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Meandering thoughts of a Bay Area college student… be prepared for some bipolar vocabulary

Bao’s Bucket List (ALWAYS under construction)

1. Go skydiving again, but this time AT NIGHT.

2. Go to Time’s Square, New York on a December 31st

3. Throw a paper plane off the Eiffel Tower (I apologize to France in advance for possible littering) with my name, nationality (merde… les americains… >.<), and some corny note telling someone not to give up hope (in French of course) and also provide instructions to do the same.

4. Go on a cruise and launch a message in a bottle with a note (corny again) and an address to return it to.

5. Go into space.

6. Live in a hotel surrounded by water.

7. Go diving and explore a shipwreck.

8. Get a private pilot’s license.

9. Participate in a rescue operation… or a war. Preferably the first one though.

10. Go to a national park, sit, and experience PURE silence.

11. Attend an Axalp air show!

12. Throw watermelons from the roof of a really high structure.

13. Watch the USAF aerial demonstration squadron (a.k.a. USAF Thunderbirds) perform.

14. Make a model rocket.

15. See the Horsetail Firefall at Yosemite National Park.

16. Fly on an Airbus A380… business class or 1st class.

17. Ride on a fighter jet.

18. Organize a flash mob.


1. Ran until I literally could no longer stand.

2. Went hiking and camped overnight.

3. Got lost in a maze.

4. Slept outside.


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