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Filler post…

When I was little, probably around 6, I went on a hunting expedition to capture Bloody Mary. I remembered when I brought with me a rope that was probably only seven feet long and a soft baseball bat. When 11:59 p.m. came, I snuck out of my room and went into my bathroom with my hunting gear.  You see, I had a clever plan to capture TWO Bloody Mary’s. Ambitious, yes?

My bathroom had two mirrors, one each on opposite walls. If everything went according to plan, a bloody Mary will emerge from both mirrors at once, headfirst. That’s when they’ll each collide into each other and, as a result, be rendered unconscious.  That’s when I would string them up with my rope. If things went wrong, well, that’s what the baseball bat was for!

I went into my bathroom, turned off the light, said a prayer, and then did the ritual by saying her name three times while looking into the mirrors. Needless to say, nothing happened. I went back to bed as disappointed as I was relieved. Now, it’s pretty obvious that one bloody Mary would’ve raped me, let alone two (excuse the pun).


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