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I just realized I got tagged…

Hey, it’s me again. Me just after finishing the Gershwin post. Like, less than 5 minutes after. Looks like I got tagged. What does that mean?

Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged. Don’t forget to leave them a comment (”you’re it”). You can’t tag the person who tagged you.

 Okay. Let’s see…

1. I’ve transferred between schools 8 times in my lifetime.

2. I’m Vietnamese

3. I’m CHinese

4. But, mostly, I’m American. Proud of it bitch. Very patriotic. I won’t hear a word from any other country saying how crappy the United States is. Even if the United States does send money, supplies, or any other form of relief by herself to them because they’re too damn proud to say help.

The U.S. has such a raw deal and it pisses me off. WHICH country donates millions of dollars to international disasters? Which country did Europe run crying to during WWII (Nothing against Europe here)? Which country took part in a convoy to aid the population of an enemy? And at the same time, which country has a reputation for being stupid? Which country is considered the most materialistic and shallow? Do they even do research? Many of us are smart, okay? Fuck.

They say we stick our noses where they don’t belong. But once we say we have no part in this matter, we’re criticized for “not caring about the rest of the world” and immediately classified as a selfish nation, or a cowardly nation.

Deviated there. But if you skipped down to here, what the paragraphs really say is: PROUD TO BE AMERICAN BITCH!

5. I’m into jets. Jets, jets, and more jets. The capabilities, the power, the shiny parts! I’m also into unique paint designs on these things. Fighters = exhileration

6. I play the piano. I consider it as a last resort if I can’t get a decent job. There’s always performing and teaching.

7. I’ve never depended on friends as much as now.

*shall insert group picture here when group picture exists*

8. Lately I’ve been having very terrifying dreams. I don’t know what to make of it. Some of them are so exhilerating though, it makes me want to keep them.

9. Looking at Eddie’s post for reference and reading more closely at his facts, I found out that Eddie kissed Marcus. Eddie kissed marcus. My eyes!

10. The closest I’ve ever gotten to suicide was drawing blood as I took a knife, held it under my chin, and prepared to thrust upwards.

11. I owe Eddie $8. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. =D

12. I’m really excited for French 4. Don’t let me down guys. Friends in French 4: Martin, Kelvin, Cassandra, Kevin, Sam. Gee, that doesn’t sound like much when I list them.

13. Airports at night are very exciting for me. My dream vacation always begins with us as a group carpooling to San Francisco Intl. (HAS TO BE THAT ONE) at 9 or 10 at night, each holding tickets and bags for the flight that leaves at 1 in the morning.

14. The first thing I’ll get when I move into my own house is a dog.

15. My favorite restaurant is Benihana.

16. I love American, Japanese, Italian, and French food.

There ya go! And in turn, I’ll tag Chris, Van, and Sam if she reads this.




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Who is that? 0_o

Mysterious girl with Bao




There she goes...





There she goes again..





Who’s that mysterious person always smiling with me? Like some angel or demon, she seems to be always there, watching .. and watching, indirectly affecting the fluid course of my life. Stanley thought it was a girlfriend. Xi thought it was me. I wouldn’t have guessed she was related. Erik had no clue.

People, meet my cousin Sam! Stanley… disgustingly inaccurate. Xi… um ok? Erik, congratulations, you had the best guess. Applause applause applause! Sad…








[Umm… ok Andrew. Who’s that?]

Guys, you’re back!

[Alright, whatever makes ya happy. Who’s that?]

Well, some guy named Kevin thought she was my girlfriend.

[Is he right?]

[ 0_0 Omg Andrew, tell me no…]

Meet Sam’s sister Katt! [Phew -_-] Do you all see a weird trend where two people mistakened my two cousins to be my girlfriends?

[Why are we not surprised?]

Here we are all together.

