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If you plan on reading all of this word for word… good luck! =P

It’s going to be my first stream of consciousness in ages, and probably the first one ever not to have a passcode. I’m probably going to write nonstop with no regards to length, be it very short or very long. So where to begin?

The ecstasy of passing with flying colors with the toughest examiner in Alma has already faded into the past. Whenever I drive with my dad, the quality of my skills decreases by like 200 percent. Driving with him is automatically associated with pressure, unneeded pressure. I start to make mistakes even when I think about driving with him. I don’t know if my parents noticed, but they’re making me a worse driver than I was before. I probably won’t be able to pass if I take the test now.

Yesterday, I went on a four hour tour in San Francisco. Tours are informative. Tours are boring until the very end. You don’t appreciate how much you’ve seen until twenty minutes before the tour ends. Then you look back and think “damn!” The tour was sort of eventful. On our way down from Twin Peak where you could see the entire city of The City by the Ocean, the top deck (where I was seated) noticed that we left two people behind. Thinking about it now makes me laugh, but back then, I don’t think anybody really cared.

Really? Well at least no one was willing to go to the tour guide and give him the news. So I’m like oh wtf and went down myself. There’s initiative for you, Eddie. Whether it was Eddie’s influence or the no man left behind mantra made famous by the Army and countless movies… So we went back to Twin Peaks, picked up the two stragglers, and I became a five minute hero. Sorry Eddie, but you make taking initiative seem so overrated.

I’ve also developed a habit of mentally speaking to myself, especially when criticizing others. It’s increased since break started because I’m cut off from the rest of the world and am agitated. Now I think about it, it sounds like a broken record. Nothing but holy shit get me the fuck out of here, how do I tell them that they’re acting gay without hurting their feelings, god fucking damn shut up SHUT UP.

I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been telling myself there’s nothing to talk about. Totally untrue. All of these mindless chores gives me tons of time to think about whatever. Today while stacking dishes, I thought about War of the Worlds, the Hollywood version. The kid talks to Cruise that all he wants to do is dump the kids back to their mother so he only has to care about himself. “And that’s the way you like it,” says he with an awful finality. How would I like it?

In my current mood, yes, definitely. Just take care of myself, don’t have to worry about carrying the burdens of others. Haha, no no, your group seems nice and prepared and all (How do I tell them that they’re acting gay without hurting their feelings?) but I’d like to be alone. How about we make a trade and never see each other again?

But then, I’ve always had a phobia for being the last person on Earth. Right… that makes my life soo much easier to contemplate.

I used to enjoy group projects. I still mostly do. Now, my mind is like tainted with distrust. I prefer to work alone. Get my A’s that way. Then people got this bright idea of “teaming up” with me and declaring my project a “group project.” (How do I tell them that they’re acting gay without hurting their feelings?) So that just means more work for me. It’s happened so much it’s a part of life now. I don’t really mind, because more work means more preparation. Well, it’s been better lately and now I’m the one slacking off as they “repay me.”

My increasing sense of rivalry doesn’t seem to have any bounds, especially in my French 4 class. You could call that a good thing. But it’s been hurting some of my friendships. I think I’ve alienated Cassandra and Kevin, perhaps even Martin for awhile. I knew it. I didn’t care. Just get your damn A and make up later. I don’t think it’ll let up anytime soon. Cassi and Kevin will continue to be alienated as I strive to achieve better grades. There’s not much I can do about it, or nothing I can think of right now. At least, nothing that won’t sacrifice my grades. Cassi’s voice still echoes in my mind. Have I done anything to offend you? You always act so cold and snappish. You’ve forgotten distant, Cassi… She mentions distant later on, so yeah.

I feel like I’m slowly changing to something I hate. But I know that something is going to be stronger, faster, and perhaps more efficient than what I am now. And I bet it’s going to be cruel. Shooting at your enemy when he/she’s already falling in flames cruel. Already, the coldness is becoming the default attitude whenever I meet someone. It takes a lot of effort to try and start to give them a decent chance to be someone I like. Thankfully, after that, it gets easy. I guess there’s still some part of me that’s compassionate and social no matter how small. You’re so fighting a losing battle.

