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Something corny, French, and romantic…

Dear girl,

I don’t know if we’ve met, but know that I love you. (I also hope that you haven’t succumbed to something crazy like sudden infant death syndrome or spontaneous combustion and that you’re doing well but anyways…)

Darling, you’re strong and you’re wise… and because of this we’ll have much to argue about. I know that our time together will have its stormy weathers and uphill battles, but honestly, which couples wouldn’t? Everyone will have their battles. The perfect couples aren’t the ones that never argue, but the ones that still stand fast after the storm.

I want to be able to laugh with you and enjoy the little things in life like throwing handfuls of bread crumbs at pigeons and brace for the impact of flapping wings or go tree climbing with you and be trapped at the tallest branch because we’d be too scared to come back down, then pass it off as an excuse to watch the moon rise. I want to be able to learn from you… not just how to cook a recipe or how to sail a boat, but how to live life and how to make a relationship last. That’s what I’ll love about you. And in return, I’ll place you above all others and you’ll always come first in my life. Why? Because at the moment I meet you, at the very second you walk into my life, I’ll acquire an eternal debt from you that I’ll try to pay off (in vain) every breathing moment afterwards.

You’re hazardous to my health because every time I see you, my heart will forget to beat. Every time I hear your melodious voice calling me, I’ll forget that I was in the middle of a busy street and only focus on you. But even so, you’re a precious gift from God and I’ll always scratch my head, wondering what the hell I did to even begin to deserve you in the first place, and wondering what kinds of devious things you’ve done to deserve me. You’ll be too good for me, but I’ll try my best to live up to it.

Until we meet,


(May 16, 2011: wtf was I even thinking??)

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Nice guys finish last… why?

It’s arguable whether I’m one of the nice ones or not, but I consider myself one. I don’t know, but I hear a lot of girls always complaining about how all of the nice guys are taken and how there are nobody but jerks left. Uh, HELLO? The honest truth is that there are too many of us.

It really sucks when we see someone we like continually chase after a guy who, to put it delicately, is a pure jackass. He’d constantly stand her up or treat her carelessly. And she continues to go after him, day after day, night after night. Why? WHY?

My guess? Girls are a completely different species -__-, And as such, their logic is pure bullshit. Ahh, I’m sounding a bit like Martin.


I’m probably wrong about this, so correct me if I am. Girls hate to be with guys like us. We make the perfect friends. And just friends. When their crush totally owns them, we’re the ones they come to because we already got the tissues and the nonfat ice cream ready =P But when it comes to relationships, they want adventure, something to go after. I mean seriously, if I hooked up with someone, there will be.. okay some challenges sure, but nice guys will go out of their way to make their girl happy. No threats are posed, there’s nothing to work towards, and it becomes a dull-fest, like watching a movie with no problems. Well, that’s just my two cents. Which is why I’m going to change!

Maybe I should switch sides. But really, I don’t think I can, because I’m just a pleasant person in general. It takes effort to break through my steel bars of happiness to reach the anger inside. As Freud would say, my id is too suppressed by my super ego. (I hate psychology >.<)

In the end, there’s always a good chance that the “bad guys” will win. But if you stick to your side long enough, maybe it’ll pay off. Maybe. Maybe….

“Ah who cares! I repel women…” Ross

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I’ve never hated irony… oh the irony…

It’s pretty ironic how planning ahead your life can make you want to shoot yourself.

What lies ahead

They all say that people are naturally scared of the unknown, a popular example being death. I suppose I’d be a fool to say that I’m not scared. That’s some really strong medicine for me. The last time I was seriously afraid of something was back in elementary school. 

What would be really fucked up is when I finally reach the end (oh I will) and it turns out not one campus will accept me, then what?

What would also be really fucked up is when I finally get to study aerospace and I end up absolutely abhoring it. Then what?

Oh the irony…

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Hey Teresa

Sorry that I never got around to making a really elaborate post for your religious/spiritual troubles.

“The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie-deliberate, contrived, and dishonest-but the myth-persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.”

