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So sad…

It’s so sad how my number of views always decline whenever I publish a long ass post about airplanes. But I don’t really care about how many views I get. If I did, than this post wouldn’t be the SECOND POST IN A ROW about airplanes. Fuck, it deserves a better title than “so sad.”

Number seventeen on my bucket list is to hitch a ride on a fighter jet. It’s really disheartening though that no U.S. built fighter is available for joyrides. However, down in SOCAL, at an airport known as Van Nuys, one can hitch a ride on an L-39 Albatross for around $3000. That will definitely be on my to-do-list. Actually, that would be a pretty epic 21st birthday present *hint hint guys*!

The L-39 is no F-16. Actually, it’s a high performance twin engine trainer built by the Czech Republic (I think) for the Russians. Its equivalent back home would be the T-38 Talon for the USAF or the T-45 Goshawk for the USN. I’m a bit too lazy to be doing any research, and non U.S., European, and Russian aircraft aren’t my forte. But still, if only it was an F-16…

God, I wish I was a fighter pilot.

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Just something that’s been bugging me for YEARS

So after lots of jinking, rolling, and weaving, Maverick declares that he’s had “enough of this shit.” At 1:33, he says he’ll hit the brakes so Jester will fly past him. Just as Jester was about to get a tone, Maverick deploys his air brakes (spoilers) and throttles down. Jester hurtles past and ultimately loses.

While this maneuver may seem obvious, brilliant, or both, it almost never works. In air combat, speed literally equals life. Because of this, fighters that ambush formations ALWAYS attack from above, because height can be turned into speed when you dive. At least this was how it was done in the old days, before the introduction of missiles, which dramatically shifted the balance of aerial combat.

ANYWAYS. Slowing down your fighter in a combat situation is a BAD idea. You lose airspeed. If the pilot behind you sees it coming (which he/she always should), then you end up in a worse position than you were before you hit the brakes.

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say. EVERYONE SHOULD STOP READING HERE. Just a warning. Everything after this is VERY nerdy.

Now, there may be those of you who may be wondering, how DO you get an enemy off of your tail? Well, it depends on your plane. I’ll use the American involvement in Vietnam to illustrate.

The star aircraft for the Americans was the F-4 Phantom II. (Also known as the Rhino for the pilots). Want a quick introduction? The F-4 wasn’t a pure fighter. It’s known as a multi-role aircraft, in this case a fighter-bomber. It bristled with advanced technology. It could do so much that you needed a second person (the person in the back) to handle most of the avionics. It carried two powerful General Electric J79-17A turbojets (er, engines), altogether capable of delivering nearly 36,000 lbs. of thrust. Interesting enough, it didn’t carry any guns, just missiles (that often malfunctioned). Because of the introduction of missiles, the USAF declared dogfights obsolete. Yeah, they were wrong, and it cost. Sexy anyways, right?

The People’s Liberation Air Force used MiG-17s. (Fresco)

Well, what’s there to say about this plane? It only had a single engine. It wasn’t as advanced. On paper, the Phantom should have raped the Fresco. But it got really bad. Here’s how it played out. The Fresco could turn tighter. They make difficult targets.

If the more advanced F-4 got into a turning fight with the MiG, it would’ve been outturned and consequently raped. So for the MiG, if it happened to find an F-4 on its tail, it could simply turn. Hard. And if both planes kept turning, the MiG will eventually find itself looking at the back end of the F-4 that WAS on its tail. It’s hardly ever that simple, but yeah.

Now, what does an F-4 do when it sees a MiG-17 on its tail? It should climb like a mofo. The MiG is lighter, sure, but it has a weaker engine. Not only that, but it carried no missiles. The F-4, on the other hand, has 36,000 pounds of thrust on its side. Remember when I said that speed = life in combat? When planes climb, they lose speed. But! The F-4 has more powerful engines, so it can sustain its climb at a faster rate and for much longer. If the MiG followed, it would eventually lose all lift (we call that stall) and fall back to Earth. And you can bet the Phantom will be on its ass.

So, Jester. What have you learned? Instead of taking the dogfight on the vertical, because clearly¬†the F-14 has more powerful engines (higher thrust to weight ratio), you should have lured Tom Cruise into a turning fight. The A-4 (Jester’s plane) is much more maneuverable.

I have to say. That. Felt. Good.

I love being an armchair pilot ūüėÄ

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Newest project…

The only piano piece I’ve ever finished on my own was the Forrest Gump Feather Theme. Hopefully this will be the second. I picked something that wasn’t too difficult for me but is still somewhat challenging for me so I can be perpetually engaged.

