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Well, I’m back. And I will be the day after tomorrow and every other day hopefully. Eddie had a “brilliant” (more like obvious) plan to keep this blog updated is to have each person alternating days to post. I’m pretty excited about this plan, but I’m only worried about two things…

Worried that my posts will start to seem more mass produced than original.

And that I won’t have time to do another episode because I usually take several days to make them.

I don’t know if people will begin to be bored from these, but either way I’m making them purely for my own enjoyment. But still, I figure that something CRAZY has to happen, something TOTALLY unexpected will have to occur in order to maintain your interest if you’re still reading these (and mine’s as well =D). Because right now, there aren’t too many things happening. We’re going to dinner, Vikki is homeless, Teresa doesn’t recognize her (ironic =P), and a plane that crashed in Japan, jeopardizing my job at Boeing. Well, the only main issue is Vikki, and while that seems pressing, it isn’t really “0_0” material. Martin getting kicked in the crotch by Vikki was mildly amusing. I’m most proud of my first episode, especially Saurav’s last line, “Ya think Vikki is still fat?” I think that was total genius on my part 😀 But yeah, things seem to be getting old. The hard part is brainstorming, so it’ll take me some time for inspiration.

On a completely different subject, it rained yesterday. Holy crap it was magnificent. I walked into a restaurant and it was cloudy. Walked back out and it poured. For me, the best part about rain is the sound it makes on pavement. It’s also really nice listening to the sound that tires on a car makes as it glides on wet pavement. The best part after a rainy night is the fresh smell in the morning. The ground is still mostly wet, but there are already dry areas. The cars outside are still drenched as beads of water collect and form their own colonies, kind of like the groups of people scattered across the EVHS campus.

I don’t have much else to say. But it feels awesome to be back. I didn’t notice how much I’ve missed blogging.



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