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A really long time ago

I had a vivid and intensedream involving me clutching an FN P-90 and fighting for my life, bullet after bullet. Most of my readers didn’t know what a P-90 was, so i gave you this picture.


Indeed it showed the Belgium submachine gun I was so into, but more importantly, the woman holding it inspired me to begin drawing manga.

“Marked by a brief but intense punch of inspiration…” I had my cousin help me. But aside from some heads, we’ve never taken it very seriously. Tonight, another cousin showed me, and I drew my first manga girl ever!


And even though she is sinfully hideous compared to the angels Jenna draws, she’s still my first. And for that, I’ll love her.


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A major mark

OMG OMG OMG! One more view then the 500 mark is reached! Pull out the firecrackers! Order some pizza! Party at my place!

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Grandfathers and murder

Stepping backwards into a portal of time will present many interesting, and often times lethal, situations. What if the Confederates were given aircraft factories? What if John F. Kennedy was saved from the crack of a rifle? What if Chinese Junkers had discovered the New World before Spanish Galleons? How different may the world be?

Let’s take a look at one of the most famous problems involving time travel, the Grandfather Paradox.

Let’s say, for whatever reason, you step back several decades, and accidently kill [yep you guess it] your dear old grand dad. (0_0, you WOULDN’T) Yeah yeah, I know! [actual reactions from people like Vikki and others] But just take it hypothetically. Killing your grand-daddy creates a paradox, because if your grandfather is dead, then one of your parents would never have been born, so how could you have been brought into the world? You’d be nonexistant. But wait! If you were nonexistant, how is it possible for you to kill your grandfather in the first place? And the cycle [if you see it] continues on and on and on.

This shouldn’t be possible right? Maybe it won’t be able to happen. A theory states that no matter how hard you try, you will never create a paradox. The gun you bring with you will jam. You will find that you’ve forgotten to pack bullets. You’ll find out that your grandfather moved to an unknown address. No matter how hard you try, a series of unfortunate events [wtf?] will prevent you to.

Yet another theory states that there exists an infinite amount of universes, with many different possibilities. Such as if Hitler had won the war, or the United States never did beat the Soviets to the moon. The instant you kill your grandfather, you are transfered into that alternate universe, where paradoxes are tolerated, or one where you live as a freak of logic.

Kali, Jacob, and Brett. These seniors are my lab partners for the hellish class of AP Chemistry and AP Lab. It’s difficult for me to describe them, as I’m only a lab partner at best. But from what I can figure out, Kali is an extremely open minded person, eager to try out new things. [new comedians definitely] She’s also a diligent lab partner and works constantly to improve her grade. Brett enjoys first person shooting games. In fact, he takes it up another notch. He goes aerosofting. 0_0 Jacob…. the icebreaker in our group. Labs are always more enjoyable with him cracking up creative humor. [though I must admit, it contributes to a lesser academical atmosphere] I’m lucky to be in such a group with diverse personalities. Imagine if everyone in the group was a serious, frowning super-nerd.

We’ve lived through two out of three storms already. Yes, there’s still one out there, and it should hit by tomorrow. Just a reminder. I’m going to keep this section short because playing weather man is just waay too dull. Plus I’m still looking for another interesting topic. So…

signing off…

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Perfection is relative

They say that God is perfect. God is perfection itself. However, logic dictates that it is impossible to be perfect. Take a look at the following argument: If God was perfect, could he create a stone that’s so heavy, he himself won’t be able to lift? The spiritual Christian portion of me says “Yes, he can do it… somehow. He’s God, he’ll manage.” The rest of me admits defeat. Perhaps God is perfect in some mysterious way, but not perfect in a logical sense. Or perhaps logic as we know it is flawed? Perfection is relative.

Christine Dinh can be described as ambivalent. She has a dark, rainy side [dun dun dun] and a bright, happy side. She can be angry to the extreme and sad to the extreme. [hence dark side] She can also be cheerful to the extreme, more sympathetic than others normally are, and be the epitome of “nice-ness”. But always, she’s academically strong to the end.

