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Think Jingle Bells when reading

Marcus’s birthday song


Crashing through the years
With a backpack and a bike
Oh what a blur it’s been…
Having friends and fights

Seemingly attractive
Facing the big one-eight
Oh how prepared for life you are
But that’s up for debate

‘Cause… it’s the day, the big one eight
You are now a man
Paying bills, having dates
Driving mini-vans… ANS

Having kids, losing jobs,
Making pension plaans
But all of that’s long from now

Today you are a man!!!!!!




Haha, hope I didn’t freak you out there. Happy 18th birthday Marcus! And to think you still feel the same and will wake up the next day with a woman who says she’s your wife. Ah well. Have a good eighteenth year of life my man.





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Another birthday poem

Oh my God,
Oh Mon Dieu!
Another birthday poem.
Audrey! This is for you!


You’re kind and gentle
Filled with care
Filled to the brim
With enough left to share.

Because seriously, you’re totally one of a kind
Whenever I’m around you, cloudy days seem to shine
There’s always an air around you
That only seems benign

Always willing to help, willing to toss a line

You totally deserve recognition, for everybody to shout
Happy Birthday Audrey! Keep growing!

You’re totally awesome. I can say this without a doubt.

(Wish I knew you better! More things to rhyme with that way.)

 There’s a check for a hundred thousand dollars and a free trip to your favorite destination via private jet. Enjoy!


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Happy birthday Martin!

An ode to Martin

The king of tentacles and hentai finally goes to rest
Imensely satisfied at the ones he molests
It only takes a little encouragement for him to express
his inner longings, which would put anyone in distress

And I digress,

For this is not what this poem is about
What you’ve seen above is “mostly” untrue
For if you’ve had seen him today you’d probably shout

Happy birthday Martin! And many wishes to you!

Happy birthday!!!



Thanks Martin for an awesome party, though your dog punched a hole in my sock. Enjoy the present!


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Sorry guys

but my house has lost all its internet, so I’m quite isolated from my blog. I’m here right now at my relative’s house with crappy dialup internet for one person (well two, but I can’t get on AIM and I don’t know if she’s on it even =[ ) : Chris.

So a happy belated birthday to Chris, another close friend
Another person set in birthday poem, oh boy is it becoming a trend
Funny, witty, trippy, sarcastic
Sunny, cunning, strangely bombastic

Drumming his fingers on the desk
He makes guns and bazookas with his fingers best
Upgrading them and pointing them at me so
And I point back, oh what fun (maybe you could give it a go?)

He’s into computers, guns, and games
Things weren’t as interesting before Chris came
Things were in fact, a bit more… lame
If you forgot… Chris is his name (haha, I dont’ know what else would rhyme >.<!)

But anyways, I digress, and oh look at the time
Before I go, there’s one last sentence to sum things up

Chris is soo fine

..ohh so fine.

Worth way more than a dime?

If you don’t agree, gee it should be a crime!

MUahahhaha, I totally slaughtered this poem. But, in the name of Chris, who’s totally hilarious and brings a bit more humor into my life, a poem like this should as well be dedicated to such a funny person.

Happy belated Birthday Chris.

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After my previous poem, this one feels like it should be in a Dr. Seuss book… =P

If you’re searching high and low
For someone really fair
Relax, there is someone you should know
Someone who really cares

I haven’t seen her several days
She was last wearing red
At times she may seem quite a bit crazed
Though meeting her, you shouldn’t dread

At school, I hang out in this group
A group that she’s also with
We’re so carefree, we’re hardly troops
Not one single, little, itsy bit

And as you know, poems are just for friends
With birthdays that I have missed
A final chance to amend
At least… that’s how it is in gist

So, there shall be no more delay
I think you oughta know
That I wish a late happy birthday
To Cassandra!

I hope you didn’t think this poem blows.

Happy belated birthday Cassandra! Whoooo!

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Reminding me of you…

Walking in rain, watching drop after drop hit pavement
Only reminds me of you
and your likeness for raindrops

Arriving on campus, eyeing the towering buildings
Only reminds me of you
Happy with your other family

You’ll always be in my heart
In my mind

Shuffling through the cold, miserable all over
Only reminds me of you
And the time you lent me your mittens

Looking at candles, smelling their wonderful scents
Only reminds me of you
And the birthday I shall have to miss

You’ll always be in my heart
In my mind

And now, back at home, writing this poem
Trying to do it justice, trying to make it live up
To make it worthy of you

And I… can’t.

There are no words as precious, as fulfilling
As you, just you…
I guess… all I really have to say is…

You’ll always be in my heart
In my mind


Happy belated birthday Christine

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An ode to Eddie…

THink of the tune of this one song… L is for the the way you LOOK at me… O is for…

Ode to Eddie (Modeled after L-O-V-E)

E is for the eccentriiiiiicity

Dees are for dramatics and decencyyy

Iiiiiiii is infinitely quite quite quite uncanny

E is for major egoooo



Ed! He’s the one and only heart to heart
Ed! He’s willing to always play a part!
Ed! He’s daring, caring,
And always up for sharing

Ed! He’s the only one for me!
Ed! He’s the only one for me!

