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Utterly incredible…

Perhaps this is just a matter of perspective or it really is the result of a series of unlucky circumstances, but I always find very interesting things on the internet if, and only if, I have a shitload of work to do. The internet, for me, is a pretty stagnant, boring place when I have nothing useful to do like study for the upcoming math examination. Otherwise, I end up stumbling upon crazy articles, finding out that several of my webcomics have updated, noticing that I have like thirty updates on Facebook, and finding Wikipedia to be the next best thing since sliced bread.

Obviously because I’m on summer vacation, the internet is pretty dull. So I’m taking statistics next quarter and I ask my friend if I can use his textbook so I can study over the summer. I bring the book home, whip out my TI-84+, than decide “what the hell, let’s see what’s happening on the internet before I study.”

It. Never. Fucking. Fails. I get a new Super Effective, new VG Cats, and the realization that I haven’t checked xkcd for several days. Facebook starts updating like crazy as ten to twenty comments are posted onto status updates and pictures. My friends start sending me links over AIM with Youtube videos of Vietnamese music. Yet another friend is giving me links from her recent venture into reddit. Then, holy crap a new Freddie Wong video!! With behind the scenes also! And people started becoming talkative. Whoa, kylelandry has a new song!? Hmm… the Sicilian defense… interesting. *click* Queen’s gambit? Dragon variation? Whoa! Jenna, Michelle, and Teresa all updated their blogs? But they never update! Must read.

“Heyy man, what’s up!?”

“lol, I’m good, and you?”

– **** has IMed you.

-*****has IMed you.

-#$*&@ has IMed you.

-&&# has signed on.

-&&# says hiii!

-^^^ signed off.

Thank God…

-^^^ signed on.

-^^^ says sry got dced.

-lol, it’s okay. (I’ll study later…)

Facebook (6)

Then finally when it’s nearly over…

“Haha, well I guess I’ll see you tmw!”

“xD It is tomorrow dork.”

Ah crap… 

And I’ll burn ten more precious minutes because I thought of a good topic to blog about.

What’s pretty amazing is that Fall quarter begins a month from now, and I have that long to study. Nevertheless, the internet continues to be relentless. Well, we’ll see.



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