I guess I fail to realize that there are things that should be done in groups. Even if it’s big and you think you can finish it single handedly. I fail to realize it until the very end, when I feel like I’m drowning and while I start to harbor this anger at this injustice and indecency towards my group who are getting ready for bed or chatting away on AIM about what seems to be the most trivial subjects. Well, I wouldn’t know. And to think, I was the one that isolated myself from the rest, no matter how willing they are to help.

And then Cynthia came along. Maybe she understands. I’m so damn glad she’s here and now I feel like crying through happiness because… because in the midst of the sleeplessness, the drowning, the helplessness, she’d reach out and help me through. Proofread some, correcting, staying up until the morning with me. Just guiding me in for a safe landing when all I’ve ever told my group was to back off. How does she know? It’s like my mask is inpenetrable to everyone but her. And now, her boyfriend dumped her and she wants to die. And I feel so bad. If she dies, I wouldn’t have repaid her for what she does for me. It’s not fair how the nice people always loses. It’s not fair that the brave ones die first in battle and the cowards that stay back still live.

Exasperated. Yes, that’s the word I was searching for this whole time.

Maybe to achieve better grades, you must at times isolate yourself from distractions, such as other people that try to make contact with you. People like Cassi and Kevin should know that better than anyone else. And honestly, they do act distant from my point of view. And automatically, my mind begins to generate words such as selfish and hypocritical. Wtf’s wrong with me??! I know they’re not, or at least not intentionally. One thing I strive to do is to NOT be hypocritical. Because those people make me puke.

So do people that talk really loudly for attention. God, I hate those people too. Being alone does have its treasures, and I haven’t fully appreciated it until I don’t have loneliness anymore. What I don’t like about my family is that they don’t know when I need to be alone. And now with all this fighting, I don’t even want to see people right now.

I also hate people that are really physical. Unfortunately, that’s one part of me that will always remain hypocritical. I’m always looking for some good excuse to hit someone in the face or kick in the gut. Whenever I see mean people taking advantage of others not up to me to decide, but still, I always walk over and argue while thinking Please hit me, please hit me, please oh god PLEASE HIT ME! And somehow, they never do, but just step aside. There are too many battles easily won. And “right” wins again.

Ecstasy, exasperation, sadness, anger, fear, anxiousness, depressed, worried, disappointed, and somehow, apathy. I don’t know how I feel all of these things all at once.

Teresa told me that things aren’t supposed to make sense when you’re angry. I’ve never heard anything so wise. But am I really angry? I really hope I am. Life would be that much easier when you only have one emotion at a time. But ten


Reading through all this makes me sound like a prick. I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but this is just how I am when I rant nonstop. But I guess I really am angry, so for now… I’m sorry if I offended you. But not sorry for thinking all of this.


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Happy birthday Martin!

An ode to Martin

The king of tentacles and hentai finally goes to rest
Imensely satisfied at the ones he molests
It only takes a little encouragement for him to express
his inner longings, which would put anyone in distress

And I digress,

For this is not what this poem is about
What you’ve seen above is “mostly” untrue
For if you’ve had seen him today you’d probably shout

Happy birthday Martin! And many wishes to you!

Happy birthday!!!



Thanks Martin for an awesome party, though your dog punched a hole in my sock. Enjoy the present!


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Double Penetration!!!!

screamed Vikki!!!

So on one particular day, armageddon walked into my house personified as Martin and Vikki so they could support my traumatized self through a harrowing maze of notes in my recital. Martin came first, like an hour before Vikki, and that hour was burned on playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl matches on my Wii. This, while distracting, did little to quench my nervousness on the upcoming recital.

 Offically known as “Sonata in C Sharp Minor op. 27 #2,” or more famously, as the “Moonlight Sonata,” it was as painful to play as it was to read the actual official title. Seriously, doesn’t a piece named Sonata in C Sharp Minor op. 27 #2 sound even a little intimidating to play?

Before the final trial however, there was still a golden moment to spend with Martin and Vikki. We talked about fantasy trips to Canada, Europe, and envied Martin’s extreme luck of being able to go to New York… not for the first time I might add.