Ed! He’s the only one for me!


Happy belated birthday.



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I was at Stanford Hospital for the second day in a row. Sitting outside, in the shelter of the umbrella on a chair, listening to this young couple playing cards kinda inspired me. The couple was playing cards in such a carefree manner and the wife kept saying that it’s supposed to be an hour and a half surgery and they were coming up on two hours and a half. They take death so… halfheartedly, as if they won’t let something as small and unimportant as death get in the way of such a beautiful day. And then I thought about friends, and how lucky I was that they’ve never died as of now. And then I thought about how I missed Eddie’s birthday by an hour and bashed myself on how I take many of my friends… “unseriously” enough. So then I wondered if death, by ignoring me, is a friend.

Inspired by my time in Stanford Hospital.


Death never seems to reach me
It’s a concept I’ve never had to face.
My friends have known death,
My parents have known death
Death seems to live all over the place.

If I knew death of a personal level,
I probably would’ve named him Kevin
Or if death was a girl, then maybe perhaps Karen
Giving death a name

…makes it sound much much friendlier.

Who whould want for death…

To become any deadlier??

Karen would be an old time friend
That I’d’ve parted at age none
Goodbye Karen, I’ll see you soon
Haha, goodbye Bao, have a good life, she crooned.
We cheerfully parted.

Under a soft grey moon.

I came to school one day
to learn that Karen dropped by
Two kids that were speeding hard had instantly died
Karen had taken them to seemingly better places
And their mothers’ cursed her,

They’ll never again see their sons’ faces.

So many people fear death,
It’s a concept meant to be outsmarted
Doctors and medicine



to keep us from being parted.

When I look through my window
And see death staring at me in the eye
I’ll say, “Hey Karen,”

and she’ll say “Hi.”

I’ll finish writing, then maybe play a favorite tune
Karen and I will leave together

Under the soft grey moon.


Karen in my poem is actually a childhood friend and I just thought she’d make death much less scarier if she’s personified as death.

Another person, famously known as Phoebe Buffay, also makes death seem hilarious! Hard day at work eh?

It only takes two heart attacks
to finally make you see
one of them won’t do it
but the other will set you free.

Tell all your hate and anger
it’s time to say goodbye
And that’s just what I’ll do
as soon as those bastards I work for die.

I love you guys all very much =]

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THank you microsoft word checker

Two day I had two right a poem
It couldn’t halve been ease zee
But never fear, my word chequer is hear
It maid me few less queasy

Four who could make miss stakes
With word chequer stand ding bye
Such a reel liable pro gram
Always keep ping me an aye.

I ran my poem through spell chequer
And I am proud two say
My word chequer gave me to thumbs up
With all miss steaks kept at bay

So thank yew word chequer
For all the help yew gave
My poem is finally dun
Watt a miraculous save.

Thanks two yew word cheuquer, I am shore to get en ay.
When she fin knish sis grating the poem with in two daze.

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Ahh, friends, what can I say
You’ve help cheer me up on those cold winter days.
You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry
It’s been fun, but time flies by.
Dear Vikki, you’ve been an awesome buddy
Chemistry, water fights, it’ll always be sunny
Hey Van, my dear street brother
Without you, where would I be? Lifeless in some street gutter…
Greetings Martin, you “little” perv you.
Life is always interesting when I’m around you.
And who can forget Saurav, one of my close friends
Used to hate you, but personalities can bend
Dear Christine, they say opposites attract
You’ve been wonderful to me, there’s so little you lack
And there’s Eddie, the man for all seasons
Deceptive and cunning, all of your actions have a reason
Not a single day goes by, not a lone waking moment
You’re all so important to me; you make everything all worth it.
I barely know Kevin, but I know him enough
Kindness with a sense of humor, and a sprinkle of lust…
…For Audrey, though I know her even less
I’ve read her blog and I must confess
We must talk sometime… no I do not jest
Oh snap, I almost forgot Teresa
Guy or girl, I’ll still appreciate thee
For all of those nasty little things that you’ve taught to me.
If you have Teresa, better not forget Marcus
Like Mario and Yoshi, the duo is snarkus
Also barging into this poem is a guy named Chris
Searching my mind, I knew someone was amiss
He’s full of jokes and is always brisk
And last but not least, we have Cassi
Bringing joy and laughter, she’s always a joy to see.
The future lies uncertain, but one thing will be sure
Our closely knit group of friends will split; it’ll be so hard to endure.
Wherever we go and whatever we do,
I wish to God I’ll see all of you.

You know, sometime later in the future, perhaps in my thirties, I might have a home, a job, and my own family. One day, this blog will just pop up into my mind and I’ll read it again. Memories will overwhelm my mind and I’ll cry from the overload of golden moments flooding my nerves. We’ve been through countless ups and downs haven’t we? Well, at least for me.

If and when we leave each other like dandelion seeds, I wish with all my might that we can keep in touch. Maybe meet again for some Christmas caroling and a good movie.

…now wouldn’t that be nice…

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