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Yep, desperately cheesy

I spent what felt like half a day at Target, looking for something that they ultimately didn’t have: Target employees. Nah, kidding. Well, okay, half-kidding, because either the place is just either too damned big or they have maybe two people working per shift.

Something odd that I noticed was that as I was wandering aimlessly around the maze of aisles, there was this girl that also seemed lost. And perhaps every three to five minutes I’d walk pass her again in the opposite direction. I’m STILL wondering if she was lost and I’m wondering why I didn’t stop to help. I guess I had more pressing matters, such as finding what was never there: baking soda for my new old car that has a very faint, yet annoying, whiff of cigarette. That’s actually another story for another day.

But it’s not like I walk up to random strangers and make small talk. Well, there was this one time at De Anza when I walked up to someone and said, “Hey, sorry if this is weird, but do you like dogs?” And another time when I felt so sorry for someone who was crying that I bought that person a small hot chocolate and a packet of tissues. And yet another time when I didn’t have a place to charge my laptop and someone offered me a table with a nearby plug.

Yeah, it’s pretty contradicting. I consider myself a really shy person but I can be social if I chose.

I’m just going to truncate this post because my parents won’t stop nagging me about dinner.


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