[Bao you player >D]


Moving on!! 0_o

On my dad’s side, Sam and Katt are my favorite cousins. Seriously whenever I go to a party on my dad’s side, usually one of those dull deathday parties to celebrate a dead relative, it would be worse by tenfold with all of those meaner older cousins that demand unwavering respect. On the other extreme side of the spectrum are my younger counterparts… the more annoying ones. Of course, they’ve grown and matured and formed their own little faction and before I knew it, they’re just like us now with cellphones, iPods, and their own little cliches. Makes me sick for some reason. Well, at least there’s also Sam and Kat there to keep me sane.

Haha, I just had to write a post about my two lifesaving/sanitysaving cousins.

Will love you all always!

Aaand I wanted to experiment with photo options. What do you think of my blog’s new theme? Comments please?

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eBao… eBay. eBao! Am I crazy or is that a good idea???

Hmm, what should eBao be about?

My name is probably one of the most versatile names in the entire school of Evergreen Valley High School. It’s also one of the most fun to mess around with. Bah-bah-Bao! B-B-B-B-BAO! Bao! Bao! Bao! You can make songs with lyrics comprising of just Bao’s. You can play with a twist of words. Bao to your master! Bao to me! Bao to Bao! It’s also, ironically, one of the hardest names to say. Those of you who are reading this and don’t know me may think, “Bao… is it pronounced… Boa? Or… Bale? Bahao?” Well fyi fellow readers, it’s pronounced bow, as in Bao to me.

The Vietnamese pronounciation… ah that’s another story completely. I find it hard to believe that so many people can’t say it correctly in Vietnamese. It seems so easy! But I guess that’s because… psh obviously.

Someone once said on his away message: All Tinas are sluts. No offense!
All I could do was… 0_0

I could go rant on and on about my past few months at EVHS. But no. It’s not worth mentioning about in this blog.

Act III Scene 1

(Setting: French 3, 4th period, French reading time, Michelin tourism guide)

Alicia: (pronouncing the sentence flawlessly and without hesitation) Les touristes peuvent facilement choisir les hôtels et les restaurants qui correspondent à leurs goûts… et à leurs ressources financières.

Saurav: (with much hesitation) Uhh.. Michelin est l’une des pluls (plus, as in “ploo” how do you mispronounce ploo?).. entreeprises? (entreprises) francais (francaises, genius). Son activité princiaple (principal you moron) n’est pas la publication de guides (prounouced geeds you….. iashkl dghs) touristiques, mais la fabrication des PUH-news. (pneus, pronounced news)

(Bao , Nivita, and Martin snickers)

Saurav: Shut up guys. Shut the fuck up.

Bao: PUH-neu Saurav? PUH-neu?

Martin: My god, Saurav.’

(Fifteen minutes later)

(Martin remembers incident and starts laughing)

Saurav: What?

Bao: (turns around) PUH-neu Saurav?

Saurav: OMFG. Hey it’s not as bad as Martin’s incident!

Martin: Alright, I’ll stop Saurav.

Sauravv: That’s what I THOUGHT!

Martin: Wow Saurav.

**FLashback to previous incident**

(French compostion today)

Mme. Weiss: Okay. Here’s your prompt.

Prompt: Your parents are out on Friday and you must go to your friend’s place. But wait! Il y a une probleme! Your parents left you with chores. Yada yada yada…

Martin: (stares in horror) Oh… my… God. (Turns around to Saurav frantically) Sauravv Saurav! PLEASE! How do you say Friday in French!?

Saurav: … what the hell? (starts smiling) Are you kidding me?

Martin: Dammit! (starts fake crying)

Saurav: How the HELL did you pass French one?

Martin: (finally realizing that Saurav won’t be much help) Bao! How do you say Friday!?

