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The Backwards World That I Live In

No, wait. Really?? Anywhere from 60 – 76% of Americans are Christian? Are you sure, Wikipedia? The vast majority of my friends are hardcore atheists or perhaps Buddhists.

I think I receive a bit of a shock whenever I have an excursion into my newly discovered world of Reddit.

I’m always pretty sad whenever I see something like this. Because for me, the captions “How I feel as a Christian on Reddit” and “How I feel as a Christian in real life…” are both the top picture.

Okay, besides Michelle, Chris, and Lucie, where are all the Christians!?

Not only that, but I’ve always respected people’s beliefs whether they’re Buddhist or atheist or Islamic, plus I can take the constant jabbing for being Christian from my atheist friends. But to be frank, once in awhile you guys take it too far and whenever that rare occasion happens, I take so much offense that I become speechless.

Christians have been punished throughout history. Take Japan for example. American and Dutch traders before Japanese isolation were required to tread on the cross before entering. An American sailor turned prisoner was physically punished when he asked his Japanese captors for a Bible. Japanese Christians were required to denounce Christianity or else die.

I don’t really know what you readers think, but sometimes it becomes really hard being a Christian when you are surrounded by atheist friends. Despite all of that, I’m actually really proud of myself for staying firm in my beliefs and also still somehow continue to love my friends.

…okay I want to be perfectly clear on this. If you currently picture me as a loud, die hard Christian who tells everyone at my first chance that they’re going to hell, you’ve got me WRONG.

I do believe in evolution. I don’t believe that the Earth or the universe for that matter is 5000ish years old. I have this belief (some might call me naive for this) that science and religion can coexist. Why not? Science makes perfect, logical sense and really can’t be disputed. I happen to take the Bible metaphorically.  The Big Bang. That’s Genesis. That’s Genesis chapter one verse one or two or three. Why can’t seven days represent billions of years?

…Checkmate atheists… sorta.

TL;DR this is how I feel whenever confronted by an atheist:



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