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I was at Stanford Hospital for the second day in a row. Sitting outside, in the shelter of the umbrella on a chair, listening to this young couple playing cards kinda inspired me. The couple was playing cards in such a carefree manner and the wife kept saying that it’s supposed to be an hour and a half surgery and they were coming up on two hours and a half. They take death so… halfheartedly, as if they won’t let something as small and unimportant as death get in the way of such a beautiful day. And then I thought about friends, and how lucky I was that they’ve never died as of now. And then I thought about how I missed Eddie’s birthday by an hour and bashed myself on how I take many of my friends… “unseriously” enough. So then I wondered if death, by ignoring me, is a friend.

Inspired by my time in Stanford Hospital.


Death never seems to reach me
It’s a concept I’ve never had to face.
My friends have known death,
My parents have known death
Death seems to live all over the place.

If I knew death of a personal level,
I probably would’ve named him Kevin
Or if death was a girl, then maybe perhaps Karen
Giving death a name

…makes it sound much much friendlier.

Who whould want for death…

To become any deadlier??

Karen would be an old time friend
That I’d’ve parted at age none
Goodbye Karen, I’ll see you soon
Haha, goodbye Bao, have a good life, she crooned.
We cheerfully parted.

Under a soft grey moon.

I came to school one day
to learn that Karen dropped by
Two kids that were speeding hard had instantly died
Karen had taken them to seemingly better places
And their mothers’ cursed her,

They’ll never again see their sons’ faces.

So many people fear death,
It’s a concept meant to be outsmarted
Doctors and medicine



to keep us from being parted.

When I look through my window
And see death staring at me in the eye
I’ll say, “Hey Karen,”

and she’ll say “Hi.”

I’ll finish writing, then maybe play a favorite tune
Karen and I will leave together

Under the soft grey moon.


Karen in my poem is actually a childhood friend and I just thought she’d make death much less scarier if she’s personified as death.

Another person, famously known as Phoebe Buffay, also makes death seem hilarious! Hard day at work eh?

It only takes two heart attacks
to finally make you see
one of them won’t do it
but the other will set you free.

Tell all your hate and anger
it’s time to say goodbye
And that’s just what I’ll do
as soon as those bastards I work for die.

I love you guys all very much =]


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