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Okay, how is this even going to work?

I suppose spontaneity has given way for more practical concerns. How the hell am I even going to make this interesting, even for me? My phone camera is laughably inferior. And let’s admit it, my life isn’t even a little fascinating enough to warrant having a picture every single day of the year. Basically, I could not make this special and take some random picture every day, then use some colorful vocabulary to somehow make the picture all beautiful and ultra-meaningful. But that’s not really the goal of my project. I really wish my pictures can stand on their own. Pictures are worth a thousand words right? As such, they shouldn’t need words to justify themselves.

Not only that, but how am I going to post the pictures? Should I start a new blog? Should I make a new page on my current blog? Should I just make a new post every time? I’m leaning towards starting a new blog dedicated to the project, at least once this project gets off the ground. Simply making a new post on this blog makes everything unorganized, and updating a page every day will make it really hard on my computer. Imagine loading, say, 163 pictures on a single page!

But perhaps the pictures don’t need to stand on their own. I can probably narrate some “crazy” or meaningful thing that happened that day and use a picture to illustrate. Yeah… I think that’s what I’ll do. There’s a good chance I’ll make a new blog in the future. In the meantime, this project is postponed, even though I’ve already captured my first shot…

In the words of Raditz from Dragon Ball Z abridge, “Curse you hindsight!! Blechh…”


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