A few minutes later, I excused myself from the conversation.

“Okay, I’m going upstairs to my room now. I’m going to change.” So naturally, my two friends tailed me.

I’m going to change… was that the verbal magnet that so effectively lured Martin and Vikki into my room? I barely took off my pants when I heard a stampede of footsteps at 3 o’clock low, closing in faster than you can say I need some privacy. I barely managed to don on my pants again before Vikki’s body slammed into a hastily shut door, quickly followed by Martin.

As strongly built and muscular I am, I was slowly losing ground to the two invaders. Pretty soon, the door was swinging uselessly to the side as I played goalie against Vikki and Martin. Sandwiched betwen two guys apparently seemed very appealing to Vikki and her voice, louder than lion sex, yelled, Eww guys. Haha, DOUBLE PENETRATION!!

Martin was all, “What the–?” But while Martin was awe-inspired by the monster he and Teresa created, I didn’t think much of it that time because I was still the lone defense against the invaders. So Martin and Vikki invited themselves into my room and I was too exhausted to do anything. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my airsoft handgun that Martin gave to me. So I picked it up, unsafed the gun, and cocked it. All in the span of two seconds I proudly might add. I shot Martin twice in the back before he broke my gun.

You’re thinking I’m showing very little appreciation towards the friends that are going to support me through my recital? Maybe that’s true. But in my defense, I was in the middle of stripping off my pants and you can get more than a little defensive when your privacy becomes threatened like that.

Then I met Van at the recital house, Le Petit Trianon. Recital came and passed. Hugs were exchanged. Then we went to the Starbucks in Silvercreek. I bought a cold Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino and Martin bought an iced venti caramel macchiatto. Vikki drank fruit juice and I totally forgot what Van bought. So what is there to do in the Starbucks near the Ranch you might ask? Not much. But that didn’t stop us from having some fun. We walked to the bridge and through some rich neighborhoods talking about random events and wishes.

Such an interesting day…

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eBao… eBay. eBao! Am I crazy or is that a good idea???

Hmm, what should eBao be about?

My name is probably one of the most versatile names in the entire school of Evergreen Valley High School. It’s also one of the most fun to mess around with. Bah-bah-Bao! B-B-B-B-BAO! Bao! Bao! Bao! You can make songs with lyrics comprising of just Bao’s. You can play with a twist of words. Bao to your master! Bao to me! Bao to Bao! It’s also, ironically, one of the hardest names to say. Those of you who are reading this and don’t know me may think, “Bao… is it pronounced… Boa? Or… Bale? Bahao?” Well fyi fellow readers, it’s pronounced bow, as in Bao to me.

The Vietnamese pronounciation… ah that’s another story completely. I find it hard to believe that so many people can’t say it correctly in Vietnamese. It seems so easy! But I guess that’s because… psh obviously.

Someone once said on his away message: All Tinas are sluts. No offense!
All I could do was… 0_0

I could go rant on and on about my past few months at EVHS. But no. It’s not worth mentioning about in this blog.

Act III Scene 1

(Setting: French 3, 4th period, French reading time, Michelin tourism guide)

Alicia: (pronouncing the sentence flawlessly and without hesitation) Les touristes peuvent facilement choisir les hôtels et les restaurants qui correspondent à leurs goûts… et à leurs ressources financières.

Saurav: (with much hesitation) Uhh.. Michelin est l’une des pluls (plus, as in “ploo” how do you mispronounce ploo?).. entreeprises? (entreprises) francais (francaises, genius). Son activité princiaple (principal you moron) n’est pas la publication de guides (prounouced geeds you….. iashkl dghs) touristiques, mais la fabrication des PUH-news. (pneus, pronounced news)

(Bao , Nivita, and Martin snickers)

Saurav: Shut up guys. Shut the fuck up.

Bao: PUH-neu Saurav? PUH-neu?

Martin: My god, Saurav.’

(Fifteen minutes later)

(Martin remembers incident and starts laughing)

Saurav: What?

Bao: (turns around) PUH-neu Saurav?

Saurav: OMFG. Hey it’s not as bad as Martin’s incident!

