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Okay, I’m going to have to do this another way.

I’d say about half of my protected posts can be unlocked with the same passcode. I found myself constantly referring to the passcode as my “universal” password. I’ve only given that code to maybe five people, and out of that five, only one person is using it constantly. Actually, the other four have used the code maybe once. But she (yes, you!) does nothing but complain! You’re so lazy, but to your credit you’re the only one who actually reads the accessible private posts and talk to me about it. So fine, I suppose I do owe you. And fine, I’ll do it your way. And fine, you’re right.

So from now on, for future reference, all of the protected posts with the acronym UP (for universal passcode) means that the universal passcode is what must be typed in to read the post. So now you won’t have to bitch to me about how the universal passcode doesn’t work and that I’ve wasted precious seconds of your life when you could be doing… things. Not my fault that entire continents move faster than your internet.

But hey, thanks for talking with me last night. I swear you’re keeping me from losing my sanity. You’re amazing as usual. 😀 You’re my ILS on a treacherous approach with terrible visibility during a thunderstorm. You’re so nerdy and plane-savvy that you probably understand what I just said. You are fucking amazing.


Oh right. I suppose you can ask me for the UP, but protected posts usually show a side of me that I’d prefer most people to not know about. So please don’t be offended if I subtly change the subject if you ask. I can’t think of too many people I’d feel comfortable giving the UP to.


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