Van Kieu. 17 years old on the outside, 5 years old in the inside. This is a good the perfect way to describe him. Who else can do super complex chemistry equations and methods and still can’t catch a ball? Who else is in an advanced math class and has trouble riding a two-wheel bicycle? Who else sports a Texas Instruments Ti-series calculator and yet jumps up and down and flaps his hands [like little wings lmao!!] whenever fustrated. Need I say more?

Cassandra Van. I must say that I’ve had the most interesting relationship with her then any of my other friends. *Flashback to sophomore year, after seventh period, where Bao proposed to her on one knee… with a straight face and onlookers staring, rooted to the spot. Haha, Cassandra is really hard to describe [either that or too easy that it becomes hard]. Basically, she’s kind, hard working, smart, and loves to have fun. [and who doesn’t?]

Victoria Nguyen She's also particularly hard to describe. What sticks out about her is that she comes up with the most special insults. Special because it's so damn hard to think of a good come back on the spot. And when she leaves, comebacks break through like a horde of ants. She's also an overachiever. Give her an art assignment and she'll make a 30ft. statue out of marble and copper. I admire her in some ways, and envy her in others. Yet at times, I'm GLAD I'm not Victoria when she portrays short-comings. Plus she's just great fun to make fun of and a kickass friend during lonely times.


The human mind is exceedingly metaphorical. Even if you think English is your worst language and you just SUCK at symbolism, you still have it in you. As a matter of fact, most of us utilize this inert skill around the early A.M.'s while we dream. Yep, dreams all carry a message in the form of objects. For example, seeing a bag in your dream symbolizes the responsibilities you may carry. A bag that is torn or worn symbolizes burden. In my particular dream, a wedding ring fell out of the bag. A wedding ring symbolizes eternal love. I was walking with a hooded person. A hood represents concealment. It was overcast, but there were colorful flowers all around. Colorful flowers symbolize happiness, love, and joy. Alternatively, white flowers symbolizes sadness. Once I manage to piece together all the information, I will find the message my mind is so desperate to give me.

So as you can see, everyone has a poet in them and the poet reigns free oh so often. If you're having trouble in an English class or just trying to become a writer, HA! In your dreams! [Seriously]

 signing off...

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how fitting…

okay! i started my blog on the last day of the year. very appropriate, tho i think it should’ve been started tomorrow. for those of u who don’t know me, i’m bao (hiiiiii bao =P) its pronounced bow, like when u bend over to an audience, but it’s been pronounced boa, bale, bob, bo-ah, oh so many ways. for those of you who thinks the name is too weird, u may call me andrew. (hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii andrew :P) hi guyz! i’m andrew/bao, 17, hottest guy u’ll ever see, one of the tallest azn ppl you’ll ever see (*stiffled laughs and longing sighs from the ladies =D), and (matter still under discussion from the greatest minds of the world) the most perverted person u may ever meet. (and also the most fascinating) (eddie and friends: BOOOOOOOOOO) yar.. i’ll give em an intro second post =P this post is just an attempt to make me fascinating… how successful it is i may never know

today, i did some research on one of the oldest societies in the world: I.F.E.R.S.
IFERS is short for the International Flat Earth Research Society. YAR, believe it or not, tehre are still ppl out there who DO believe the earth is FLAT.
Despite what its name may suggest, not EVERYONE in the society thinks the earth is flat. 0_0 some r there just to argue against the most random things, such as scientific endeavors, government reforms, w/eee. u can basically call them the “anti-everythings.”

then… there are those OTHER ppl, who do actually think that the aussies do not hang upside down every waking moment like bats. to them, the earth is like a CD or DVD, with da north pole in the middle, and countries surrounding it, top closest to the center (like the symbol for the UN) however, there’s also antarctica, on the edge. we’ve never been to antarctica, b/c there’s a huge wall surrounding it. several hundred feet high i’d imagine. the space shuttles and satellites are fake. ppl have never space walked or landed on the moon for that matter.

but seriously, the notion that the earth is round is LUDICROUS. reasonable, sane, intelligent ppl kno that the earth is flat – condensed quote of Keller or something, prez. of IFERS.

well, if u’ve found that fascinating, than im the (hot beyond reason) guy for you. do tune in tomorrow =P i shall blog about my life and oh so random things. did u kno that american airlines once saved $400000 by eliminating ONE olive from all of their salads in 1st class?

ttyl =p

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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