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Bonne Anniversaire!

It’s the birthday poems’ one year anniversary. We’ve started with Teresa’s birthday and here we are again. And what better 1 year anniversary of the birthday poems then to celebrate a VERY special birthday. So with no further ado.

Teresa, Happy late 18th Birthday to YOU.

Simply put, you’re a really good friend
But more than that, you’re an amazing godsend

Thank you for all those times you’ve helped us through
And I’ve just noticed, but I’ve never seen you wear blue…

Haha, oh my God that orange sweater with the Reese’s cup
Always made me so hungry
For peanut butter


Haha, I don’t know, but I think that’s your signature shirt
Along with those hairy boots with dangling balls
You’re never afraid to dig around in the dirt
Getting to the bottom of things, digging for all that you’re worth

You’re a good friend, an awesome person
No one can go wrong to be friend with you
So Happy Birthday Teresa, live life to the fullest
And may all your wishes come true =P

And your present is 50% finished.


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Think Jingle Bells when reading

Marcus’s birthday song


Crashing through the years
With a backpack and a bike
Oh what a blur it’s been…
Having friends and fights

Seemingly attractive
Facing the big one-eight
Oh how prepared for life you are
But that’s up for debate

‘Cause… it’s the day, the big one eight
You are now a man
Paying bills, having dates
Driving mini-vans… ANS

Having kids, losing jobs,
Making pension plaans
But all of that’s long from now

Today you are a man!!!!!!




Haha, hope I didn’t freak you out there. Happy 18th birthday Marcus! And to think you still feel the same and will wake up the next day with a woman who says she’s your wife. Ah well. Have a good eighteenth year of life my man.




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Another birthday poem

Oh my God,
Oh Mon Dieu!
Another birthday poem.
Audrey! This is for you!


You’re kind and gentle
Filled with care
Filled to the brim
With enough left to share.

Because¬†seriously, you’re totally one of a kind
Whenever I’m around you, cloudy days seem to shine
There’s always an air around you
That only seems benign

Always willing to help, willing to toss a line

You totally deserve recognition, for everybody to shout
Happy Birthday Audrey! Keep growing!

You’re totally awesome. I can say this without a doubt.

(Wish I knew you better! More things to rhyme with that way.)

¬†There’s a check for a hundred thousand dollars and a free trip to your favorite destination via private jet. Enjoy!


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Happy birthday Martin!

An ode to Martin

The king of tentacles and hentai finally goes to rest
Imensely satisfied at the ones he molests
It only takes a little encouragement for him to express
his inner longings, which would put anyone in distress

And I digress,

For this is not what this poem is about
What you’ve seen above is “mostly” untrue
For if you’ve¬†had seen¬†him today you’d probably shout

Happy birthday Martin! And many wishes to you!

Happy birthday!!!



Thanks Martin for an awesome party, though your dog punched a hole in my sock. Enjoy the present!


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Sorry guys

but my house has lost all its internet, so I’m quite isolated from my blog. I’m here right now at my relative’s house with crappy dialup internet for one person (well two, but I can’t get on AIM and I don’t know if she’s on it even =[ ) : Chris.

So a happy belated birthday to Chris, another close friend
Another person set in birthday poem, oh boy is it becoming a trend
Funny, witty, trippy, sarcastic
Sunny, cunning, strangely bombastic

Drumming his fingers on the desk
He makes guns and bazookas with his fingers best
Upgrading them and pointing them at me so
And I point back, oh what fun (maybe you could give it a go?)

He’s into computers, guns, and games
Things weren’t as interesting before Chris came
Things were in fact, a bit more… lame
If you forgot… Chris is his name (haha, I dont’ know what else would rhyme >.<!)

But anyways, I digress, and oh look at the time
Before I go, there’s one last sentence to sum things up

Chris is soo fine

..ohh so fine.

Worth way more than a dime?

If you don’t agree, gee it should be a crime!

MUahahhaha, I totally slaughtered this poem. But, in the name of Chris, who’s totally hilarious and brings a bit more humor into my life, a poem like this should as well be dedicated to such a funny person.

Happy belated Birthday Chris.

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After my previous poem, this one feels like it should be in a Dr. Seuss book… =P

If you’re searching high and low
For someone really fair
Relax, there is someone you should know
Someone who really cares

I haven’t seen her several days
She was last wearing red
At times she may seem quite a bit crazed
Though meeting her, you shouldn’t dread

At school, I hang out in this group
A group that she’s also with
We’re so carefree, we’re hardly troops
Not one single, little, itsy bit

And as you know, poems are just for friends
With birthdays that I have missed
A final chance to amend
At least… that’s how it is in gist

So, there shall be no more delay
I think you oughta know
That I wish a late happy birthday
To Cassandra!

I hope you didn’t think this poem blows.

Happy belated birthday Cassandra! Whoooo!

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Reminding me of you…

Walking in rain, watching drop after drop hit pavement
Only reminds me of you
and your likeness for raindrops

Arriving on campus, eyeing the towering buildings
Only reminds me of you
Happy with your other family

You’ll always be in my heart
In my mind

Shuffling through the cold, miserable all over
Only reminds me of you
And the time you lent me your mittens

Looking at candles, smelling their wonderful scents
Only reminds me of you
And the birthday I shall have to miss

You’ll always be in my heart
In my mind

And now, back at home, writing this poem
Trying to do it justice, trying to make it live up
To make it worthy of you

And I… can’t.

There are no words as precious, as fulfilling
As you, just you…
I guess… all¬†I really have to say is…

You’ll always be in my heart
In my mind


Happy belated birthday Christine

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An ode to Eddie…

THink of the tune of this one song… L is for the the way you LOOK at me… O is for…

Ode to Eddie (Modeled after L-O-V-E)

E is for the eccentriiiiiicity

Dees are for dramatics and decencyyy

Iiiiiiii is infinitely quite quite quite uncanny

E is for major egoooo



Ed! He’s the one and only heart to heart
Ed! He’s willing to always play a part!
Ed! He’s daring, caring,
And always up for sharing

Ed! He’s the only¬†one for me!
Ed! He’s the only¬†one for me!

Ed! He’s the only¬†one for me!


Happy belated birthday.



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Happy birthday KEvin

A lot of people care for you and I envy you. =] Have a happy birthday!

A “Happy Birthday” means such a lot
I hope you’ve had an awesome day.
I really means a lot of things
I never get to say.
It means you’re an awesome person first of all
Thanks for doing the things you do.
It means you mean a lot to me,
And that I’m proud of you.

But most of all, I guess it means
That I am thinking of
Your happiness on this, your day,
With pleasure and with love.

Modified it after some British website… Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Teresa!

Birthday Reminder

It’s your birthday, so don’t feel down;
Don’t think bad stuff and frown;
Your life should be filled with mirth;
Just look what you’ve done since your birth.

You started out really small,
Now you’re really filled out and tall.
In the beginning you would just cry,
Now you can laugh if you try.

You’ve done quite well since your start,
So as you grow older take heart;
Keep up the good work and don’t be a jerk;
Stay happy till you’re an old fart.

By Karl Fuchs

… and seriously be less of a jerk. remeber, a smile is a frown…. turned upside down =D
=[ < =]

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