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My Rules of Friendship

This is a guideline (mainly for me) to be the best friend. I know some people may disagree and that’s fine. But I don’t want you to disagree with one rule just because you’ve violated it before. These are just the rules in my personal opinion.

1. Be loyal in good times and horrible times.

2. If you tell someone you’ll do something, you better follow through.

3. Bros before hoes.

4. Secrets shared amongst friends must be kept. (with very few exceptions such as suicide and such)

5. Keep in touch.

6. Don’t say something that doesn’t hold water. In other words, don’t just say something for the sake of saying it, superficial statements never help anybody.

7. Don’t take your friendships for granted.

8. Take especially great care if you’re changing someone personality-wise

9. Friendships often come and go, so on the rare occasion that you’ve been friends for a really long time, and I really do mean a REALLY long time, don’t let that get away… but give them some space still. Just stay the course.

This list is still under construction. Eddie may add onto this, too. Anybody else, if they’d like, may add suggestions and opinions down below. Or just comment to say “HI” whoever you may be! HAHA!


One Response

  1. Cassi says:

    Hi, I just needed a break from hw, and realized I haven’t read anyone’s blog for a while, and decided to follow a recommendation.

    Nice, I totally agree, and it made me feel all warm inside x). I realize these are rules for friendship, but, on a tangent, what about white lies to strangers?

    Cassi 😀

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