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Upcoming summer project/writing prompt

I think this has been the longest streak of posts that consist of Youtube videos. This post will obviously add to the pile, and quite shamelessly I might add. Anyways, I tend to have large projects during the summer. Most are actually quite long term ones that take awhile to complete or to plan. I’ve built Howl’s Moving Castle entirely out of paper once with some friends once. Last year I planned and organized a beach trip and a water rafting trip (which, to my horror, will be a feat that I will have to repeat this summer). Countless summers have also been spent assembling plastic model planes. This year I plan on returning to the arts and crafts department.

I’ve never been a large fan of mystery novels. But there’s always something very common throughout the genre that has affected my feelings: a really dark, candlelit, and old fashioned office in a huge mansion. There would be large paintings and giant bookshelves where pulling on a book will reveal a secret passageway. Obviously, I really can’t carve out a secret chamber and a passageway inside the house,. (Whoa, there’s an idea!) at least not in the span of just one summer. However, I came up with the next best thing: a book with a secret compartment.

I plan on making two, perhaps three. The first will be identical to the book in the video. A simple, rectangular compartment will do. If I end up sucking at it, I can make another one for practice.

The final one will be very ambitious.

It will house a (airsoft) pistol. What’s cool is that this is a 1:1 replica of the Glock 26, an Austrian pistol made specifically for concealed carry. It’s the smallest pistol in the Glock family, giving it the nickname “baby Glock.”  There are several problems that I’ll have to solve right off the bat. The most obvious one is how the hell am I supposed to carve it out? I suppose I could use the Styrofoam mold that the gun came in as a reference. Something that also concerns me is that I might have to sand down the compartment to make it smoother, but external residue is bad for the internals of airsoft guns. Will it be clean enough?

So yeah, that’s my summer project for this year. I’ll let you know how it turns out, but in the meantime, would anybody like to join me?


Prompt: What reflections, what revelations
do your future great grandchildren evoke in you?
What would you wish to tell them about your life, your expectations, your doubts, your desires, your values, your emotions, your dreams?


 KEO’s goal is to launch a satellite time capsule into space around 2013-2014. This message, along with countless others, will be read 50,000 years later. It’s difficult to explain the details and technical aspects without plagiarizing, and I’m much too lazy to cite my sources properly.

You should definitely go and visit KEO if you want to learn more and/or want to leave a message for our descendants. The prompt for the message is up above. Obviously a board or a committee will pick which messages to engrave onto the satellite. Something to think about is that since this time capsule will be “buried” in space rather than on Earth, it’ll be immune to any terrestrial catastrophes. If humanity had to start over and became advanced enough to achieve space travel again, this satellite will be up there waiting for them along with its graphical instructions to decode and read the messages.


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