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But thy eternal summer shall not fade

The symptoms appear. The first batch of college kids now back in town, my annoying seasonal allergies, rising temperatures, and an email from Sunshine River Rafting all point towards the impending arrival of a loooong summer. I’m expecting the typical summer plan with a day on the beach, river rafting, picnics, and maybe lying on the grass here and there. It honestly sounds boring the way I describe it, but I hope it will be fun. Anyways, we’ll see how everything goes. I still haven’t grown accustomed to the huge differences between the quarter and semester systems. Semester kids have returned for summer vacation while I’m only about a third of the way through my spring quarter. With so many people normally gone it almost feels crowded when everybody comes back.

Spring quarter for me is living up to my expectations. The classes are easier (hell, my new major is easier), the schedule I’ve picked out is nice and lazy. My professors are nice; my classmates are amazing people. If it weren’t for the ineffectiveness of my allergy medicine than I would have nothing to complain about. Well, okay that’s not true. But let’s save the complaining for a different post.

The bitter heat of summer combined with its potential for making fond memories will have to wait until my finals are over at the end of June. Sure the heat won’t wait, but the future memories will have to.

Homework beckons. Until next time!


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