Martin: Alright, I’ll stop Saurav.

Sauravv: That’s what I THOUGHT!

Martin: Wow Saurav.

**FLashback to previous incident**

(French compostion today)

Mme. Weiss: Okay. Here’s your prompt.

Prompt: Your parents are out on Friday and you must go to your friend’s place. But wait! Il y a une probleme! Your parents left you with chores. Yada yada yada…

Martin: (stares in horror) Oh… my… God. (Turns around to Saurav frantically) Sauravv Saurav! PLEASE! How do you say Friday in French!?

Saurav: … what the hell? (starts smiling) Are you kidding me?

Martin: Dammit! (starts fake crying)

Saurav: How the HELL did you pass French one?

Martin: (finally realizing that Saurav won’t be much help) Bao! How do you say Friday!?

Bao: (WAAY too busy laughing)

Martin: sdfjkl lsdjgasdk;

(Aftermath: Martin managed not to say “Friday” even once in his composition. (Vendredi) We never bothered to ask for his score.)

eBao SHALL be the world’s ULTIMATE website for.. accurate simulations of ANYTHING! Experience virtual reality through this website. Would you like to kill someone you hate? Can’t get the girl of your dreams? Want to experience the extraordinary? This amazing website will let you travel anywhere. Fly a kite in Iraq! Take a walk in space! With this crazy website, you shall undertake the most astonishing journeys of your life any day you wish and from anywhere you please.

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OMG, you guys disgrace me…

Act II Scene I

Setting: Fourth period French class (Note: This is only an abridged version)

Bao finishes showing Madame Weiss his finished APT hwk. Some time passes.

Saurav: Oh Bao, Bao!

Bao: Yeah?

Saurav: Check this out. I can totally make Martin do whatever I want!

Bao: (Laughs) what the hell? Really?

Martin: (In a voice filled with despair) Oh my god Saurav no. Hella messed up! (Reaches under Saurav’s desk in an attempt to grope him)

Saurav: What the hell was that? That’s it Martin. Slap yourself.

Martin: (glares…) Damn it Saurav I’m sorry. PLEASE!

Saurav: Do it!

Martin: (mock cries, gives himself a slap)

Saurav: Wtf, that’s not a slap.

Martin: (Slaps himself harder)

Bao: (Laughs) Woow, Saurav.

Saurav: Martin, stand up, then sit down.

Bao: (thinking) In the middle of Weiss’s pronounciation sessions? THIS I have to see.

Martin: (whispers) Omg, Saurav, Pleaaaase!

Saurav: (smiling) C’mon Martin, you have to do it.

Martin: (stands up and sits down as fast as his “physique” can handle)

Bao: Martin. Wtf was that? You call that standing?

Saurav: Stand taller. Sing Can’t touch this and slap your ass.


Bao: Martin, you’re a friggin disgrace!

Martin: (Cries) I know Bao I know!

End scene

Now for my title. I came across an entry in my book of weird things about Christians defending Creationism. For those who don’t know, Creationism, nemesis of Evolutionism, is the theory that the creation of the universe told in the book of Genesis in the Bible, is literally true.


So, in order to combat the theory of evolutionism, one must provide evidence that contradicts evolutionism, which is exactly what we, as Christians, try to do. However, some of these claims embarass me so much for one or several of these reasons: They overlook basic scientific facts, they hide it from you completely (and intentionally), or they “plant” the evidence, also called hoaxing. Here are some I got from the book. Claims and proof (some by me, but sadly all are found in the book)

1. Earth creates helium (radioactivity) which builds up in the Earth’s atmosphere. The small amount of helium proves that Earth is still young, disproving the Earth’s age according to science. It doesn’t match the rate at which Earth generates helium through radioactivity or otherwise.

PSH! Okay, well, why do we use helium in balloons and blimps? Because they’re lighter than air. So, helium would simply escape into space. The sun releases helium every day and isn’t it much heavier than our little Earth? HA! AP CHEM at work!

