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Growing up

College applications, 21st birthday, Company… lately the theme seems to be “Growing Up.”

I wonder when the old stress ends and the new one starts. It’s probably when you get your first full time job out of college right? No more job hunting, no more midterms, no more. Unless you’re going for a master’s degree…

Then you begin worrying about utilities, your 401k, marriage…

Well that doesn’t always have to be the case right?

This is all so weird. You know what happens when a plane such as an F-16 or the Concorde breaks the sound barrier? Nothing. If it wasn’t for the airspeed indicator or mach indicator, the pilots and passengers (if applicable) would never know. Well, does anybody ever notice when they stop becoming a student and turn into an adult? Does she notice the sudden lack of midterms? Does he notice himself saying, “Crap I’m late for work,” instead of, “Crap, I’m late for my class!”?

It’s nice to know that I’m still connected to this blog even though academics is taking up most of my time.



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  1. your friend says:

    as i was reading this, i was torn between that feeling of nostalgia being that golden orb and nostalgia being rose tinted windows. you are right, though. that night was one of the most comforting, satisfying, blissful moments i have been able to share with people that i havent seem or heard from in a long time. the entire night screamed of bittersweetness.
    it rained again today, and i suppose you will stick to your guns saying rain brings happiness, renewal perhaps? to me, it was sad, melancholy. i was going to write a rather contemplative blog post on the direction of my life, but instead read this and wrote a reply (not really one since it really seems to be going nowhere). i hope you are enjoying yourself, maybe getting a taste of that sweet, sweet nostalgia.

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