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Saturday the 14th, I can’t tell you how glad I am that you’re here.

Yesterday was hell for me in Taekwondo as I was injured in at least three places while sparring, one of which is a place where you should never, ever, EVER kick a guy.

I thought I was done talking about The Sapphire Princess, but then I found a friend I met on the ship on Facebook and he uploaded a shitload of photos.

Here is a picture of the outdoor pool of the ship. To the left you can spot Aloha Tower since we are docked in Honolulu when this was taken.

This is parts of the floors five, six, and seven. The crew (and the rest of the ship) knew it as the “Atrium.” I just called it the mall. This led to confusion whenever I started talking about a mall on the boat. Yeah, I made life pretty difficult for people on Sapphire Princess…

I would sit in one of these chairs late at night when nobody was around and just relax, pull out the PSP or a book, and just go at it. If it wasn’t too late, I would also have a huge plate of dessert that I had grabbed from the buffet earlier. My plates were huge, by the way. Joey Tribbiani would be proud. Once in awhile, I would catch a passing crew member quickly eye my plate of food while walking past. It amuses me to imagine what they were thinking. Insert fat American jokes here?

This area was a fun place. There were Bingo tournaments, Resistance tournaments, magic shows, karaoke…

On one of the final days of the cruise, there was an early show in the Princess Theater. Turns out our head chef was having a culinary show. His food was pretty amazing. My parents begged to differ unfortunately. Their “Asian-ness” knew no bounds as my mother declared on the third day of the cruise that she missed rice. After fourteen days, I didn’t long for a single bite of Vietnamese food…



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