2. Earth’s magnetic field decays and calculations show the Earth to be approximately 10,000 years old.

Yes, but doesn’t the magnetic field renew itself? (after research… YES)

3. There are instances where primitive fossils lie above advance fossils, disproving evolution.

Um, hello…. landslides!!!!! 😀

4. Chances of proper molecules assembling randomly into a living molecule is tiny. Therefore, there must be a greater power at work.

… It does NOT assemble randomly! (AP CHEM FTW)

5. Current rate of shrinkage of Sun would assume through calculations that the sun’s surface would’ve neared Earth’s orbit several million years ago if science was on the money. (Shrinkage… huh?) For now, I think the sun expands.

But each stage in the sun’s life occur at different rates. See? A simple scientific fact ignored.

6. THERMODYNAMICS (I’ve actually used this for fun.. and with much success) Evolution violates 2nd law of thermodynamics: Entropy (disorder) is always increasing. (AP CHEM!!!! and a bit of physics)

Yes, BUT! You can get order out of disorder… if you add energy! Take note kids and AP Physics bound people. [ahaha, sounds like Mr. Redillas talking] in the example shown by the book, let’s say you ordered and received an unassembled bicycle. Very disorderly, yes? Nuts and boats and frame here and there… but you apply energy through work and voila, you have a bike! Your energy comes from the food you eat, which ultimately grows because of the sun, which provides tons and tons of energy!

There are 8 other claims and truths found in the book “The Weird 100” by Stephen Spignesi but I’m way too lazy, plus it would be considered major plagiarism (gosh I hope this isn’t now… but I listed the source!)

Why did I spend time to write all of this? I just think that Christianity, like this, deliberately takes advantage of people’s lack of knowledge in certain areas and I think it’s just low. Don’t get me wrong, most of you already know I’m die-hard Christian. But religion (as Chris said) is based on faith.

A little patience wouldn’t hurt.

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20 reasons of How SCHOOL life is taking over MY life =P

1. Cousin comes home and says she got a tan. Me: Wtf, what does sine and cosine have to do with anything???

2. First things that come to my mind in Holocaust: 6 million Jews, 12 million total. 6 million Jews, 12 million total. Remember that!

3. I read my AP chem book more often then I read my airplane books. HOW COULD THIS BE?!!?

4. I have a vague interest in Negima (Damn you Martin)

5. I get all excited checking out a book on writing college essays

6. When my cousins want me to do the wave, I think harmonic motion

7. Whenever someone thinks Tech Museum, I think Christmas in the Park (carolling)

8. I speak French in the shower.

9. When I number things, I count in French.

10. I find myself speaking French to my students.

11. I find myself writing in French when I’m bored.

12. When I swear in English, I think of the FRENCH equivalent. Merde!

13. When I watch a movie, I like to put up French subtitles.

14. When someone says Eastridge, I think Barnes and Nobles and, ultimately, brand-new, glistening study books and notecards.

15. I get excited when buying a pencil and eraser.

16. I walk out of the room when a commercial regarding school turns up.

17. A tree branch reminds me of pullups, which ultimately reminds me of MAC.

18. A website with a dark background reminds me of the community service website.

19. I once at least 3 times denied an offer to skip school from my parents.

20. On weekends, I think about staging “study” sessions.

School is coming along as fine as usual. It’s just that I have an AP Chemistry test on Tuesday (omg, tomorrow already?) So checklist: reread my book, clip ID to backpack, borrow a calculator, and study like there’s no tomorrow… for tomorrow.

Sunday was such an awesome time. Well, sorta kinda. I had fun with Saurav, Martin, and Vikki. I got a ride with Martin. We came at 10:30 in the morning, had Starbucks, and designed our own buildings. I got locked up in a public bathroom =P While in there, I found out how good my friends really are: crappy. If your friend got locked up in a public bathroom with autocleaning about to come on at any second, wouldn’t you be freaked out instead of jamming the door shut? (exaggeration)

And in other news, I’m sorta irritated at Martin for not starting the Mafia game. It’s been so long that I’ve completely lost my edge. My weapon is under my bed somewhere. My poison hot sauce I used the other day on my fried rice.

I’m totally freaking out. Why the hell am I writing this? Shouldn’t I be studying? Damn right! TTYL!

