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If you’ve got something to say than spit it out!!

I’ve got nothing to say. Haha, but I may as well say something. After all, it’s been six days since the last post and I’m starting to get used to the fact that I still have a blog to regularly update. Have to get back into it you know? College apps are over for me… for now. I’ve already been accepted into San Francisco State for Business Administration. I was actually quite surprised because they’ve mailed their acceptance letter precisely four days after I turned in my application, two days before the application deadline for CSUs ended. I’m still waiting for the other campuses though.

This has been a very dull weekend for me; it provides a sharp contrast to the birthday party I’ve been to last week. I’m surprised at how busy my weekends tend to be without me noticing it. So on rare occasions such as these, I find myself wandering around the house, bored out of my skull, studying but not really studying, yeah… basically procrastinating, playing the role of the typical college student that I am. This weekend was a glimpse into my life if I had no friends.

No scratch that.

It’s what my life would’ve been life if I had given in to “trends” and had fallen out of touch with my high school friends. I suppose until I transfer to a four year university, my friends at community college are somewhat temporary. I feel like a nomad saying this. I heard most people lose touch with high school friends.

Maybe if certain people hadn’t moved to Milpitas than this wouldn’t have happened.

That’s it for now. I’m still not used to blogging once a week like I once did. Maybe I’m getting lazy. To be honest, not having a personal obligation to this blog felt liberating. I didn’t miss it at all. But I’m back here, willingly, and surprised that I am back here willingly. I think that’s a good sign that this blog still has plenty of life left in it.



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