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Why is everyone’s post so darn short!? I come home, beneath 100 degree weather, holding coconut milk in front of the pc looking for something good to read, and the 3 new posts I get are so short!

Anyways, thank God that there’s no community service tomorrow, because I have a huge camping trip to a attend and it should be a blast. Senior year, despite what many told me, is already hard. And the retarded part is the colleges won’t see those grades til they’ve rejected me. And I gotta look for a new job. And someone isn’t happy at all. And I gotta get started on college apps! Should be a cinch though. Already brainstorming =D

And I’m starting on a major project regarding piano: Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin. I hate it already. My teacher warned me that whatever piano arrangements out there are bound to be advanced, even the easiest ones.

But DAMN! Behold the VERY VERY first measure.

The mortals among us who do not know piano will have no idea what any of this is. They’ll not know either, for that matter, what all the fuss is about.

But others among us, only in high school, can look at this and totally sympathize with me. Thanks guys.

It’s gonna be soo hard I just know it. WTH does that “tr” followed by the horizontal wavy line mean? How can anyone put a bird’s eye above a rest? What the hell is this madness?  But… I did choose this piece particularly (WHAT!? 0_0) so it’s totally my bad if I pull an epic phail… even if I think that learning this will be totally worth it.

And then show it off to my uber competitive, arrogant, bitchy, (ugly) Asian cousins.


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