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Nothing much going on

Fall quarter is slowly winding down as slowly as the trees lose their orange leaves. The holiday break is approaching as fast a locomotive… with finals week as its cowcatcher. And as certain as the seasons, I will be making my usual crash landing in a spectacular fireball as my wrecked, mangled body bounces ungracefully past the finish line.

Yes, this is how I end most of my quarters. I lose motivation and grow lazy. My grades want to drop lower and lower and damn do they try. And I almost let them. Then it comes down to the wire where the final will make the difference between an A and a B. So, do I make a miraculous, epic landing and catch the third wire, or do I slam into the deck, collapsing the undercarriage, and end up falling into the ocean?

I’m actually playing catch up at quite a leisurely pace. I’ve had two weeks to complete three papers. With one week remaining, I have two papers left to finish. But as leisurely as the pace I’m setting, I still took a brief intermission to visit Melanie. It’s striking how every time I see her I end up seeing how depressed I really am. Friends are precious, aren’t they? And yet, somehow, I feel like they’re all slipping away one way or another.

I loathe myself and wish I could return to the way I was before; self-sufficient, not having any close relationships with anybody, and being happy with it. But I now know what I’ve been missing out on. It’s painful to lose friends. It sucks placing a holiday wreath or a bouquet (I picked the wreath because of the holiday season and also it’s a little nod to the Harry Potter series that I knew she loved). What I don’t understand is that I expect something to happen after I stand up and leave. Maybe if I turned around, I can catch her waving and laughing. I’m not trying to sound poetic or cheesy if that’s what you’re thinking, but that’s just how I feel.

Dammit Bao, the Christmas cheer is on its way. Lighten up!

Sure… but crash landing for finals takes priority. Time to try and study haha.


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