Bao: (WAAY too busy laughing)

Martin: sdfjkl lsdjgasdk;

(Aftermath: Martin managed not to say “Friday” even once in his composition. (Vendredi) We never bothered to ask for his score.)

eBao SHALL be the world’s ULTIMATE website for.. accurate simulations of ANYTHING! Experience virtual reality through this website. Would you like to kill someone you hate? Can’t get the girl of your dreams? Want to experience the extraordinary? This amazing website will let you travel anywhere. Fly a kite in Iraq! Take a walk in space! With this crazy website, you shall undertake the most astonishing journeys of your life any day you wish and from anywhere you please.

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OMG, you guys disgrace me…

Act II Scene I

Setting: Fourth period French class (Note: This is only an abridged version)

Bao finishes showing Madame Weiss his finished APT hwk. Some time passes.

Saurav: Oh Bao, Bao!

Bao: Yeah?

Saurav: Check this out. I can totally make Martin do whatever I want!

Bao: (Laughs) what the hell? Really?

Martin: (In a voice filled with despair) Oh my god Saurav no. Hella messed up! (Reaches under Saurav’s desk in an attempt to grope him)

Saurav: What the hell was that? That’s it Martin. Slap yourself.

Martin: (glares…) Damn it Saurav I’m sorry. PLEASE!

Saurav: Do it!

Martin: (mock cries, gives himself a slap)

Saurav: Wtf, that’s not a slap.

Martin: (Slaps himself harder)

Bao: (Laughs) Woow, Saurav.

Saurav: Martin, stand up, then sit down.

Bao: (thinking) In the middle of Weiss’s pronounciation sessions? THIS I have to see.

Martin: (whispers) Omg, Saurav, Pleaaaase!

Saurav: (smiling) C’mon Martin, you have to do it.

Martin: (stands up and sits down as fast as his “physique” can handle)

Bao: Martin. Wtf was that? You call that standing?

Saurav: Stand taller. Sing Can’t touch this and slap your ass.


Bao: Martin, you’re a friggin disgrace!

Martin: (Cries) I know Bao I know!

End scene

Now for my title. I came across an entry in my book of weird things about Christians defending Creationism. For those who don’t know, Creationism, nemesis of Evolutionism, is the theory that the creation of the universe told in the book of Genesis in the Bible, is literally true.


So, in order to combat the theory of evolutionism, one must provide evidence that contradicts evolutionism, which is exactly what we, as Christians, try to do. However, some of these claims embarass me so much for one or several of these reasons: They overlook basic scientific facts, they hide it from you completely (and intentionally), or they “plant” the evidence, also called hoaxing. Here are some I got from the book. Claims and proof (some by me, but sadly all are found in the book)

1. Earth creates helium (radioactivity) which builds up in the Earth’s atmosphere. The small amount of helium proves that Earth is still young, disproving the Earth’s age according to science. It doesn’t match the rate at which Earth generates helium through radioactivity or otherwise.

PSH! Okay, well, why do we use helium in balloons and blimps? Because they’re lighter than air. So, helium would simply escape into space. The sun releases helium every day and isn’t it much heavier than our little Earth? HA! AP CHEM at work!

2. Earth’s magnetic field decays and calculations show the Earth to be approximately 10,000 years old.

Yes, but doesn’t the magnetic field renew itself? (after research… YES)

3. There are instances where primitive fossils lie above advance fossils, disproving evolution.

Um, hello…. landslides!!!!! 😀

4. Chances of proper molecules assembling randomly into a living molecule is tiny. Therefore, there must be a greater power at work.

… It does NOT assemble randomly! (AP CHEM FTW)

5. Current rate of shrinkage of Sun would assume through calculations that the sun’s surface would’ve neared Earth’s orbit several million years ago if science was on the money. (Shrinkage… huh?) For now, I think the sun expands.

But each stage in the sun’s life occur at different rates. See? A simple scientific fact ignored.