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Martin and I having fun

hybread monkey (9:20:14 PM): so bao
hybread monkey (9:20:17 PM): whatas up?
baowahrangers (9:20:27 PM): my thing
baowahrangers (9:21:08 PM): it’s
baowahrangers (9:21:09 PM): long
baowahrangers (9:21:12 PM): skinny
baowahrangers (9:21:13 PM): big
baowahrangers (9:21:18 PM):
hybread monkey (9:21:30 PM): …
hybread monkey (9:21:42 PM): are you kidding me bao
baowahrangers (9:21:41 PM): wooow
baowahrangers (9:21:43 PM): pervert
baowahrangers (9:21:48 PM): my leg dumbass
baowahrangers (9:21:57 PM): nasty
hybread monkey (9:22:14 PM): well fuck you
hybread monkey (9:22:15 PM): lol
baowahrangers (9:22:16 PM): lolzz
hybread monkey (9:22:20 PM): look at me pf
baowahrangers (9:22:28 PM): u bastard
baowahrangers (9:22:38 PM): i see u’ve conveniently left out the my leg part
hybread monkey (9:23:37 PM): because you know you tried to trick me
hybread monkey (9:23:41 PM): your leg
baowahrangers (9:23:39 PM): no i didnt
hybread monkey (9:23:42 PM): psh
hybread monkey (9:23:44 PM): my ass
baowahrangers (9:23:44 PM): seriously
baowahrangers (9:23:47 PM): it was propped up
baowahrangers (9:23:49 PM): against the table
hybread monkey (9:23:58 PM): then why say “thing”
hybread monkey (9:24:00 PM): =/
baowahrangers (9:24:01 PM): so what if i said thing
hybread monkey (9:24:13 PM): you know what bao
hybread monkey (9:24:16 PM): forget you
hybread monkey (9:24:27 PM): i’m going to shove my thing up your ass tomorrow
hybread monkey (9:24:44 PM): “thing” as you previously defined it
baowahrangers (9:25:01 PM): LOL
baowahrangers (9:25:02 PM): NASTY
baowahrangers (9:25:10 PM): holy shit!
baowahrangers (9:25:17 PM): i nver knew u were like that
hybread monkey (9:25:43 PM): shit is not holy
hybread monkey (9:25:46 PM): its unholy
hybread monkey (9:26:08 PM): it has the holiness of a bum pissing in the holy water
hybread monkey (9:26:10 PM): =P
hybread monkey (9:26:16 PM): blasphemy bao
hybread monkey (9:26:19 PM): shame on you
baowahrangers (9:34:31 PM): that was the lamest attempt at a dis ever
hybread monkey (9:34:45 PM): =P
baowahrangers (9:34:45 PM): took me THAT long to think of an adequate response
baowahrangers (9:34:50 PM): that’s how CRAPPY ur dis was
hybread monkey (9:35:09 PM): that wasnt meant as a dis smart ass
hybread monkey (9:35:25 PM): just to correct your incorrect language
hybread monkey (9:35:32 PM): =P
baowahrangers (9:35:50 PM): wow
baowahrangers (9:35:56 PM): stop being such a dickhead
baowahrangers (9:36:01 PM): u whorebag
hybread monkey (9:36:04 PM): fine
hybread monkey (9:36:07 PM): lol
baowahrangers (9:36:06 PM): lolz
hybread monkey (9:36:14 PM): infidel
baowahrangers (9:36:23 PM): cameldick
hybread monkey (9:36:34 PM): why thank you
baowahrangers (9:36:32 PM): asslicker
baowahrangers (9:36:35 PM): OMG
baowahrangers (9:36:38 PM): mental image
hybread monkey (9:36:42 PM): LOL
hybread monkey (9:36:51 PM): you brought it upon yourself

