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I couldn’t sleep

Maybe it’s because I’m worrying about transferring. Maybe it’s because of the enormous amount of coffee I had earlier in the day. Nevertheless, I’ve spent my entire time from 12:30 until now… 5:35, trying my damn hardest to fall asleep. Let’s see… I tried sleeping without a blanket. I’ve tried sleeping with everything on until it got too hot. I tried sleeping upside down with my feet lying where my head normally would. I read everything  I could get my hands on, including a book on how to be an asshole, a fantasy novel, my old physics textbook, and an old philosophy manual. NOTHING WORKS!

In exactly 55 minutes from now, I’m going to be driving the 125 mile trip to some place near Stockton for an annual water rafting trip with my close-knit group of friends. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was a trip that I slaved over, planning day after day after fucking day. But man, it was a bitch to plan. And now I probably won’t even be awake for it.

Now it’s 5:45 and I have fifteen minutes to burn while I wait until six to get gasoline for the long trip ahead. Just so you know, my vocabulary isn’t usually this limited.

And I realize that I haven’t talked about my life for an insanely long amount of time, but that’s mainly because I’ve ran out of ways to blog about nothing. Being loquacious only gets you so far. Now with ten minutes of sleep remaining before I have to officially “wake up” and start doing shit, I realize that the perfect remedy to insomnia is the glow of the lcd monitor. Or blogging.

Eight minutes.

I thought it’d be fun to make internet memes for everyone in the group.

And this took me all of 5 minutes to make. I’ll definitely get better with experience, but in the meantime…



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