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Hello World!

Ah, the title brings me back to my very first post, a post that I didn’t even make but was, instead, a generic post from wordpress that introduced my blog to the world. It told me to edit that post to make it however I wanted, but it just felt right to leave it be. Anyways, after perhaps a month of neglect, it felt that my interest for this blog was slowly starting to fade away. So let’s reboot the system shall we? And that’s my main reason for titling this post the way I did. (Hey, doesn’t titling look like tit-ling? I can’t be the only one who sees this…)

In my defense, it really wasn’t a plan for me to take a break from blogging. Actually, the majority of my break was spent in a cramped location where I was deprived of any wifi hotspots or 3G networks. I was on a cruise. This long break from blogging plus wordpress’s new interface that I’ve yet to get used to factored into my lack of enthusiasm for this blog and might also explain why you see a boat on my blog but no explanation. Oops…

Borrowing from one of my Facebook status messages: As much as I hate to admit it, I miss being on that damn boat. Even though I missed two weeks worth of hang outs with my friends back at home, I was, in the end, forced to meet tons of new people and was swept away on an adventure with several ups and tons of downs, but the quality of the ups made it worthwhile. I’m pretty sure I’m going to blog about that in future posts. Sorry I didn’t tell you guys that what I was up to, but I’ve heard stories of people putting on Facebook or their blogs that they were going on vacation only to come back and find their homes robbed. But don’t worry, I totally trust all of you guys, especially you, reader… from… South Africa or reader from Seoul.

Ah yes, this post won’t be completed without a nod towards the advent of 2012. January 1st is actually this blog’s birthday, but it feels weird to wish a blog happy birthday to a blog so I just won’t say anything. New Years resolutions? Well, I’ve been doing a good job of keeping up with them in the past, so I’ve decided to make things harder. 

For one, in a valiant attempt to become a lean, mean fighting machine, I’ve joined Fitocracy! It’s pretty awesome because you turn fitness and exercise into an RPG. The more you work out, the faster you level up. I would really like some friends on there, so if you’re interested let me know! I don’t have much of a head start; I’m only level 3.

In two or three days I’ll ease into blogging on a regular basis again, posts chalk full of new resolutions and stories about the 50th state.

Cheers! Oh and happy 2012. 


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