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Someone Get me a Steamroller

Because I might as well be run over by one. Today was so very hectic; yet fun at the same time. It’s a love-hate relationship, I feel very accomplished yet exhausted after such a venture.

Today, after watching my dad’s store for a while, I drove myself to Kevin’s house to play a good game of “Age of Empires” through a local area network. I met Bao right as I arrived at Kevin’s house (eerily perfect timing) and we proceeded to play the game. We played for a good 2 hours before I drove Kevin and Bao to my mom’s restaurant for some food. Then, all of a sudden, my mom calls me and demands that I pick up my brother when I was already at Capitol. So I drive all the way back to my house and to the store. Then, Bao’s sister calls and needed to be picked up by Bao, so I drove them back to Kevin’s house and back to the store again (so tiring).

Then, at 4:30, I left for McDonalds and to the Evergreen Library afterwards to meet up with Kevin and Bao again. We played some strange game and Mao until 7. I drove myself to my dad’s store and realized that my dad went home without me. So, I wasted time at the store until nine and drove back home, only to be interrogated by my mom about where I was >_>.

So here I am, talking to Martin about drugs and harassed by Kevin about some strange anime. I’ll watch the anime and, if it’s good enough, I’ll blog about it.

In other news, college is creeping close to me. I feel ready for it and nervous as well. I hope I can get a camera so I can document my wonderful experiences for you all.

See you all on Thursday!


It’s like this blog has a bipolar disorder with me and Bao blogging on different days.


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