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So sad…

It’s so sad how my number of views always decline whenever I publish a long ass post about airplanes. But I don’t really care about how many views I get. If I did, than this post wouldn’t be the SECOND POST IN A ROW about airplanes. Fuck, it deserves a better title than “so sad.”

Number seventeen on my bucket list is to hitch a ride on a fighter jet. It’s really disheartening though that no U.S. built fighter is available for joyrides. However, down in SOCAL, at an airport known as Van Nuys, one can hitch a ride on an L-39 Albatross for around $3000. That will definitely be on my to-do-list. Actually, that would be a pretty epic 21st birthday present *hint hint guys*!

The L-39 is no F-16. Actually, it’s a high performance twin engine trainer built by the Czech Republic (I think) for the Russians. Its equivalent back home would be the T-38 Talon for the USAF or the T-45 Goshawk for the USN. I’m a bit too lazy to be doing any research, and non U.S., European, and Russian aircraft aren’t my forte. But still, if only it was an F-16…

God, I wish I was a fighter pilot.


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