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So it’s week four into winter quarter 2012…

And once again I’m in a tired stupor, wandering aimlessly through the crowd of students and faculty. Just making another entry to keep up, although to tell you the truth… between my business law class, accounting, and macro economy, I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to keep this blog updated. I have tons and tons of things to say to this blog and not enough space in time to do so.

I haven’t forgotten about you! Please wait a bit longer! I swear I’ll call!

It’s been a pretty chill “beginning” of the year. A high A in my business law class (98% of first midterm fuck yes!), easily one of the most difficult classes I’m taking, keeps my head up every day. A B+/A- in maths and macro economy and a C+/B- in accounting gives me a little hope.

Everything should be fine…

Until we meet again blog (and readers… if I haven’t lost you in my long pauses between posts)



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