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I need everybody’s help

My grandfather is currently in the hospital and nobody’s sure if he’ll be able to make it out alive. There’s some kind of obstruction near the area where his pancreas is. Tests are being run but we’re afraid it’s a tumor. I know shit just got real when my mother told me my grandmother bought some land at the cemetery today. He’s still pretty weak and I hope I’ll be able to see him tomorrow before I move. 

I’ve never really lost anybody close to me before. It already hurts a million times more than a sad ending in the movies. I’m pretty fucking scared right now. 

If anybody who reads this can maybe pray or hope that he makes it out alright, I’d greatly appreciate it. 

He’s 79.

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A new chapter is about to begin

The day before that was just as fun, if not more amazing. The day of our annual water rafting trip was upon us and we gallantly took it in stride. The turnout was smaller than expected and we rowed our undermanned raft in triple digit temperatures. It was a warm, golden event full of love, laughter, and the most inappropriate jokes you’ll have ever heard.

It was, indeed, a beautiful way to end this part of my life before I begin to live in the City by the Bay. However, I couldn’t be more thankful that the rafting trip and the first move… is only the beginning of the end. I have so much more to look forward to and I eagerly look ahead, waiting anxiously and bracing myself for a large dose of awesomeness to hit me.

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