Am I amazing at being late or what? I hope this quote helps you as much as it helped me.

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At journey’s end…

I know that recently, all of my posts have either been protected or about card tricks. Since this one isn’t protected, it’ll be about magic a destination I’ve reached and some thoughts about my training to become someone other than an ordinary college student. In other words, magic! 😀 I’m really excited. I try my hardest to slowly ween off of this topic, so maybe this will help.

I find it hard to believe that five to six months ago, I was utterly baffled and awed at Jennifer’s prowess when she showed me an epic card trick that still catches me off-guard today (Marcus, Nam, and Jennifer herself deemed it simple but WTF!) However, six months worth of self-training and countless random audiences had led me to… last Friday. It’s sad really, but that was the day that all of my efforts were focused on, because it was the day I met Jennifer. She’s still awesome as usual 😀 but I still had no quelms making her feel how I’ve felt the last six months. I’ll give myself a golden sticker and an A+ because everything went off without a hitch and I had left her dazed, confused and hopefully extremely impressed. Still, it was disappointing for me, because I sort of expected something inside of me to release. Maybe I was looking for a profound moment that Hollywood sterotypes oh so well with tears, sweeping music, and a single awesome line, usually “I love you,” or “And that’s when it hit me.” But instead, all I could think of was

so now what?

With Jennifer threatening vengeance, I don’t see any further purpose in learning card tricks. People always say that quality is better than quantity. Since a deck of cards is something that seperates me from everyone else, I won’t lose it completely. But why should I learn anymore? So… maybe that’s how it ends. Or maybe that’s how it’ll end with me and begin with her. Who’s going to know?

And that’s when it hit me. Maybe in my search for personality, I’ve unwittingly created my own. There are so many unique people out there that I was terrified of being a mix of the world with none of myself. They say that a large part of who you are is influenced by the events that you participate in and the people who you deemed worthy to be your friends. Hopefully, I’m more than just a combination of the people I’ve met.

On a seperate note, I’ve decided to become more religious. They say that many people believe in God but still walk the path of Satan. I refuse.

On another sperate note, I’m thinking about Vblogging. So whoever doesn’t want to be in it, tell me now. If I hear nothing from you, then I assume you’re fine with it or you don’t go on here anyways (whatever you don’t know won’t hurt you :D)

My phone was recording while leaning inside that one area between my car when it caught this…

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So last Saturday was the decisive game between UC Davis and Cal Poly and, from what I heard, they’re rivals in football (I assume that we essentially have the same mascot?). And so, feeling hyped from the tension and overall excitement from the campus, I decided to do something a little crazy.


What chu looking at?

It wasn’t just me that was really into the football game. There were plenty of others as contributed their fair share.



Diana the Artist


Unfortunately, not everybody was as enthusiastic as the rest of campus

However, after a lot of heckling on my part and a bribe here and there, I got Clarence to adopt some war paint.



Woot! War Paint FTW!



Blue Hair!

And then, it was time for the football game!




Where do all of these people come from?

I couldn’t fully take a picture of everybody that arrived in anticipation of the game, but I tried.

The decisive game was a fight over the Golden Horseshoe, which had been taken from Davis for about 4 years now.



The Coveted Prize

The game was, not to understate anything, EPIC. There were many impressive plays from both teams, but there could only be one winner.




In the end, Davis won 23-10. We won back our Golden Horseshoe and in the first time in four years!

Unfortunately, not everybody participated in this momentous event.



Who's the sad, little boy?

Next time, your university participates in an epic battle versus your rival school, you should go. No, you MUST go.



Don't give me that look...

Hahaha, so yeah, the football game was awesome.

I’m glad we won, that face paint wasn’t for nothing then. I have a few more pictures that I plan to upload. Hopefully, I’ll find the time to upload all of them.









