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Rules are (not) rules

I’m currently in direct violation of rule #9. I haven’t seen any of my “close” friends for the past two weeks, even though a lot of them go to the same campus. Plus our schedules overlap so we’re on campus simultaneously. How about that? But I think the truth is they don’t really go out looking for me just like how I don’t actively try and find them. Even when we run into each other once in awhile, I don’t say hi.

But there’s something extremely important about these rules that I have to explain. These “rules” aren’t rules at all; they’re merely suggestions. You just can’t go through life with your own set of standards and expect people to follow them. Chances are that they won’t and if you take that too seriously then how do you expect to be happy with anybody you meet?

The only thing that the list applies to is myself. I choose to (try to) live up to these standards, but the last thing I have the right to expect of anyone is equal treatment. That would actually be a fallacy, though I’ve forgotten the name a long time ago.

And to those of you who do nice things for people and expect nice things in return… I never got that. Why do you expect it? Do you think God is keeping score? Hell, do you think they’re keeping score? Fuck no. I hate to break it to you, but unless you do nice things for the sake of being nice, you’re in for a huge disappointment. The only exception out there would be Asian families who don’t want to lose face when they get a hella nice gift. What about karma? Well in my experience, karma only exists when you do bad things, not good.

Hmm… I bet not many people know I think like this a lot. And even though I’ve never expected anything of the people I’ve met, I’ve still become sorely disappointed in an overwhelming majority. It’s… pretty depressing. I hope something convinces me otherwise or else I might become disillusioned soon. 0_0


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