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My Love Hate Relationship with the Sapphire Princess

As I experience the initial shock of going from zero quarter units during the holiday break to nineteen units for the winter quarter, I’m finding it hard to find the time to blog and I apologize. This, along with my cousin siccing reddit onto me, is having adverse effects on my blogging frequency.

Edit: Oh shit oh shit oh shit! I was glancing at my blog statistics and I remembered in my last post that I would be on again in two to three days, and found that two or three days after that blog was published I had a small spike in the hits this blog received. I don’t know if this is coincidence or not, but I’m very very very very RREALLY SORRY!

Okay it’s not really lack of time that’s the issue, but really just how tired I am at the end of a long day of business law, accounting, good guy Gregs, and philosoraptors.

The first time I laid eyes upon The Sapphire Princess, she was moored next to Carnival. It definitely wasn’t love at first sight. Her hallways are fucking narrow. Her rooms are freaking small, about the size of my bedroom, but for four people. I wish I had pictures, but I was so demoralized and letdown that I didn’t bother. Compound this with the fact that her 4-ton propellers were going to take me away from free wi-fi, a holiday with friends, etc. meant that I left the Los Angeles harbor in a surly mood. A police boat escorted our ship out, ready to arrest any 21 year old who decided to jump overboard and swim back to the car to drive home. (Fine, but that’s what it felt like).

The Sapphire Princess had a unique design. Parts of the… bridge?… cockpit?… would stick out over the edge of the ship. Like this:

I made a several acquaintances with members of the crew. One of them told me that the reason they did this was so they could basically parallel park the ship better. The floor could become transparent if the crew so chose. That’s pretty fucking awesome if you ask me. This picture, by the way, was taken off the coast of Kawaii, Hawaii. The captain wasn’t allowed to berth due to excessive wind, so that day was basically cancelled and we were confined to the ship as it sailed around the island. Our consolation prize was the scenic route, although I laughed to myself since I sort of saw it as a statement basically saying Yeah, see what you’re missing out on? No? It’s okay; we’ll show you!

What impressed me the most were the lifeboats. For some reason or another, I imagined large, wooden rowboats that the Titanic used. Nope.

At Maui, the ship didn’t berth. Instead, lifeboats were used to ferry passengers to and from the ship. Each lifeboat has two propellers. They look like amphibious assault vehicles. Not only that, the woman in uniform in the picture told me that each lifeboat can hold about 150 people. That’s pretty crazy. For Maui, about three or four of the lifeboats were used to ferry us. I’m pretty sure we had maybe ten. Ships don’t even get holes anymore when they hit stuff. Another crew member told me in a very conversational tone, “Yeahh if I don’t do my job right, the ship can get a pretty bad dent…”

She said dent. Well, she says a lot of things. She told me once about the time she hit a whale, but that’s a story for another day. She talks in a magnificent British accent I should add. A lot of the crew who work on the bridge are European. I forget but I’m positive they have British people and Croatian people.

What our ship lacked in space she made up to us with… space.

The atrium in the middle of the Sapphire Princess is pretty much a three story mall. She has like ten bars, three restaurants, two buffets, three swimming pools, three clubs, a theater, casino, and a fucking basketball court. She has a library also but it’s very small. You can spend two weeks on her and feel comfortable enough to wander around and yet still get lost if you’re not careful.



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