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Back from the dead, or at least it feels like it

Hi readers. Sorry I broke my promise… again. But I was sick! I didn’t realize until today how many days have flown by. Time sure flies when you have the stomach flu!

As a result of this cursed illness I missed a grand total of four days of lecture, a quiz, and altogether I spent six days clutching my stomach. Not a bad way to burn through an entire week huh? I came to class 100% recharged today and I had absolutely no clue what was being taught; the geography of our current lessons were that foreign. Thankfully I’m blessed with super amazing classmates who had my back the entire time… without even my knowledge of it… and the resultant dip in my grades should have been much more severe than it currently is. 

I’m going to be living in San Francisco starting the first of July. I’m in the middle of doing leasing applications. My roommates are sane enough and, thankfully, don’t seem to be one of the many types of people who I find annoying. The apartment I’m staying at is very well lit, has a nice view of San Francisco, and is no more than a three minute walk away from the edge of campus or a five minute bike ride to the nearest supermarket. Not bad, Craigslist, not bad.

Wish me luck guys. Until next week!


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My harbinger of doom

So much homework to do, but I couldn’t resist.

I’m having a difficult time looking for a place to stay in San Francisco. My parents think they’re helping, but they’re extremely hindering the process. I’m absolutely certain that if they weren’t involved, I would’ve found roommates twice over by now in half the time and a tenth of the headaches and hassle.

I really need to send in my transcripts, from both community colleges.

Along with that, I have to finish my financial aid acceptance process.

I have to sign up for an orientation date.

I have to finish math and mandarin homework.

Guess which ones are more important and guess which one has to be done tomorrow. Do you see the inner conflict every atom of me is trying to control?

If only comets really were harbingers of doom… I can completely sympathize with Calvin.

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But thy eternal summer shall not fade

The symptoms appear. The first batch of college kids now back in town, my annoying seasonal allergies, rising temperatures, and an email from Sunshine River Rafting all point towards the impending arrival of a loooong summer. I’m expecting the typical summer plan with a day on the beach, river rafting, picnics, and maybe lying on the grass here and there. It honestly sounds boring the way I describe it, but I hope it will be fun. Anyways, we’ll see how everything goes. I still haven’t grown accustomed to the huge differences between the quarter and semester systems. Semester kids have returned for summer vacation while I’m only about a third of the way through my spring quarter. With so many people normally gone it almost feels crowded when everybody comes back.

Spring quarter for me is living up to my expectations. The classes are easier (hell, my new major is easier), the schedule I’ve picked out is nice and lazy. My professors are nice; my classmates are amazing people. If it weren’t for the ineffectiveness of my allergy medicine than I would have nothing to complain about. Well, okay that’s not true. But let’s save the complaining for a different post.

The bitter heat of summer combined with its potential for making fond memories will have to wait until my finals are over at the end of June. Sure the heat won’t wait, but the future memories will have to.

Homework beckons. Until next time!

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Refreshed. No. Resuscitated.

It doesn’t feel so great when I’m no longer sure if I’ve used the same title in any of my previous blog posts before. So I added the two other words to make this post about a very unique day… unique.

Well, okay, it was a day in San Francisco. We visited the San Francisco Exploratorium, Japantown for a bit of shopping and sushi. We had a seafood dinner with a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge and of one of the wharfs in SF. We had a dangerously large amount of ice cream called the “Earthquake” at Ghiradelli’s. That’s eight scoops of various flavors, marshmallows, bananas, whipped cream, fudge, and more fudge. With I think eight cherries on top. It was so much it was gross. 10/10, would eat again.

But of course, what made this supposed to be routine and depressing Saturday into a Saturday worth remembering were, obviously, the people I spent it with. I don’t think any of them read this blog, and odds are further reduced thanks to that long period of inactivity of this blog not too long ago, so I’ll add their names. Kevin, Jasica, Lucie… thanks for an amazing Saturday. It was a very refreshing day.


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