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The Final Approach

I’m pretty sure I’ve used this personal euphemism before comparing the action of barely surviving finals to a belly landing on the runway. Before I knew it, winter quarter had taken off. I blinked once and midterm season is upon me again with finals week in tow. What. Happened.

I can see all of us slowly changing before me so quickly. Before I knew it, a fourth of my life is over. Before I will know it, I’ll probably be saying my vows. I’ll be able to (hopefully) afford my first house. I can’t believe all of this is coming in maybe four to five years from now. What will be our first housewarming party be like? I blink again and who knows what will happen?

I don’t like how I’ve been living my life lately, despite it yielding the most productive results. I currently live my life in miniature chapters. All I can do at the moment is just look forward to the next day: midterm. Then look forward to the next week: review. Then the next: finals… Blink. The next week: just gotta hand in this report to my boss. Next week: taxes. Next week: friend’s birthday.

What will happen on that fateful day when I look up and realize that I have absolutely nothing left to do but relax? I don’t know… read I guess.

But of course I can’t look this far into the future at the moment. Tomorrow In a few hours, I have to get through an accounting midterm.

Wish me luck guys.


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