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Alright class so here’s how it stands

The mean score is in the 60’s. For those of you who scored between 14% – 49%, I’d be worried. Very very worried. For those of you in the 50s to 60s, you’re in good shape…

And there’s me, staring at my red, circled 64… and wanting to shoot myself. I swear if this guy doesn’t curve I’m gonna die. On the corner of my paper was the doubled underlined phrase “could be better!!” Yes, with those two exclamation marks. The person next to me got a lower score and the word “Good,” also double underlined. While I guess it’s a compliment that my professor expects more from me, I hope he won’t grade me on a higher standard.

My awesome friends are still in the process of proofreading my college essays for me. I’ve been slacking off and still haven’t looked for many scholarships yet. I’ve already applied to several CSUs and am going to apply for more once I figure things out.

I have a Shakespeare monologue that has to be memorized by tomorrow…

What’s this, what’s this? Is this her fault or mine?

The tempter or the tempted, who sins most?


Not she: nor doth she tempt: but it is I

That, lying by the violet in the sun,

Do as the carrion does, not as the flower,

Corrupt with virtuous season. Can it be

That modesty may more betray our sense

Than woman’s lightness? Having waste ground enough,

Shall we desire to raze the sanctuary

And pitch our evils there? O, fie, fie, fie!

What dost thou, or what art thou, Angelo?

Dost thou desire her foully for those things

That make her good? O, let her brother live!

Thieves for their robbery have authority

When judges steal themselves. What, do I love her,

That I desire to hear her speak again,

And feast upon her eyes? What is’t I dream on?

O cunning enemy, that, to catch a saint,

With saints dost bait thy hook! Most dangerous

Is that temptation that doth goad us on

To sin in loving virtue: never could the strumpet,

With all her double vigour, art and nature,

Once stir my temper; but this virtuous maid

Subdues me quite. Even till now,

When men were fond, I smiled and wonder’d how.

So… wish me luck for tomorrow guys. Cheers.


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