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I fall in love with almost every girl I meet


How’s that for an eye catching title 😀

I don’t really mean the “I want to get in your pants” kind of deal. But I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m lucky enough to meet with the nice ones. Or maybe it’s some kind of gift that magnifies the good qualities in people. But of course, this can be inconveniently confusing often times and will require taking a fucking step back and assess. Of course, I’ve found this out the hard way. Two hellish relationships have made me realized… at one point or another, I’ve fallen in love with a trait or a personality… or a smile or a shade of eye color… YES with nearly every girl I’ve become friends with so far. (But not like those poor sons of bitches who melt when a girl opens a door for them) Plus it’s not instantaneous; it takes several weeks before it manifests itself. Whether it’s a strength or a weakness… eh it’s probably a weakness. I mean look what it’s done to me. At this point, I’ve lost all faith in relationships. I look at those “happy” people that are together and I can only scratch my head in bewilderment: How the fuck do they do it?

Then they’d come to me and just bitch about how terrible their relationship is. Take it from me, friend, no relationship is perfect. The strong ones are the ones that survive the storm. But no, they continue to bitch and bitch. What the fuck do you know Bao, you’re single!


YES, I’m single and I’m happy. But whenever they complain, it makes me a little disgusted.

They just don’t realize how lucky they are to have someone.

I may be a hypocrite, because I used to complain a lot about my relationships. In a way, I don’t really miss being with someone, but I still do at the same time. Maybe it’ll just be blissfully over when I find the ideal someone for me. I’m on a quest to find her and maybe I’ll find the perfect relationship or at least a relationship that doesn’t involve every second making out or, on the other side of the spectrum, result in complete and total abstinence with just no passion.

It’s definitely a good thing that this trait of mine lasts temporarily per person or else I would have serious issues by now.

No, I don’t think that using the phrase “falling in love” is too strong. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s a crush, because when you have a crush on someone, you become blindly excited when you look at her. You can’t breathe or think (from the lack of oxygen in your brain of course) and the mere touch of her hand will make your’s go numb. But there’s nothing on the inside. I think it’s falling in love because even though I’m not excited or blinded by that trait, I would just want to be with her. I’d feel something deep in my heart, like an unbearable yearning and I’d look at her in a different light, despite what everyone else might say about her.

And there’s the strength: looking past the numbers and ratings that people will throw in your face. This is probably why I’ve never been good at Kevin and Martin’s game of “Rate the Girl.” I’m usually scratching my head in confusion whenever they deem a girl as unacceptable. I don’t see what’s wrong with her! She looks completely fine! So now, whenever Kevin would ask me how a girl looks, I say she’s “pretty.” Pretty is vague, but it’s a compliment. Nearly every girl I’ve seen is “pretty,” whether it’s the particular sound of her laughter or how her head tilts a bit to the side when she looks at me.

Honestly, I’m scared in the end. Despite what I say, friends are still worth something. I just really hope that in the end, when I make my vows and exchange rings with the girl I feel like I’m meant to be with, that I’d see everyone giving me a thumbs up or a “she’s perfect” smile.

Then I’d be peacefully at rest.

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The 1-percentile

Ah Joey, you crack me up so much 😀

This made me cry a river (on the inside of course. I’m much too macho for tears =P

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Happy Birthday best friend :)

Wow, am I awesome at being late or what? Hahaha.

Just kidding. I wished him happy birthday at 10 PM yesterday before you all! 😛

I just want to say a few things about my super awesome, kickass friend Marcus Tu. First of all, congratulations on being one year older and I wish you the best of luck in all of your pursuits.

I want to thank you for being such an amazing friend. You have always been there for me through all of my troubles, my nagging, and mischievous/immature behavior.

Thank you for being so patient with me, I know that many people would not give me as many chances as you would. You waited for me to change and become a better person, but more importantly, you believed that I could change.

Thank you for guiding and supporting me in all of my pursuits, whether I wanted to be a doctor or a mathematician or a space alien.

Thank you for your health advices, to which I dedicate most of my well-being to you.

A little birdie told me that our present should have arrived at your house. It was fairly expensive; but, I know that you’re the best gift I have ever received, so the price tag is not a problem.

Enjoy your gift and more importantly, enjoy your life because there’s nothing but bright lights in your future.

You just need to know where to look 🙂

Have a good one, best friend.


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