6. THERMODYNAMICS (I’ve actually used this for fun.. and with much success) Evolution violates 2nd law of thermodynamics: Entropy (disorder) is always increasing. (AP CHEM!!!! and a bit of physics)

Yes, BUT! You can get order out of disorder… if you add energy! Take note kids and AP Physics bound people. [ahaha, sounds like Mr. Redillas talking] in the example shown by the book, let’s say you ordered and received an unassembled bicycle. Very disorderly, yes? Nuts and boats and frame here and there… but you apply energy through work and voila, you have a bike! Your energy comes from the food you eat, which ultimately grows because of the sun, which provides tons and tons of energy!

There are 8 other claims and truths found in the book “The Weird 100” by Stephen Spignesi but I’m way too lazy, plus it would be considered major plagiarism (gosh I hope this isn’t now… but I listed the source!)

Why did I spend time to write all of this? I just think that Christianity, like this, deliberately takes advantage of people’s lack of knowledge in certain areas and I think it’s just low. Don’t get me wrong, most of you already know I’m die-hard Christian. But religion (as Chris said) is based on faith.

A little patience wouldn’t hurt.

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Martin and I having fun

hybread monkey (9:20:14 PM): so bao
hybread monkey (9:20:17 PM): whatas up?
baowahrangers (9:20:27 PM): my thing
baowahrangers (9:21:08 PM): it’s
baowahrangers (9:21:09 PM): long
baowahrangers (9:21:12 PM): skinny
baowahrangers (9:21:13 PM): big
baowahrangers (9:21:18 PM):
hybread monkey (9:21:30 PM): …
hybread monkey (9:21:42 PM): are you kidding me bao
baowahrangers (9:21:41 PM): wooow
baowahrangers (9:21:43 PM): pervert
baowahrangers (9:21:48 PM): my leg dumbass
baowahrangers (9:21:57 PM): nasty
hybread monkey (9:22:14 PM): well fuck you
hybread monkey (9:22:15 PM): lol
baowahrangers (9:22:16 PM): lolzz
hybread monkey (9:22:20 PM): look at me pf
baowahrangers (9:22:28 PM): u bastard
baowahrangers (9:22:38 PM): i see u’ve conveniently left out the my leg part
hybread monkey (9:23:37 PM): because you know you tried to trick me
hybread monkey (9:23:41 PM): your leg
baowahrangers (9:23:39 PM): no i didnt
hybread monkey (9:23:42 PM): psh
hybread monkey (9:23:44 PM): my ass
baowahrangers (9:23:44 PM): seriously
baowahrangers (9:23:47 PM): it was propped up
baowahrangers (9:23:49 PM): against the table
hybread monkey (9:23:58 PM): then why say “thing”
hybread monkey (9:24:00 PM): =/
baowahrangers (9:24:01 PM): so what if i said thing
hybread monkey (9:24:13 PM): you know what bao
hybread monkey (9:24:16 PM): forget you
hybread monkey (9:24:27 PM): i’m going to shove my thing up your ass tomorrow
hybread monkey (9:24:44 PM): “thing” as you previously defined it
baowahrangers (9:25:01 PM): LOL
baowahrangers (9:25:02 PM): NASTY
baowahrangers (9:25:10 PM): holy shit!
baowahrangers (9:25:17 PM): i nver knew u were like that
hybread monkey (9:25:43 PM): shit is not holy
hybread monkey (9:25:46 PM): its unholy
hybread monkey (9:26:08 PM): it has the holiness of a bum pissing in the holy water
hybread monkey (9:26:10 PM): =P
hybread monkey (9:26:16 PM): blasphemy bao
hybread monkey (9:26:19 PM): shame on you
baowahrangers (9:34:31 PM): that was the lamest attempt at a dis ever
hybread monkey (9:34:45 PM): =P
baowahrangers (9:34:45 PM): took me THAT long to think of an adequate response
baowahrangers (9:34:50 PM): that’s how CRAPPY ur dis was
hybread monkey (9:35:09 PM): that wasnt meant as a dis smart ass
hybread monkey (9:35:25 PM): just to correct your incorrect language
hybread monkey (9:35:32 PM): =P
baowahrangers (9:35:50 PM): wow
baowahrangers (9:35:56 PM): stop being such a dickhead
baowahrangers (9:36:01 PM): u whorebag
hybread monkey (9:36:04 PM): fine
hybread monkey (9:36:07 PM): lol
baowahrangers (9:36:06 PM): lolz
hybread monkey (9:36:14 PM): infidel
baowahrangers (9:36:23 PM): cameldick
hybread monkey (9:36:34 PM): why thank you
baowahrangers (9:36:32 PM): asslicker
baowahrangers (9:36:35 PM): OMG
baowahrangers (9:36:38 PM): mental image
hybread monkey (9:36:42 PM): LOL
hybread monkey (9:36:51 PM): you brought it upon yourself