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Pretty damn long…

It’s 2:03 in the morning and I’m low on sleep, but I kind of want to just keep on typing and see what I’m like when I’m moodily sleep deprived. I’m just going to do a nonstop stream of consciousness until I burn out.

Today was a pretty eventful day by my standards. I woke up at 10ish. I turned on my Gamecube and saved the Earth from 40 ft. tall giants (Robotech battlecry). It’s pretty fun and I wish more people would play it so I’d have someone to compete against. I had Korean food for lunch. I met up with some Cupertino friends for dinner up there as well as a veery late movie. Pirates of the Caribbean Four was pretty funny. Um, I’m just typing what’s happened in my day as to kind of get a running start, so yep. Anyways… fuuuuuck I’m stuck now! I lost my train of thought explaining why I’m… okay I’m truly stuck. Haha, that’s failure to launch right there!

I’m currently looking for a job, although there’s a fairly strong chance I may get one. But still, I’ll never get my hopes up until they actually call me. In the mean time, I think I’m going to spam the Bay Area with job applications haha. I’m going to save aside $500 for new clothing. I even have my own personal shopper who’d help me for free =P. I’m saving aside maybe $200 for a PSP. The rest will go towards college. That’ll be books, food, gas, etc.

Hmm, single life is truly starting to set in. My ex… she’s… weird. She never seems to know what she wants. Scratch that. She never seems to know who¬†she wants. She’s obviously way to indecisive for me. On really bad days, my self-esteem is pretty much nonexistent. I’ve had strings of bad days before, so there are often times when I think I’m not good enough for her. It’s nice to see my friends stick up for me every once in awhile. That’s actually pretty amazing because I run a pretty tight ship about not letting anybody know about my romantic life. How do they see through me? You’re probably wondering why I’m explaining my romantic life if I say I don’t let anybody know. Well, that’s probably sleep deprivation for ya.

ANYWAYS, it’s probably a good thing that she may be moving back to Korea. Being with her, though fun, can make your chest go up and down. Like whenever she kisses me without me expecting it, it feels like I’m on a rollercoaster. Isn’t it weird how emotions can actually manifest itself as a physical feeling? I don’t get the physiology behind it; it probably has something to do with chemicals and hormones. Why does being scared give you the same sick feeling in your stomache as when you’re falling? Or is that just me? Anyways, I often tell her to stop. (there have been moments of weaknesses FUUCK) I think she thinks there’s a chance she can get me back. Sometimes I believe that too. But I don’t want to put myself through that again. Drama isn’t my cup of tea. A relationship doesn’t need conflict to progress. Does it?

Maybe I just feel alone. Sometimes when I walk to class, I can feel so alone even though there are hundreds of people around me. They’re always going their own ways. Some of them walk with each other. Others, like me, walk alone from one class to the other, most of us sporting earbuds or texting and such. I always wonder what people are thinking about. Maybe…

Fuuck, I’m not ready for my midterm!

Yeah I totally got this in the bag.


So if I take the antiderivative of f(x) = ln(3/x^2)…

What was the fucking formula again??!

Doo dee doo doo…

So dance fucker dance man he never had a chance…

I wonder what other people are thinking about?

I think I’m holding back on my new friends. I don’t know what I’m afraid of, or why I’m so hesitant. Could it be guilt? Maybe I’m afraid that one group of friends will replace the other. But I think the main reason is that I don’t see any point to it. I guess I don’t expect to be talking to these people in two to three years. Maybe they’re too nice. HAHA, actually no. In some ways, they’re a lot meaner than my current group of friends whom I only see once a week. I think I have a love hate relationship with them (my current group). Like… I really don’t know how to explain it. Sometimes I dread seeing them. But whenever I drag my feet and meet them, I end up having a blast. But… I don’t know why I sometimes don’t want to see them. What’s changed? Have the people change? The group dynamic? New people? New number of people? Or is it me?

I really do miss the original people. Just me, Martin, Saurav, and Teresa. (Maybe Kevin). But that just doesn’t happen anymore.

Maybe I don’t like to be tied down. Maybe I just like proving I don’t need to be tied down. But that’s why I make new¬†acquaintances. I remember back in the day when I’d meet an old friend who would have a new friend or two with him/her. And they’d have SO many inside jokes. But now I probably know more people in more places than most people I know. Maybe that’s good. Networking for the win right? But maybe that’s bad. I don’t think it is, since I still try to keep in touch with my core group of friends. We still hang out nearly every weekend. We still do things that we don’t do with other people.

