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Think Jingle Bells when reading

Marcus’s birthday song


Crashing through the years
With a backpack and a bike
Oh what a blur it’s been…
Having friends and fights

Seemingly attractive
Facing the big one-eight
Oh how prepared for life you are
But that’s up for debate

‘Cause… it’s the day, the big one eight
You are now a man
Paying bills, having dates
Driving mini-vans… ANS

Having kids, losing jobs,
Making pension plaans
But all of that’s long from now

Today you are a man!!!!!!




Haha, hope I didn’t freak you out there. Happy 18th birthday Marcus! And to think you still feel the same and will wake up the next day with a woman who says she’s your wife. Ah well. Have a good eighteenth year of life my man.





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The rape of Bao’s kite

So today, Marcus invited me to fly kites with him. I came and amazingly there were pretty mild temperatures, considering it was summer. Awesome. ANd on my way to Fowler Park, I stopped by my house and brought my ten year old Star Wars kite. That kite has been with me through a lot. Several beaches, countless park flights, and through the 4 houses I’ve been through on my life’s journey to…. here I guess. I made it to Fowler Park, wondering and hoping that it’s the right one, when I saw a solitary rainbow kite flying in the distance. It must be Marcus’s. Since the park was so near damn empty, that one lone kite reminded me of a flag that still manages to fly in a desolate wasteland. How appropriate I thought. Turns out it was. Stanley soon joined us and I got this bright idea to have “Kite Wars!” So basically, we would try to knock each other’s kite to the ground. Off we went ramming our kites into each other. It was my small, old plastic kite versus Marcus’s larger, newer, canvas kite. Yet, despite the odds, my kite repeatedly emerged victorious. I still say the lopsided results were to Stanley’s and my skillful maneuvering.

Victory, however, came at a terrible price. Marcus’s kite left a gash about a foot long in my trusty old kite. Aaaack. We called it quits after that. Leaving our kites on benches, we played this other game I made up. We came over to the water sprinklers and would have to look straight down the hole for ten seconds. After that got boring, and after much splashing around, we played on the playground for about forty more minutes before my ride came.

Soo I’m going to go tape my kite back together again. Bye! =D And look out for Marcus’s blog. He’s gonna write about today…

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A LOT has happened in our game of assassin from Friday to today, April the 14th.

Topic 1: Marcus

On Friday, Marcus managed to kill two people within a few hours: Nam and Van. He’s now assigned to kill Saurav. Saurav is also to kill Marcus. They’re tied by two.

Topic 2: Audrey

On Sunday, in MLK, for the umpteenth time, Audrey failed to kill Saurav. It was kinda funny really. Audrey crafted a poisonous dart in the library and placed it on Saurav’s chair. Saurav was literally inches from dying. THen he noticed Vikki staring intently at his chair and Audrey pointedly looking away. The library was as fun as always.

TOpic 3: Finalists.

There are only 4 people remaining in the game.

Marcus: 2 kills
Saurav: 2 kills
Audrey: 1 kill
Kevin: 1 kill

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Ahh, friends, what can I say
You’ve help cheer me up on those cold winter days.
You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry
It’s been fun, but time flies by.
Dear Vikki, you’ve been an awesome buddy
Chemistry, water fights, it’ll always be sunny
Hey Van, my dear street brother
Without you, where would I be? Lifeless in some street gutter…
Greetings Martin, you “little” perv you.
Life is always interesting when I’m around you.
And who can forget Saurav, one of my close friends
Used to hate you, but personalities can bend
Dear Christine, they say opposites attract
You’ve been wonderful to me, there’s so little you lack
And there’s Eddie, the man for all seasons
Deceptive and cunning, all of your actions have a reason
Not a single day goes by, not a lone waking moment
You’re all so important to me; you make everything all worth it.
I barely know Kevin, but I know him enough
Kindness with a sense of humor, and a sprinkle of lust…
…For Audrey, though I know her even less
I’ve read her blog and I must confess
We must talk sometime… no I do not jest
Oh snap, I almost forgot Teresa
Guy or girl, I’ll still appreciate thee
For all of those nasty little things that you’ve taught to me.
If you have Teresa, better not forget Marcus
Like Mario and Yoshi, the duo is snarkus
Also barging into this poem is a guy named Chris
Searching my mind, I knew someone was amiss
He’s full of jokes and is always brisk
And last but not least, we have Cassi
Bringing joy and laughter, she’s always a joy to see.
The future lies uncertain, but one thing will be sure
Our closely knit group of friends will split; it’ll be so hard to endure.
Wherever we go and whatever we do,
I wish to God I’ll see all of you.

You know, sometime later in the future, perhaps in my thirties, I might have a home, a job, and my own family. One day, this blog will just pop up into my mind and I’ll read it again. Memories will overwhelm my mind and I’ll cry from the overload of golden moments flooding my nerves. We’ve been through countless ups and downs haven’t we? Well, at least for me.

If and when we leave each other like dandelion seeds, I wish with all my might that we can keep in touch. Maybe meet again for some Christmas caroling and a good movie.

…now wouldn’t that be nice…

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