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Hey WordPress

I’m back from spring break and I’m currently into Day 3 of Spring Quarter 2012. It’s a pretty exciting quarter for me because of its lax schedule. I get to wake up at 10 for God’s sake! The only downer is that I have break generally when my friends have classes so I spend about half of them alone facing my computer or PSP. My managerial accounting class is also very exciting because I’m meeting old classmates from my previous accounting classes. Some have been with me through all of them so I’m getting quite comfortable working with them even if they mostly speak Mandarin all the time…

I could post what I’ve done on spring break, but it’s been a particularly wild one and I don’t know who frequents this blog so I’ll just refrain myself from doing so haha. Nevertheless, it has been a very busy one and I’m quite happy with myself for not staying at home in front of my computer all the time.

Anyways, brace yourselves for the weather people predict rain tomorrow. I still love it when it rains; the sound of those raindrops pitter pattering on whatever happens to be over my head (roof of my house, roof of my car) can really put me to sleep.

Anyways, I’ll come back again when I have something more interesting to talk about.

Cheers!!! yes, with four exclamation points this time!


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