Actually, my new friends are beginning to include me in future plans such as the beach, movies, SF, camping, skiing… I think the feeling of belonging is one of the best feelings in the world. I think it’s pretty amazing because they’ve known each other long before they “took me in.” I’ve never been a new person before. Oh, that reminds me ( I don’t know how), but I owe one of them like $12. Dammit.

Okay it’s pretty obvious to me by now that I can ramble on forever. So I’m just going to leave it be and go to bed.


I’m going to SF tomorrow. I hope it’ll be fun. It’s going to SUCK if the person operating my BART train gets raptured.

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It’s thirty minutes

Ever since I got into card tricks, I thought nothing in the realm of cards would ever surprise me anymore. For awhile, I was pretty much correct. Then I saw this…

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It was like a time machine

I remembered yesterday when my friend and I messed around, pretending we were engaged and (hopefully) convincing other people that we were too. It was a pretty fun game as we went around looking at wedding stuff and furniture for a future house. As I fell asleep that night, though, I kept thinking how awesome it would’ve been if that had been for real. But of course, that would mean I’d have a decent job for awhile now and making such a high salary that I’d be able to afford up to three engagement rings, not to mention fucking Buckingham Palace.

Ah, everyone always tells me I want to grow up too quickly. I wholeheartedly agree with them. If I’m lucky, I’ll be going through this for real in less than a decade from now. Maybe this is just my way of coping with the constant amount of exams and classes. They usually stop when summer arrives anyways.

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Here’s to…

Last night was an awesome one. Well, pretty much yesterday was. There was poker and dogs. Afterwards we switched from one friend’s house to another where his parents made some pretty kick ass¬†barbecue. Afterwards we spent an hour or two outside in the cold, roasting marshmallows and making smores, where I spent half of the time uncomfortably hot near the fire and unbearably cold too far from the fire. The other half was when the back of my body was to cold and my front was too hot. Then we spent the rest of the night mashing it out on Rockband, Rockband 2, and some fighting games. There were a LOT of laughs.

I couldn’t help but think about what my other friends were doing, the people who I normally would be roasting marshmallows with at the beach or playing a scary game with. It turns out that two of them were watching a movie together, and another was just on his computer. I missed them that night.

So here’s to having a blast with new friends and yet never losing touch with the old. I’m having lunch with some of them today so it’s ALLL GOOD.

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Yep, desperately cheesy

I spent what felt like half a day at Target, looking for something that they ultimately didn’t have: Target employees. Nah, kidding. Well, okay, half-kidding, because either the place is just either too damned big or they have maybe two people working per shift.

Something odd that I noticed was that as I was wandering aimlessly around the maze of aisles, there was this girl that also seemed lost. And perhaps every three to five minutes I’d walk pass her again in the opposite direction. I’m STILL wondering if she was lost and I’m wondering why I didn’t stop to help. I guess I had more pressing matters, such as finding what was never there: baking soda for my new old car that has a very faint, yet annoying, whiff of cigarette. That’s actually another story for another day.

But it’s not like I walk up to random strangers and make small talk. Well, there was this one time at De Anza when I walked up to someone and said, “Hey, sorry if this is weird, but do you like dogs?” And another time when I felt so sorry for someone who was crying that I bought that person a small hot chocolate and a packet of tissues. And yet another time when I didn’t have a place to charge my laptop and someone offered me a table with a nearby plug.

Yeah, it’s pretty contradicting. I consider myself a really shy person but I can be social if I chose.

I’m just going to truncate this post because my parents won’t stop nagging me about dinner.

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Fuck I am PISSED

What is with these damned allergies?! I can’t fucking sleep at night. I can’t concentrate on my classes. I feel like a douche when I give a sniffle every two fucking seconds. Every time I blow my nose I’ll be able to breathe for less than a second before it clogs up again. I mean, what the fuck is that? So far, Claratin and Benadryl is worth absolute crap. I am literally going through several packs of tissue a day. Yes, I am counting.

Ask me if I fucking give a damn about flowers having sex.

Oh right. And it gets ten times worse when I’m fucking outside.

(Drinking game: have someone read this out loud. Every time he/she says “fuck” or “fucking,” take a shot)

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Eddie shall be missed

Okay, it’s not like he died or anything. But once again, the name of this blog is now only “Bao’s weblog.” It feels kind of lonely, despite the fact that Eddie wasn’t supposed to be an active writer in the first place. It feels as if a roommate has moved out. Nevertheless, he’s started a new blog, which will be featured in my blogroll anyways.

Later Eddie.

Oh. I’m still looking for a new theme. I like the concept of this one, but it’s simply too white for me, too plain.

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