Later that day…


hybread monkey (10:00:03 PM): lol
baowahrangers (10:04:22 PM): whatcha doing?
hybread monkey (10:04:32 PM): hw
hybread monkey (10:07:07 PM): what are you doing?
baowahrangers (10:07:17 PM): playing with my thing
baowahrangers (10:07:22 PM): its long and hard
baowahrangers (10:07:25 PM): kinda pointy at the end
hybread monkey (10:07:37 PM): again bao?…
hybread monkey (10:07:40 PM): god damn
hybread monkey (10:07:45 PM): horny bastard
baowahrangers (10:07:42 PM): wooow wtf??
baowahrangers (10:07:45 PM): my pencil
baowahrangers (10:07:51 PM): dood, wtf is ur problem today
hybread monkey (10:08:37 PM): lol
hybread monkey (10:08:41 PM): even more stuff to PF
hybread monkey (10:09:45 PM): i bet playing with your “pencil” feels really good
baowahrangers (10:09:52 PM): ..
hybread monkey (10:10:37 PM): well
hybread monkey (10:10:42 PM): isnt playing with your thing fun>
hybread monkey (10:10:43 PM): ?
hybread monkey (10:10:54 PM): why else would oyu play with it
hybread monkey (10:11:02 PM): man
hybread monkey (10:11:04 PM): i dont have one
hybread monkey (10:11:09 PM): can i borrow one of yours?
baowahrangers (10:11:07 PM): lol
hybread monkey (10:11:16 PM): we can play together
hybread monkey (10:11:18 PM): =D
baowahrangers (10:11:29 PM): sure
baowahrangers (10:11:33 PM): but im giving u the used one
baowahrangers (10:11:38 PM): its about time i moved to a new one
hybread monkey (10:16:09 PM): lol
hybread monkey (10:16:10 PM): kk
baowahrangers (10:16:14 PM): pervert

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A successful failure… like Apollo 13 =P

Many searches of why Apollo 13 was a successful failure has inadvertently led many views to this post. I find it kind of unfair, so let me make it up to you! I shall explain everything as much as possible.

Apollo 13 was one spacecraft in a series of 17 I believe. The Apollo program’s purpose? To beat the Russians to the moon. Apollo 13 had many superstitious attacks and comments before launch. It was meant to leave the launchpad at 1:13pm. In military time, that would be 1313 hours. It was due to enter the moon’s orbit on April 13th.

Apollo 13’s flight was barely covered by the media. Apollo 11 and 12 have already successfully landed on the moon already and the media began ranting about how “NASA made landing on the moon as exciting as a trip to Pittsburgh.”

Apollo 13’s bad luck caught up with them after an accidental volatile chemical reaction left their spacecraft crippled. Suddenly, it was a race against time. Energy was in short supply and there was more than enough carbon dioxide. The crewmembers of Apollo 13 would die in a few short days if nothing was done. All of a sudden, a dull and seemingly routine flight was anything but. And as far as the media became concerned about, it was suddenly more exciting and received more coverage then a… trip to Pittsburgh.

