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It was like a time machine

I remembered yesterday when my friend and I messed around, pretending we were engaged and (hopefully) convincing other people that we were too. It was a pretty fun game as we went around looking at wedding stuff and furniture for a future house. As I fell asleep that night, though, I kept thinking how awesome it would’ve been if that had been for real. But of course, that would mean I’d have a decent job for awhile now and making such a high salary that I’d be able to afford up to three engagement rings, not to mention fucking Buckingham Palace.

Ah, everyone always tells me I want to grow up too quickly. I wholeheartedly agree with them. If I’m lucky, I’ll be going through this for real in less than a decade from now. Maybe this is just my way of coping with the constant amount of exams and classes. They usually stop when summer arrives anyways.


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