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I limped home from Tae kwon do, injured in the right knee, left leg, and right nut. In spite of it, I’m quite proud of myself. I received these injuries during sparring and I kept going. My legs could barely support me. A bead of sweat stung my eye. I could hear myself thinking, “It’s only pain, it’s only pain, it’s only pain…”

…it’s only pain…

For me, taekwondo is a chance to put myself at the edge. Every form, every two minute sparring match, is a test. It’s as mental as it’s physical. Can you push yourself? Can you be graceful? It’s all in your head. You can trip and you can fall, or you can land point after point, break board after board… but if it was effortless and your mind has wandered, then you might as well have failed. Some may argue that if you can accomplish your goals without effort, than you’re incredible, worthy of going down in history. I disagree. Focus is key. Effort is essential. A lesson without effort is a lesson without gain.

And so at the end, people will watch you and they may whisper amongst themselves, “Wow, he made that look almost effortless.” And when they bombard you with questions later, you can say

I’m glad it looked effortless. It’s a shame it’s anything but.

There’s a promotion ceremony on Friday. During the test, I fell twice. Once during sparring and once during one step sparring. It also took me two tries to land a flying back kick through a board. And so I passed the test with a B. I don’t know if the judges are crazy or they see something in me. Or maybe they were just being nice. I think it’s the first one… I hope it’s the second.



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