Later that day…


hybread monkey (10:00:03 PM): lol
baowahrangers (10:04:22 PM): whatcha doing?
hybread monkey (10:04:32 PM): hw
hybread monkey (10:07:07 PM): what are you doing?
baowahrangers (10:07:17 PM): playing with my thing
baowahrangers (10:07:22 PM): its long and hard
baowahrangers (10:07:25 PM): kinda pointy at the end
hybread monkey (10:07:37 PM): again bao?…
hybread monkey (10:07:40 PM): god damn
hybread monkey (10:07:45 PM): horny bastard
baowahrangers (10:07:42 PM): wooow wtf??
baowahrangers (10:07:45 PM): my pencil
baowahrangers (10:07:51 PM): dood, wtf is ur problem today
hybread monkey (10:08:37 PM): lol
hybread monkey (10:08:41 PM): even more stuff to PF
hybread monkey (10:09:45 PM): i bet playing with your “pencil” feels really good
baowahrangers (10:09:52 PM): ..
hybread monkey (10:10:37 PM): well
hybread monkey (10:10:42 PM): isnt playing with your thing fun>
hybread monkey (10:10:43 PM): ?
hybread monkey (10:10:54 PM): why else would oyu play with it
hybread monkey (10:11:02 PM): man
hybread monkey (10:11:04 PM): i dont have one
hybread monkey (10:11:09 PM): can i borrow one of yours?
baowahrangers (10:11:07 PM): lol
hybread monkey (10:11:16 PM): we can play together
hybread monkey (10:11:18 PM): =D
baowahrangers (10:11:29 PM): sure
baowahrangers (10:11:33 PM): but im giving u the used one
baowahrangers (10:11:38 PM): its about time i moved to a new one
hybread monkey (10:16:09 PM): lol
hybread monkey (10:16:10 PM): kk
baowahrangers (10:16:14 PM): pervert

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Ahh, friends, what can I say
You’ve help cheer me up on those cold winter days.
You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry
It’s been fun, but time flies by.
Dear Vikki, you’ve been an awesome buddy
Chemistry, water fights, it’ll always be sunny
Hey Van, my dear street brother
Without you, where would I be? Lifeless in some street gutter…
Greetings Martin, you “little” perv you.
Life is always interesting when I’m around you.
And who can forget Saurav, one of my close friends
Used to hate you, but personalities can bend
Dear Christine, they say opposites attract
You’ve been wonderful to me, there’s so little you lack
And there’s Eddie, the man for all seasons
Deceptive and cunning, all of your actions have a reason
Not a single day goes by, not a lone waking moment
You’re all so important to me; you make everything all worth it.
I barely know Kevin, but I know him enough
Kindness with a sense of humor, and a sprinkle of lust…
…For Audrey, though I know her even less
I’ve read her blog and I must confess
We must talk sometime… no I do not jest
Oh snap, I almost forgot Teresa
Guy or girl, I’ll still appreciate thee
For all of those nasty little things that you’ve taught to me.
If you have Teresa, better not forget Marcus
Like Mario and Yoshi, the duo is snarkus
Also barging into this poem is a guy named Chris
Searching my mind, I knew someone was amiss
He’s full of jokes and is always brisk
And last but not least, we have Cassi
Bringing joy and laughter, she’s always a joy to see.
The future lies uncertain, but one thing will be sure
Our closely knit group of friends will split; it’ll be so hard to endure.
Wherever we go and whatever we do,
I wish to God I’ll see all of you.

You know, sometime later in the future, perhaps in my thirties, I might have a home, a job, and my own family. One day, this blog will just pop up into my mind and I’ll read it again. Memories will overwhelm my mind and I’ll cry from the overload of golden moments flooding my nerves. We’ve been through countless ups and downs haven’t we? Well, at least for me.

If and when we leave each other like dandelion seeds, I wish with all my might that we can keep in touch. Maybe meet again for some Christmas caroling and a good movie.

…now wouldn’t that be nice…

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Because I’m completely bored, I’ve decided to keep track of the number of kills each person has. Even though the main objective of the game is to be the last one alive, having the most number of kills can give you some pride =D.

And also, if Teresa starts killing everyone and Nam ends up with no kills and they both are the two remaining…. and Nam wins (scenario given by Martin), then this score system will be taken into account.

So far, Kevin and Saurav are in the lead with one kill each. Stanley had a kill, but died shortly after. Vikki, Martin, and Eddie died with no kills in their favor. Everyone else has zero but are still in the game. For some reason, almost EVERYONE has a large expectation for Teresa. LOL! Hmmm… it’s quiet… TOO quiet.