So when NASA finally brought back all of the crew members alive, it was nothing short of a stupendous feat. It was a battle against the odds, a limping spacecraft that was missing an entire side of it’s plating, and crewmembers sick from exposure and fatigue. While Apollo 13 never made it to the moon, such genius and capability of NASA’s ground control in bringing the astronauts home alive would leave a mark in history known as “NASA’s finest hour,” or “a successful failure.”

<– a famous photo shot by an Apollo 13 crewmember after detaching from command module’s body. I think if you examine the picture closely, you can appreciate the sheer severity of this situation. This is the closest time that NASA had ever lost men in space (other disasters resulting in death happened inside the atmosphere, such as  Apollo 1 fire, Challenger, and Columbia) Image from

Scene 2:

Setting: Practice Code Red Drill in 4th period


B: You know, it might be a better idea to head off campus if you’re close enough.

M: You’d have a hard time. There’s barely any cover.

B: You can hide in the bushes.

M: Or play dead.

B: Well maybe. But the killer won’t see any blood, just you. He’ll figure out you’re not dead and shoot at you point blank range.

M: Well, all Saurav has to do is strip naked and lie on the dirt.

B: OMG, HELLLA messed up! Racist bastard! haha.


The first assassin game is deemed a successful failure. Failure because I’ve received complaints about clues and some people die waay too quickly. And despite what I thought was an amazing organizational feat in my part as god, more people wanted to play, and too many people died too quickly. Teresa, Eddie, and Edwin died within hours. Teresa wasn’t even sure whether she died or not at first. >.< Successful because everybody seemed to have a lot of fun and things went along smoothly (for awhile).

So okay, three extra players have joined the game. Also posted shall be additional rules.

Player roster:
1. Martin
2. Van
3. Vikki
4. Saurav
5. Eddie
6. Nam
7. Marcus
8. Teresa
9. Edwin
10. Kevin
11. Audrey
12. Igor

If you’ve read this post, please inform as many people as possible on the roster as possible to call me or leave me a message on AIM about their two clues.

Here’s the new part. The clues may be as obscure and vague as you want. It’s the assassin’s responsibility to figure it out for themself. Torture them or drug their chocolate milk and I won’t give a damn. If the clues are too hard, that’s your problem. On the flip side, if you’ve given a clue and your assassin figures it out too quickly… you shall be laughed at. (even though this time around it was totally my fault.)

Your opponent must recognize that he/she has been killed. That totally adds to the hilarity of the game. (this rule is still pending. Martin must see it first.)_

No more than five people can witness the murder. You and your victim don’t count.

The game starts for you the instant you receive your kill assignment.

I’m adding a new safezone also: Eddie’s and Edwin’s house. Since they live together, I don’t want a silly game to interfere with their normal lives outside of school =P

And just so you know, the names I pick are totally random. I tear paper with each of you guys’ names and throw them all into a bowl. Soo if you don’t get the person you want to kill, don’t bitch about it to me =]

If you want in on the game, gather yourself and two other people, or else there will be extra people. Please notify me by today. You must be willing to commit yourself to the game =]

Anything otherwise and god shall smite you. =P

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A small skit (based on a true story)

Setting: Going up the ramp at Walgreens in Evergreen Square.

Bao Pham
Martin Nguyen

B: (sniffing) Dood, do you smell smoke?

M: Yeah, smells like incest -ahh- INCENSE!


M: Aww, FUCK!!!

End Scene 1

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cocktails! and a paradox

So, how do you make a Bao?? Should you turn it into uncreative banh baO? Or do you want to make up something new? Saay, a cocktail?

So… how do you exactly make a Bao cocktail?

3 parts competetiveness
5 parts brilliance
3 parts empathy
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Top it off with a sprinkle of wisdom and enjoy!

I found this website where you can make yourself a cocktail. I’ve found cocktails for other people too.

5 parts intelligence
3 parts self-sufficiency
5 parts instinct
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of wisdom

5 parts pride
1 part courage
3 parts empathy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Top it off with a sprinkle of fitness and enjoy!

