I’ll do. There’s a good chance I’ll make a new blog in the future. In the meantime, this project is postponed, even though I’ve already captured my first shot…

In the words of Raditz from Dragon Ball Z abridge, “Curse you hindsight!! Blechh…”

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