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Meandering thoughts of a Bay Area college student… be prepared for some bipolar vocabulary

About Bao and Eddie

I’m 19/male/San Jose, CA, born on 10/26/90. I go to De Anza College, hope to transfer to a UC with an aerospace major, have friends all over the world. I can speak Vietnamese, English, and French. However, my French is slowly decaying due to lack of use. Anyone who speaks French and is interested in an American penpal… I’m here =D

My life is just as ordinary as anyone else’s. The trick is to use big words that nobody understands. Because of this, some of my sentence structures tend to be complex, and the vocabulary loquacious. Haha, yes. Loquacious.

This blog is aimed at me discovering more about myself. It’s an honest attempt at me to be more honest. I’ve tried journals, but they’re too private. It’s comforting when someone comments and says that they have the exact same problem. But that’s not all this blog does. It also houses some life stories of a Californian teenager, events that are too important to forget.

It’s also an electronic time capsule, to be open several decades into the future by myself in an attempt to connect to the past. Well, we got books made from paper. President Barrack Obama has started his term some time ago. You have an HP laptop and you’re doing great on your first months of college. Keep it up. To future Bao, if you’re reading this and you have an unbelievably sexy and loving wife, beautiful kids, a two story home, stable and modest to high income, and a job you love, then remember that your nineteen year old self would have been very proud and happy for you.

Get a pilot’s license, a motorcycle license, and a gun license. You better have all those three when you’re grown up. If you haven’t, rethink, then get them 😀

Bye future me.

And to anyone else who reads this. I may be just some other person, but this blog is PROOF that I exist, that I live and breathe and can type English. I’m afraid of dying and having no one know that I was ever there. So let this be a deadman’s switch. If I die and someone stumbles through this, know that I was alive and spread it to the world.


Hey guys, my name is Eddie Truong. I’m one of Bao’s many friends and I’m 18 as of 02/06/10. I currently attend UC Davis and I’m still trying to get Bao to think about applying to Davis. I can only speak English and Vietnamese. I can argue that I can speak Spanish, but at best, I can only really read because I freeze up when I try to speak Spanish.

I once had a blog that I called my own, but I eventually strayed onto Bao’s blog in order to relieve some of the burdens of maintaining a daily blog. Honestly, I just wanted a forum to exchange ideas and share my opinions with the rest of the world. Occasionally, I may share aspects of my life and my amazingly-uncool adventures.

I don’t have any grand ideas about having the world remember me like Bao does. I suppose the original reason for me blogging in the first place was because I wanted to spread my ideas about life in general; ultimately, I care little for my existence being remembered in history. I would rather have my ideas be remembered and taken seriously from one generation to the next. I truly believe in the power of ideas to spread from one medium to the next and, ultimately, enact change for the better in human societies to come.

I hope to learn more about the way people think and the motivating factors behind the intricacies of life. Why are things the way they are? Are there any lasting solutions to prevent a catastrophe? What are the implications of certain events or ideas for society?

Many of my ideas are unrefined and my goal is to, through the facilitation of ideas, learn more about the world and consolidate my positions.

My hope is that somebody may stumble onto this blog and read one of my, or Bao’s posts, and simply be inspired by our ideas and our lives. I hope that person, though I may never get to know you, will continue through the great wonder, we all call life, and do amazing things with the time that we have left.

I have come to learn that our lives are arguably not short; rather, people become so engrossed with merely one aspect of life that we never truly live by experiencing the many wonders of the world. With the time that you have left, I hope that you, dear reader, make the best moments out what life you still possess. Do what you have always wanted to do, never look back, and make sure that you don’t have any regrets when you finally leave this wonderful world. By the way, if you ever come back to visit, please share with us your experiences, I think that we all need  each other’s guidance in order to live our lives to the fullest.


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  1. bobby says:

    wtf!!!! that’s, well good and you must be proud of yourself Bao…

  2. naturally like your web site but you have to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I in finding it very troublesome to tell the reality however I will surely come again again.

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