1 part anger
3 parts arrogance
3 parts joy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Top it off with a sprinkle of curiosity and enjoy!

3 parts jealousy
3 parts brilliance
1 part instinct
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of wisdom

3 parts friendliness
1 part courage
5 parts ego
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add curiosity to taste! Do not overindulge!

3 parts anger
1 part ambition
1 part
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little curiosity if desired!

5 parts competetiveness
1 part arrogance
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add a little sadness if desired!

5 parts success
3 parts crazyiness
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Serve with a slice of lustfulness and a pinch of salt. Yum!

How to make a Cassandra
1 part anger
5 parts self-sufficiency
5 parts instinct
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Top it off with a sprinkle of wisdom and enjoy!

Interesting, ey? If I have intentionally left you out and you want to find out how to make yourself, try this website:

There have been MAJOR arguments as to whether or not life exists outside our troubled blue planet. Some people say, “Psh, of course! Space is so big! What are the odds of us being alone?” Others say, “Life on other planets?? Nonsense!” Yet others are like, “I don’t care really. But I hope they never come!”

So… what ARE the odds of there having life on other planets? To satisfy my friends who are complete math freaks, I shall provide you an equation. YES, there is actually an equation that will give you odds as to is there life on other worlds. Or more accurately, life that we can communicate with. Developed in the 1960’s by an astronomer named Drake, the Drake Equation is one of the most famous equations in the astronomic community.

Drake’s equation states:

N = R* x Fp x Ne x Fl x Fi x Fc x L. Woow, it looks like the equation will lead up to a really big number huh?

(Lower case letters are subscripts) Soo, the equation is actually pretty straight forward. R* is the average rate at which a star is born in our galaxy. Fp is the fraction of those stars that actually have planets. Ne is the average number of planets that can potentially support life among the fraction of stars. Fl is the fraction above that can go on to potentially develop life from the fraction above. Fi is the fraction above that develops intelligent life. Fc is the fraction of intelligent life that develops any form of technology that provides evidence of their existance into space. And finally, L is the length of time such civilizations release signals into space.

Okay, Drake estimated that 10 stars per year are created. However, NASA today lowered the number down to 6. fp, stated by Drake himself, is 0.5 and it hasn’t been changed. Ne is 2, also estimated by Drake. Many satellites have eccentric orbits, most of which travel too close to the sun, then too far. So, that’s why we have such a low number. Fl is… 1. Fi is .01 Fc is also .01 And L is an estimated 10,000 years. We are tucked away in an obscure corner of the galaxy that’s why. You do all the math and the final answer is…. 2. NO idea what that means… just that odds are high… don’t ask.

Soo if odds are high, why aren’t we hearing anything? Why isn’t SETI pissing in their pants right now? Several theories answer this. Most obvious that comes to mind is that our estimates are wrong or the entire equation is wrong. Others say that alien civilizations are xenophobic. Seriously, who’d want to meet such a bloody violent race? There’s also the ZOO hypothesis. Says that we’re a little experiment and that no outside interference can be permitted. Others say that any advanced civilization out there would have killed themselves already. (Known as Fermi Paradox).

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EVerybody Has a Song

Have any of you ever heard a song where you’re like, “How the hell does the singer know my situation? Is he f*&king stalking me!?” The truth is, everybody has a song [most likely more than one ] that most relates to them. Sooo, I’m going to continue those retarded games of tag, where I tag them, and they have to do the thing. Since I’ve chosen to tag Eddie and Van, they must post music that most relates to them. Well, okay, I’m starting the tagging game, but it’s just a really subtle attempt to get to know people better.

So, my song is “Dear Jamie… Sincerely Me.” I couldn’t upload it, so

 If you wanted to be tagged, please feel free to tag yourself =]

Xi Chen is the scariest person I know, and also one of my best friends. Scary because I feel that sometimes we’re closely connected… but not in the way that Martin always thinks. Sometimes, we literally think the exact same thing simultaneously.

