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Nothing has changed… so why is this post so long?

It fews pretty good to have the number of views on this blog slowly climb back to the twenties or so per day, considering some days I’ve had less than ten during my long break. I wonder whether or not this is coincidence sometimes. I really don’t want to sound conceited or anything, but I’m happy that my writing provides an interesting enough read. 😀

De Anza has some pretty interesting people in the tutorial center. If you stay there for as long as I’ve had, people join you, then leave, then more people join you. Then they leave. It’s feels really nice how I felt comfortable enough to talk to every single one of them. Half the time it’s the other person that initiates the conversation. It kind of defeats the purpose of a tutorial center when you’re having this much fun with total strangers and your progress with statistics homework slowly grinds to a halt.

I still can’t bring myself to blog once a week like I used to. Perhaps I have more going on in my life than usual. Hmm… am I an approachable person? It seems as if my social life has skyrocketed ever since the quarter began.

I plan on spending more time tomorrow in the tutorial center. I’ve held long enough conversations to find out that the people I’ve talked to are sort of like regulars. We didn’t really say goodbye. It was more of like a, “See ya tomorrow probably,” kind of deal.

This blog seems to be focusing more and more on new friends doesn’t it? It’s okay though, since I still keep in touch with the old crew once every week or two. I might have mentioned this before, but I’ve been feeling kind of nomadic because I keep moving from new people to more new people and never bothering to keep in touch with most of my recent contacts. I’m just happy I have friends I can always fall back on in the end… a mother base if you will.


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  1. map0wt0fu says:

    hahaha, you get a lot of people reading your blog man :p

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