Kevin: 1 kill
Saurav: 1 kill
Igor: 1 kill
Nam: 0 kills
Marcus: 0 kills
Teresa: 0 kills
Van: 0 kills
Audrey: 0 kills
Stanley(deceased): 1 kill First Blood 😀 Kudos~
Vikki (deceased): 0 kills
Eddie (deceased): 0 kills
Martin (deceased) : 0 kills

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Last Sunday afternoon

Soo, Sunday afternoon was a fun time at Martin’s house. There was Halo, Mafia, and karaoke. Such fun times even though I regretted sleeping through part of it. I dreamt of a crushing darkness and when I came to, I found people trying to sit on me. 0_0 Truly disturbing as it was, I managed to keep it all in. I swear this isn’t healthy for my psychological half.

Not much to report, since the party wasn’t that interesting. Sure, it was really fun. Before lunch there was Halo3. After lunch there was karaoke. After karaoke was a water gun shootout and Mafia. As usual, I’ve performed spectacularly in the face of two gunmen. Using a single pillar as cover, I fought it out between Eddie and Kevin, with only my gun and arm expose. Ammunition flew everywhere. Water dripped down my barrel.

I fired guiltlessly, over and over again. Worrying about my ammo supply, I gave up each vantage point, one by one, slowy and strategically falling back until I reached my final resort, behind an elaborate fountain. I fired left and right, then spun back behind the pillar. After a sharp exhale, I went at it again, exposing myself. I fired and a stream of water flew between my chin ahd shoulder. Hah! Like such a narrow shot could’ve fazed me. But something was wrong. I was running low on ammunition, but my fire partner was nowhere in sight. I shot my two agressors continuously, yet they appeared to be invincible, unaffected by my fire as it landed at their hearts. THen… I spotted him. There was Van, at the lunch table. What the FUCK was he doing???! So, fighting bravely and skillfully, I’ve come to realize that a warrior knew when to call it quits. Yet another genius thwarted by an incapable assistant. Sorry Van. haha. Maybe next time.

THEN there was another episode where Martin had a garden hose. Ahhh the irony of it. Me and three others with lowly squirt guns taking on what Kevin called “The Spartan Laser.”

During Martin’s party, TWO more victims fell prey to their assassins. Saurav took a poison dart, lured Stanley away from the crowded area, and skillfully took him out. The only evidence of the kill was a bloody dart and a slit throat. Stanley was unwilling to submit to an interview.

BaoWahRaNgErS (9:16:54 PM): how did u feel when saurav murdered u?
stanleytchan (9:17:09 PM): relief
BaoWahRaNgErS (9:17:15 PM): why?
stanleytchan (9:17:40 PM): dont ask too many questions bao….dont question the nature
stanleytchan (9:17:40 PM): lol

Eddie took an invisible bullet to the face. Kevin ingeniously concealed a Glock and coaxed Eddie away from the room. The autopsy showed that Eddie is extremely conceited and that he shouldn’t underestimate his prey (AGAIN) in the future. The “bullet” was found lodged where the spinal cord met the brain, an extremely lethal pressure point. Kevin was extremely proud of his kill. It completely made up for his failed attempt to poison Eddie with pizza.

AilesGrise (9:13:08 PM): i shot him
AilesGrise (9:13:08 PM): like
AilesGrise (9:13:12 PM): a few feet away
AilesGrise (9:20:11 PM): I WAS EXTREMELY PROUD [of my uber pro kill]

Currently, the remaining assassins are: Van, Saurav, Nam, Marcus, Teresa, Kevin, Audrey, and Igor.

Most of you still have two targets to hunt down. Some of you only have one. I’m not gonna elaborate on that, because it’s up to you guys to figure it out. Igor and Kevin, however, had all of their targets eliminated for them. I will assign new ones accordingly and they should expect me to contact them over AIM or at school. I will have new kill lists for them.

And just a little side note, you can expect the next round to have a lot more people in it. The news has spread and more people want to join =] Martin has a lot of work ahead of him. Haha, good luck future god.

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