V5Rocket (10:32:09 AM): so
baowahrangers (10:32:14 AM): was it in europe?
V5Rocket (10:32:18 AM): OMG
V5Rocket (10:32:19 AM): HOW U KNOW
baowahrangers (10:32:23 AM): CRAZY
V5Rocket (10:32:24 AM): i was just about to say that
baowahrangers (10:32:27 AM): LOL
V5Rocket (10:32:27 AM): OMG
V5Rocket (10:32:29 AM): WOW

V5Rocket (7:23:18 PM): like u know u wake up in the future
V5Rocket (7:23:19 PM): ya
baowahrangers (7:23:21 PM): and everyone else is like
baowahrangers (7:23:24 PM): what r u talking about?!
V5Rocket (7:23:28 PM): ya
V5Rocket (7:23:30 PM): EXACTLY

Okay, I know it doesnt sound significant on blog. It’s those “You had to have been there” moments.
We discuss EVERYTHING!! Religion, why we’re always so thirsty, get-rich-quick schemes. You name it.

Erik Feldmeier, another best friend of mine, was the first person I’ve ever conversed with in Fremont. It started with a casual game of football and then other stuff. He has a Wii, an X-Box, a mansion… (Andrew, he sounds like the epitome of a filthy rich snotty arrogant bastard) Well, yeah, but he’s a nice arrogant bastard. A friendly bastard. You don’t see too many of those around do ya?

Thomas Feldmeier, the younger brother of Erik. Thomas probably has the most interesting love life out of all of us. He likes so many people, and he can’t figure out who he likes more at times. But due to privacy issues, I can’t really give you all the juicy details. =]

Melanie Jee was an extremely influential person in my life and still is now. Man, I can hardly remember what she’s like anymore. We keep a semi-constant stream of emails going, but it’s just not the same. The first time I met her was when I went to fourth period math and saw her fighting with my best friend Vincent. Ironically enough, Melanie and I became awesome friends!

Last but not least is Vincent Leong. In the sixth grade he was considered just above retarded. He was immature too… as was I =D HOWEVER, 7th grade and up, something changed. I don’t know what changed, or maybe it was just me. Vincent became cool, and that’s that. I’m pretty sure most of the school wouldn’t’ve agreed with me at the time, but he’s still a best friend from 6th grade and up. My first day in 6th grade at MSJE and I already had to spell antidisestablishmentarianism. As you could’ve guessed, I was more than intimidated, but Vincent helped pull me through.

Many of you would be thinking who these people are.

In a previous life, a more carefree one, I was actually popular… [no freaking way Andrew, you pathetic liar] Well, my definition of popular is extremely different from the general world’s. My definition of popular was knowing a lot of people on a personal basis.

It’s not about the groups of people you hang out with.

It’s not about the cliches.

That’s retarded, who thought of that? It’s about how many friends you make, how many enemies you make. It’s how you spend your time getting to know people better and solving problems. People didn’t have to think you were the coolest shit in the world.

They just had to like you for who you are and the things you do.

In middle school, I thought I knew over half the 7th graders. When 8th grade came, I was casted down, moved to Chaboya, and I became the loneliest person I knew. I guess I’ve left all my sense of friendship in Fremont with my friends. Many of you can see that I’m not as social and probably most of you never thought I was ever “popular.”

Well, finals week is “final”ly over. Yesss yes, laugh at my feeble attempt at humor. But seriously, I always have one unspoken rule about finals week: NEVER ASK ME HOW IT WENT!!! Seriously, isn’t it bad enough living finals week once? Is it seriously worth it to relive those horrible moments with only you, a scantron, and a packet? Next time anybody asks me how finals were, I’ll set my phone on vibrate, shove it down his/her throat, and call it every 10 seconds.

Well, hope you’ve enjoyed the song and my out-of-format post =]

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